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Thread: 18.6.17 Update Release Notes

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    Funcom employee 18.6.17 Update Release Notes

    Patch Date: December 17th, 2014

    Mission Updates:

    • Xan Reliquary
      • Shortened length on some of the attacking waves
      • Expanded loot offerings from the Caravan Lizard, and Hard/Medium final bosses
      • Moved Guardian Spirits closer to each other
      • Guardian Spirits will now defend against player attacks

    • Increased spawn amount of Inferno Quest targets; reduced respawn time

    Tower Updates:

    • Increased health and firepower for all towers

    Monster Updates:

    • Medusa Grandmatriarchs have been spotted in Eastern Foul Plains; approach with caution
    • Notum Profundis has been going to the gym and is ready to defend some new loot
    • Upon Tarasque's death, a less-than-pleased assistant of De'Valos will appear in Camelot Castle to indicate when repairs will be complete

    Item Updates:

    • Lowered requirements for - 000 weapons and adjusted damage ranges
    • Added a set of Illegally modified weapons for low-level players; these can be found in the Subway
    • Updated Clans and Omni-Tek general weapon shops to offer -000 Weapons (Neutrals can now access these shops)
    • Updated Clans and Omni-Tek general armor shops to offer a few pieces of Carbonum armor (Neutrals can now access these shops)
    • Blades of Boltar and Honed Edge of Tarasque have been sharpened slightly
    • Twice Augmented Hellspinner Shock Cannon has been improved slightly
    • Legacy of the Xan weapons will now require owning Legacy of the Xan, as well as Title Level 6
    • Nano-Charged Stun Gloves are now Martial Arts weapons

    Social Updates:

    • Construction has begun in ICC

    Seasonal Updates:

    • Anarchy Online's winter events have begun and will continue until January 5th, 2015.
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