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Thread: to get further with keepers toolset maybe ask funcom to start work on some shields?

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    to get further with keepers toolset maybe ask funcom to start work on some shields?

    immagine dusk with

    Guardian of the warrior ( Shield )
    User Modify Max Health 2500
    User Modify Add All off 50
    User Modify Add All Def. 100
    User Modify Add Energy Dam. 300
    Modify ReflectMeleeAC 20
    Modify ReflectEnergyAC 20
    Modify ReflectProjectileAC 20
    Modify ReflectFireAC 20
    Modify ReflectColdAC 20
    Modify ReflectChemicalAC 20
    Modify ReflectPoisonAC 20
    Modify ReflectRadiationAC 20

    its just an example, but i would realy love to wear a shield on my keeper that is actualy useable.
    and mele energy is 1 handed so it would fit nice with shield.

    atleast if any new toolset should be given to us in the future i would love to see 2-3 types of diffrent shields that could be used in diffrent settings like pvm/pvp.
    dont know what you others think about useable shields inc in the future?

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    BUMP THIS IDEA , sorry not sorry on caps
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    I believe quack and I discussed something similar in game at one point, I always have liked the idea of shields. Maybe a few different kinds for different situations, something like that.
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    I'd say make an upgraded version of the Premium Bio-Energy Shield (and fix the way the damn thing looks in the left hand!)

    It's already melee energy. Adding a few little trinkets and speeding it up couldn't hurt.
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    No flex zone. No flex zone. They know better, they know better.

    Same thing would happen here that happened to zset reflects.
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    Yeah, reflects would be a little too much. I feel that a single type of shield would be enough, and that it should be dependant on Deflect, something that a keeper can potentially get a lot of. This would also give keepers a reason to perk into Opportunist. This Deflect-based shield could offer increased aggressiveness (similar to the adventurer's pit lizard morphs), increased HP, healing reactivity, a moderate amount of AAD/AAO, and maybe a bit of HealDelta. It could be balanced in such a way that it could be used for off-tanking in PvM, and for a bit of extra survivability in PvP. Also, since it would be based on Deflect, it could be something that 2HE keepers could swap to for a bit of extra survival while healing perks/coon are on cooldown. Just a thought.

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    add a 10% stun +healthdrain proc to it, make it 1/1 and have the damage spread as 1-1(800)

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