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Thread: IRRK: New Ministers named for Newland City

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    IRRK: New Ministers named for Newland City

    IRRK: New Ministers named for Newland City
    December 19, 29488

    Announcement from the office of Mayor Zephrem King, Newland City.

    As the holidays wind into full swing, the announcement has been made as to the names of those who have been appointed (or in one case - retained) as Ministers for the City of Newland. "As the New year rolls in for those on Rubi-ka, it will also begin a new breath for the City of Newland.", quoted the Mayor as he made the announcement. The Mayor also mentioned that he is looking forward to working with those who put their names forward for the positions, a sentiment that was seconded by General Hekkat.

    The appointed Ministers are:

    Trade: "Leileena" Chan.
    Security: Joe "Accellerator" Blackwolf
    Science: Doctor "Towerblock"
    Foreign Affairs: Katelin "Falikos" Phare

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    A round of drinks, Bartender!
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    Congratulations to all the newly-appointed office holders! I'm sure they will serve the city well.

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    I wish luck to the appointed ministers. Newland is in need of strong leadership and I am hopeful that these appointments will benefit not only their city, but all of Rubi-Ka.

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    It is good to see Newland breathing again.
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    Good luck to you.
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    After working closely with the local officials and projects in the last year, work may commence on addressing additional research concerning quality of life issues where it concerns Newland. Areas to be reviewed for this continuation will be Agricultural, Water Treatment and Sanitation, Residential, Industrial, and Commercial sectors. Construction team work force projects are being discussed. If all goes well then by this time next year, Newland City and its citizens may expect a potential growth in economy and infrastructure that would be significant.

    Luck to us all!
    Towerblock, 220/30/70 Engineer
    President of Steadfast

    And way too many alts...

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