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Thread: Update 18.6.17 Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cratertina View Post
    Legacy of the Xan weapons will now require owning Legacy of the Xan, as well as Title Level 6
    Xan Weapon Upgrades can now drop from Gold Collector chests
    This is an interesting plan. Assuming 200s still cannot enter the LoX playfield, FC really wants Collector to run like mad I guess!

    How long before someone puts a Xan weapon in social on a level 1?
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    It's a shame illegally modified weaps have the lost eden requirement - stuff at that low lvl should really be viable and lucrative for froobs imo! Other then that, good changes and nice to see more and more things happening lately!

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    Exactly, those should be frobable.
    Quote Originally Posted by Michizure View Post
    This'll be fixed for the next patch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metafizis View Post
    By "much larger undertaking" you mean a bigger zerg then a bot-called zerg ? This will just kill off small scale NW. Im not sure how up to date you are on the latest NW trend, but these changes benefit noone in anyway and dont improve gameplay at all.

    What it does do however is fortify the position of the tower holders and repel any would be attackers since people do other things in game then drill towers for the short time of 6 hours per day they are atackable. Having less chance to take a field wont make them attack more.

    Towers drop faster the more players attack. Whilst more HP and less players by the day, one cannot apply logic here.
    I'm a bit late replying... have been asleep. It's not necessarily a bad thing that attacking a site is a more risky and thus less people will be willing. People spend a lot of money on towers and are regularly staying up late just to guard against a possible attack. I understand having the urge to take tower sites for the benefit of your Org, but having to coordinate a larger zerg to do it is fine... why is that bad?

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    As usual Things end up in MB discussions...
    Anyway notices Grand Armband of Stamina etc lost its Nodrop tag. Thats cool
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    would be nice if those 000 weapons could get a second look, the 850 types melee have alot better dmg stats than other types, assault rifle only comes in c0c type, would be nice if c05 where an option for assault rifles and smgs, not just on ranged energy which as long as shiny goes in head wont see any use.

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    What change did they implement on the blades of boltar?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duc-Esteban View Post
    What change did they implement on the blades of boltar?
    Increased damage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pafpuf View Post
    I'm fine with that, small scale NW was all about hitting a (tradeskilled) tower and meeping on sight or before defenders even showed up anyway. RIP griefing nolifers who suck at pvp.
    Actually I cleaned all the TS towers of RK last week, and I didn't meep once.

    I got 15 kills I think over 2 hours, and only died about 45 minutes after my wife got annoyed and asked me to come to bed.

    2 MB atrox fixers killed me, one toon at a time, and meeped after each kill.... sissy as hell, but hey, it sort of worked. I didn't rebuff/come back cuz I was late for bed, but other than that it was the best part of the night.... if that gimp fixerbox hadn't meeped, I'd have killed him at once I think.

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