FJRK: Council of Truth Leaders called to the Shadowlands.
February 22nd, 29489.

At 0800 a strange figure appeared in the Council of Truth, during a morning meeting of the leaders of the Free Clans of Rubi-Ka. The figure, which Simon Silverstone identified as the Redeemed figure: Kelesar Vel Aman.

"Kelesar requested we attend an emergency meeting in Dante's Sanctuary and transported us there. I can't comment on the attendees at that meeting, what I can say is that we will be acting in accordance with Kelesar's advice." Whilst they had all returned under half an hour later, Simon Silverstone was not available for further comment

FJRK has kept their eyes on Tir for the duration of this morning and can report that alongside the changing of the guard, the new wave of Sentinels that are currently within Tir appear to be sporting heavily modified weaponry. When asked, they Sentinels refused to comment on the technology but advised clansmen to be on their guard.