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Thread: IRRK: Meet the Ministers - Leileena Chan

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    IRRK: Meet the Ministers - Leileena Chan

    IRRK: Meet the Ministers - Leileena Chan
    January 25th, 29489 - Charlie Wickolin

    IRRK welcomes our readers to a new series of articles in which reporter Charlie Wickolin presents the newly appointed Minsters in Newland City Council in brief interviews. Today, we introduce our Minister of Trade, Leileena Chan.

    Thank you for meeting with us, Minister Chan. So, tell us a little bit about yourself.
    Well, most may know me as the owner of Life Shop Ltd., a fairly large distributor of luxury items here on Rubi-Ka. I have a wealth of experience in planetary and interstellar trade and as such I took up this position a few years ago to help the economy of Newland City progress.

    Have you always lived in Newland?
    No, I moved here about 10 years ago, when I established my business here.

    Did you pursue anything prior to your business? Any other line of work?
    I have mastered various martial arts techniques, and worked as a wildlife control scout for a few years.

    How interesting! What made you decided to pursue the Trade Minister office?
    Well, Newland City is really dear to me. Its economical opportunities are quite rare on a planet like Rubi-Ka. When the position became vacant a few years back, I applied for it to give something back for the city that gave me so much.

    This is now your second term. How would you say the current state of things are with your office?
    Quite well, I would say. Newland's economy is still growing steadily. There is of course always room for improvement, but we're always working on plans to keep Newland an attractive trading hub and gathering place.

    How would you say the trade relationship is with Omni-Tek?
    The trade relationship with Omni-Tek has always been a difficult one. Being an independently governed city on a corporation-leased planet has its challenges. Mostly the corporation isn't terribly interested in extensive trade deals, it's hard to get influence on such a large structure like Omni-Tek. Mainly Newland relies on the enterpreneurship of its own citizens and smaller corporations.

    And the other side of the coin, the legacy clans?
    The clans, being smaller and more factioned, have been more forthcoming to us about possible trade relations. There is of course a vast difference for each individual clan. There are some we have great contacts with, and others that really don't interact with Newland at all. Or wish to, for that matter.

    Are there any plans or any current contracts going on with the other free cities, like Borealis or Last Ditch.
    Not a great deal currently. Borealis has had an especially rocky time that it's only just recovering from. Opportunities there might arise further in the near future though, but for the moment our contacts there are limited to a select few small businesses. Last Ditch, as some of IRRK's frequent viewers may know, has had some trouble with the ownership of its major economic value, Reet's Retreat. As a government we do appreciate Last Ditch, and we're welcoming to its initiatives should there be any, but it's a small town, so not much is happening in that department at the moment.

    Any plans for your new term you can share with us?
    We are hoping to bring some more festivities to Newland City. We think hosting a few festivals will enhance the reputation of the city and draw more people to the tourism and entertainment trades. This is of course dependent on the citizen's stance on such festivals, which will be closely researched before we start any. There are also plans for more development in the entertainment industry, although I can't tell you much about that at this time. We'll likely announce it via IRRK press release on a later date.

    Anything further you would like to add for the record?
    I'd like to encourage anyone with questions regarding permits, taxes, fees and real estate rent to make an appointment with my office. Preferably via mail or comm. We're here to help the population progress in their business endeavors.

    May I just say that in this reporters opinion, you have done an excellent job so far.
    I'm glad to hear that!

    And there you have it; a brief introduction to one of Newland's Minsters. IRRK wishes to thank Minister Chan for taking the time out of her busy schedule to meet with our reporter. Keep watching the news for more interviews with the heads of office in Newland City Council.
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