IRRK: Neutral businessman extradited
December 14, 29488

IRRK has learned that a somewhat unusual investigation had been conducted by the ICC representatives here on Rubi-Ka. Due to the questions it raised, a neutral businessman has found himself extradited off world to answer to charges at ICC's main headquarters. Apparently an anonymous tip had been received, indicating that the funding behind the acquisitions by James Jimmenson and TDS Inc. allegedly came from Sol Banking Corporation, which would have been a direct violation of ICC regulations and restrictions on outside corporate activities here on Rubi-Ka.

When we contacted ICC, Representative Daniel Larbin confirmed the extradition. While he would not give us any details on the allegations or results of the investigation, as the case is still pending action, he did confirm that the various establishments that Mr Jimmenson had taken controlling interest in were being reverted to the original owners. Also all funds and accounts connected to Mr Jimmenson have been either confiscated or frozen, pending ruling of the panel investigating the charges. Those personnel who had been working for Mr Jimmenson, are free to find employment at other avenues. Any such persons requiring assistance in locating such employment may contact the office of Daniel Larbin in the ICC complex, and he will offer appropriate assistance as required or requested by those left adrift in this development.

The most notable establishment that has been returned fully to it's prior management is Reet's Retreat located in Last Ditch. While few were aware of the change in management that had been enacted by Mr Jimmenson, those who work there indicated they were relieved by the return to former management of that popular party spot.