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Thread: Testlive Patch Notes:

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    Funcom employee Testlive Patch Notes:

    Patch Date: April 10, 2015

    This patch was mostly bug fixes, with some adjustments to nano requirements and/or durations.

    • Research procs should only overwrite procs of the same type.
    • All layer/absorb shields will have the same stacking order, to allow for procs/nanos to be used more easily, together.
    • A Medusa Grandmatriarch has moved away from an important, central platform.
    • Nanobot Guard will have an appropriate casting animation & cooldown timer.
    • Nano Tehnicians' Izgimmer's Blessing has correct requirements.
    • Lowered requirements on some of the higher tier Engineer pets.
    • Trader drains (Divest/Deprive/Plunder/Ransack, Industrial Sabotage, and Corporate Protection) have longer durations.
    • Nano Technicians' cyberdecks have a 30m range.
    • Nano Technicians' delayed nukes should take the caster's stats into account.
    • Removed Adventurer Team/Other morph buffs.
    • Adventurer morph buffs should correctly cast based on the running nano/form of the Adventurer.
    • Morphs should not cancel on zone under normal circumstances.
    • Agent Escape nanos should not cause players to be rooted when they end.
    • Changed team names for Battlestation to be Red and Blue.
    • Some starter weapons can now correctly be dual-wielded.
    • Improved Enervate Imprisonment is now more effective.
    • Grim Reaper DoT should display in NCU.
    • Xtremmtech's ring should add Bow.
    • Broken Ankle proc should be able to land.
    • Superior Fleeting Immunity will have similar casting time/recharge to other absorb shields.
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