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Thread: Nano-Charge Stun Glove change.

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    Nano-Charge Stun Glove change.

    Just want to drop my opinion on here regarding this.

    It's a very welcome change for low-level MA-based chars. It opens up access to 3 attack bars early on for very little investment with a rather middle-ground damage return without the silly requirements attached to Kyr'ozch Nunchakos.

    They ofc fall off pretty quickly for SL chars since the min damage isn't brilliant and the MM requirement leaves alot to be desired, but for the first 25-30 levels I can seem them being a boon.

    Overall a good change.

    That and they look hilarious. Glad to see them back!
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    Since they look very perennium perhaps a small upgrade with a new spirit tech aparatus is warrented, even though thos weapons are a bit old. Any bone will do at this phase though
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