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Thread: OTPC: ARES Project Inquiry Launched on Omni-Prime

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    OTPC: ARES Project Inquiry Launched on Omni-Prime

    OTPC: ARES Project Inquiry Launched on Omni-Prime
    February 23rd, 29489

    The Omni-R&D Department opened it's doors this afternoon to welcome analysts from Omni-Engineering and Omni-Med.

    In an open-armed and transparent inquiry, Omni-R&D will play host to it's two partner departments during the six month investigation.

    From recently transmitted news from Rubi-Ka; Omni-Tek confirmed it had single handedly assured the destruction of all ARES Project related cyborgs. Whilst this news has taken a little longer to reach Omni-Prime than had previously been strategically forecast, it will not serve to undermine the inquiry.

    Omni-Engineering's Chief Compliance Partner Edwin Newman was keen to state: "We are not pursuing any criminal charges at this time, but we will be looking to understand where this project went wrong. Ultimately we are investigating but I am keen to state my thanks for our colleagues of the Omni-Tek branch on Rubi-Ka for their keen and swift action in dealing with the cyborg threat. I have no further comments at this time."

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