IRRK Freelance: Poole Springs disappearance leaves investigators puzzled
January 9th, 29489

"We're still looking, and I assure you that we'll find him.. the springs aren't bottomless." Lead Investigator Mouse from Omni-Pol explained, when asked about the disappearance of one of the Poole Springs employees last night.

The manager, Mr. Thompon, had called for help at 7:50 PM RKST last night, when he arrived at the Galway Poole Springs field office to relieve employee Allen Clarkson of duty, and found the office empty. At first he assumed that Mr. Clarkson was out on one of his rounds, but became worried when he found the coat and survey equipment still in its place.

"Allen is a model employee who always puts work first, so of course I assumed he was just being thorough as usual. But when he didn't return, and I couldn't catch him over the comms... well, then I got worried. It’s not like him to just wander off into the darkness without his coat."

Reports note that Mr. Clarkson has not returned home to his wife or left any messages to explain his disappearance. The search team continues to check the springs in hope of finding a clue to what happened.

Mr. Clarkson is of solitus heritage, medium height, has short brown hair and was last seen wearing his usual red shirt and dark pants. If anyone has seen him or has any type of information that might help the investigation, please contact your local Omni-Pol officer.