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Thread: Compilation of 18.7 bugs.

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    Compilation of 18.7 bugs.

    With the good and the bad, comes the ugly.

    This will be a thread for Michi to reference for bugs we've found, and a brief description of them / fixes I suggest.

    * Izgimmer's Blessing - Fixed
    The profession requirement on this nano is wrong. Currently, it is Meta-Physicist. I would like to see the level lock removed for the time being also, if possible.

    * Looping Service Proc - Fixed
    There is an issue with the stacking order / nanoline this Proc has. It can currently overwrite Superior Fleeting Immunity, while being a much lower level equivalent absorb. I would like to see it in a different nanoline, if possible, or change the stacking order to 12, which would prevent it from overwriting Fleeting Immunity and up, but tie with Enforcer's Absorb Punishment nano.

    * Nanobot Guard - Fixed
    Very simple. There's no casting animation. Make this the same as NS / NS2.

    * Superior Fleeting Immunity - Fixed
    This did not receive the same line cooldown as the lower absorbs. It still has the default 4.6 second recharge, and no line cooldown.

    * LE Nuke Damage issue - Fixed
    This is an odd one. For some reason, nukes like Izgimmer's Tactical Nuke and Mastablasta's Cataclysm are not affected by + % Nano Damage modifiers and do not count as damage generated by the NT. The damage seems to be from a non specific source, as nothing shows in the combat window for damage.

    * Utilize perk action - Fixed
    Seems that when Flim Focus was deleted and recreated, Utilize no longer sees it as it's dependency, and doesn't work.

    If I missed anything, please feel free to let me know via PM or in the current 18.7 thread, and I'll adjust as needed.
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