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Thread: X-mas leets

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    X-mas leets

    Its simply too few. I ran around all major cities for an hour, just to find 1 lonely Iceleet.
    Back in the days, they also used to spawn around player cities, so there were enough for everyone to farm.
    Is it possible to respawn them quicker and / or spawn them anywhere else?

    Oh ya, kinda somewhat related: Who da *peep* is the Wandering Father Time? Never have him spotted. Any particular place to look?

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    Yes, I have asked in prior years for the Ice & Ant Leets to spawn in more places. It has been nearly impossible to find them for the past three years or so ... ever since they were moved to Rome and Old Athens. I have never seen them in or near Borealis, but perhaps I wasn't looking often enough.


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