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Thread: FJRK: A Long awaited return

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    FJRK: A Long awaited return

    FJRK: A Long awaited return

    A face not seen in the tower for along time was spotted today along with other clan leaders.
    Feburary 26, 29489

    Henry Radiman was seen today entering the Tower of Truth along with Simon Silverstone and Watchman Tombak of the Sentinels, Alan Jacobi and Wayne Ladue of the Vanguards, and Aideen Landau and Magnus Lindholm of the Unionists. Mr.Radiman who had not been seen in Tir for over a year, refused to give a formal interview.

    The subject matter discussed between the leaders was done so behind closed doors, but we have every faith that the people will be notified if it pertains to matters of safety.
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    Glad to hear Radiman is back. Now is the time to rally up and get ready.

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    Get ready all you like. You or your clan steps foot on Omni territory and you will meet a wall of resistance.

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    The frequency of that happening depends on your definition of Omni-Tek territory, Chief.

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