IRRK: Meet the Minsiters - Katelin Phare
January 27th, 29489 - Charlie Wickolin

IRRK is pleased to present another article in a series where reporter Charlie Wickolin interviews the newly appointed Minsters in Newland City Council. Today, we introduce our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Katelin Phare.

Thank you for meeting with us, Minister Phare. So, tell us a little bit about yourself.
What would you like to know?

Well, I guess we can start with where you were born. Have you always lived in Newland?
I'm from just north of here, but I have lived in Newland a very long time. Over twelve years now.

What line of work did you pursue prior to your office?
I am a programmer.

Sounds intriguing. What made you decide to run for the Foreign Affairs office?
I have always helped Newland as I can. It was a logical thought to offer help officially.

Yes, of course. What was the state of affairs of things as you took office from your predecessor?
I did not approve of his pink footwear, but he kept tidy notes. I have no complaints.

Pink is hard to pull off.
He managed it fairly well.

What would you say is the current climate of foreign relations?
I have yet to encounter any hostility, so far it is smooth winds.

Newland City has maintained a stable relationship with Omni-Tek. Would you consider that unchanged still?
As I stated, we have had no issues since I have come into office.

How are the relations with the clans?
Equally smooth thus far.

There doesn't seem to be much interaction between the leadership of the legacy clans like there has been with Omni-Tek. Is there a reason for this?
I'm afraid that hasn't been my experience, so I do not know.

So you have had open dialog with some of the legacy clans since taking office?
I have put forth effort to get to know individuals on all sides of the conflict, regardless of their affiliations.

Moving forward, any plans for your office you can share with us?
I do not have anything ready to share at this time, but there are items being worked on.

IRRK extends our thanks to Minister Katelin Phare for taking the time to meet with our reporter on short notice. Keep watching the news as we seek to interview the heads of office in Newland City Council.