Greetings Employees of Omni-Tek.

It is time I introduce myself. My name is Vinele Kosciuszko and I have taken up the mantle of Chief of Police. Prior to this I was the General of an OTAF Urban unit and served as a member of Omni-AF for many years.

Let me begin by quelling any rumors of Chief John Wright. He was not fired nor forced out of his position. Chief Wright has served unwavering for many years and has decided to take some much needed vacation time. At this time, the length of his absence has not been determined but we will see him again in the future.

Omni-Pol has faced many challenges over the years. I am well aware of the rumors that go around. Let me say that times have changed, and Omni-Pol is here to serve and protect. You will see us on more patrols. You will see us responding to alert calls and assisting in emergencies. As you have no doubt seen in the news feeds we have been responded to the cyborg threat that has now passed.

Omni-Pol and OTAF Urban has successfully merged, and we employ many dedicated and loyal officers. I would like to mention that this has strengthened the bonds between the Omni-Security Departments. We all work very closely connected via Omni-Com's NETWORK systems and are able to provide each other with immediate support. This has expanded the already strong relationship between Omni-Pol and OTAF as well as giving us the chance to work more closely with The Department of Investigations.

Omni-Pol is here for you, the citizens and loyal employees of Omni-Tek. Gone are the days of being ignored by a patrolling officer. If you need help, call on us. Com ID Hotline911 has been established for contact if you are in need of assistance.

Omni-Tek protects, and Omni-Pol is that protection!