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Thread: The status of things

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    The status of things

    Hey all,

    I haven't played in ~a year. When I left, Beta was running, but numbers dwindling. The new engine was 'just around the corner' (it was a few months before Michi was made top dawg).

    Has anything massively changed in the meantime - is it worth popping my head round ? What puts me off is I don't want to pay a rather high subscription price, to log in and nothing has changed.


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    Quite a lot of good QoL changes has been made, along with new inferno missions. Too lazy to list them up though. I suggest you go read the updates written by Genele and Michizure.
    Numbers are like they always are, stable.
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    I tried to come back last year too but Population was too low for me, I try to come back once or twice a year and every year things seem worse.

    How is population since so far this year?

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    what oli said: numbers are stable. you still need a active org or good friendlist but then its up to you what you make out of it!

    for me its fun!
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    new patch on test really brings the rebalance patch to life again and many profs have had several new features.

    When this hits live theres definitely a reason to pop back, if not already to prepare by testing it on test

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iorekzix View Post
    what oli said: numbers are stable. you still need a active org or good friendlist but then its up to you what you make out of it!

    for me its fun!
    Last time I tried to get back into AO I decided to record my game when I felt lonely and bored...I just went through my youtube to find the videos.

    So apparently July 2014 was my last attempt to get back into the game, I used my $5 sl account to test the waters for a month, didn't want to resub my full account until I was sure I could have some fun. -- Leveling alone in Nascene, till I got bored and then met someone who hadn't played in a very long time, I took him to totw. -- I spent a lot of time playing solo in SL while checking lft and spamming zone chat, people like to make think that people who whine about not being able to find teams just aren't trying hard enough, I get tired of being called a lier and a troll by people. -- I had to level solo in sl 45-60, so I spent a lot of time in the dungeon with lvl 55-60 mobs in crip cave. That is less boring when you have someone with you though.

    I am thinking of resubing again, maybe this time my full account with 200-215 toons. And maybe I'll twitch stream this time.
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    I resubscribed a few days ago, been streaming while I play... All my characters are 198-211 except for one which is 167, I spend the first 2 days doing ado brain quest.. which nearly drove me insane.. was so happy to finally finnish that. I used ooc and dnet to get help on the hard parts.

    I know they added some new inf mission but I can't seem to get any teams in Inf and it's so empty.. I'm neutral so I spam all 3 ooc channels trying to get a team. Kind of feels like I am on an empty test server.

    My hope is to find the "peak" time , then maybe I can log on and get a team within an hour.

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    To me, during the week it feels like a bloody graveyard.

    On the weekends it's jamming. BS is running, LFT is packed, Org has 30+ people online, random city raids at least once/hour.

    On the weekend is funtimes. on the weekdays I feel like any game play is dominated by solo farming type activities.

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    It was crazy last night....Just when I was about to give up, I got an invite, did 3 inf missions before the team ended.

    I had setup a timer so I wouldn't spend more then an hour lft, It went off and I was just about to logout when I saw the tell... It only took an hour on lft and posting in ooc's, and thats not too bad.

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