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Thread: 18.6.7-18.6.8 RDB Conversion Error

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    18.6.7-18.6.8 RDB Conversion Error

    Hello all!

    Just recently got the itch to dive back into AO, but I'm having a big problem patching the game up. While converting the RDB I get this message at ~7.5%

    "ERROR: The last key is 1040023:297229, but we stopped at 1000013:297731834. Return value"

    As I can't resize the patch window that's all I get from the text.

    Any ideas as to how to resolve this error? As the installer defaulted to C:\Funcom\Anarchy Online\ I haven't violated that fundamental rule, so I'm at a loss as to what any other solutions could be.

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    In the latest patch notes, michi posted a 18.7 client link. Grab that since it prob would be easier.
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