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Thread: Trader Suggestion Catalogue - Updated for 18.7.xx

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    Trader Suggestion Catalogue - Updated for 18.7.xx

    This thread will be a collection of all suggestions made by members of the Trader community.

    If you wish to discuss any of the suggestions listed here, please click here.



    2-handed Shotguns

    • 2-handed Shotguns - Significantly rework the numbers on the majority of end-game 2-handed Shotguns to make them a competitive choice alongside MA and PDKPs.



    • Divest and Plunder (Nanite Improved) - Option 1 - Increase the Drain amount on both to -350. {Done in 18.7.4!}
    • Divest and Plunder (Nanite Improved) - Option 2 - Replace the offensive debuff to a flat -AAO instead of -Weaponskills, maybe add -Heal Eff and -Nano Damage into the mix. Keep the +Weapon skill Buff.

    Nano Shielding

    • Nanobot Defence - Significantly lower the DamageToNanoMultiplier to bring it in line with our nanopool. {Done in 18.7.4!}

    AC Buffs

    • Armor Trade-in/Major Armor Distributor - Increase the amount of ACs transferred and significantly lower the amount of NCU the team AC buff requires.


    • All Charms - A complete rework of the charm nanolines for Trader. Either making them function the same as Bureaucrats or by making them a short-term charm with no Psychic limit (Bosses immune for obvious reasons).
    • Decision By Committee - Still require significantly higher AR/Damage to warrant the large cooldown.

    Health Drains

    • Your Enemies Enemy Is Your Friend - Remove the 'Target must be in combat' requirement and make the healing default to the caster unless the target is fighting something else.


    Group Perks

    • Acrobat/Careful in Battle - Allow Traders access to either one of these perklines to supplement our lacklustre static defence.
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    I still want Unstannable. It would provide additional alpha-protection without being remotely as boring as just buffing static def (which would obviously work but it feels like a gigant bandaid). If I'm to be the squishied class in the game, at least make me hard to pin down.
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