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Thread: IRRK: Cyborg comm network falls silent after Avalon invasion

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    IRRK: Cyborg comm network falls silent after Avalon invasion

    IRRK: Cyborg comm network falls silent after Avalon invasion
    December 14th, 29488

    Friday 12th December 29488 saw several brave adventurers enter a cyborg base in Avalon in an attempt to rescue Sentinel Watchman Timothy Tombak.

    After an extensive scouting effort, the individuals located Tombak in a stasis chamber and due to tripping a security sequence, the group was divided up.

    Further investigation of the complex revealed a mainframe controlling the cyborg comm network that had previously been identified as piggy-backing on the old Subway planetary intercomm network.

    The destruction of the controlling unit, and the comm network itself caused an immediate overload of the network, disconnecting all cyborg units from each other. Nearby cyborgs showed signs of confusion and disarray at the sudden isolation.

    Recent scans of the comm channel and associated frequencies shows no activity. We at IRRK believe it reasonable to conclude that for now, the cyborg network is without a voice.

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    This is great news! I hope we will see the various armed forces of Rubi-Ka follow up on this moment of weakness in the cyborg hive. It won't take long, I'm sure, for them to recover.
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    The ancient subway network this whole time?!? That tech was so retro and out of service, it would have to take a jokingly large amount of manhours to overhaul adapting it to modern service, much less the total coverage of the system itself.
    I'm going to check this out myself. I almost can't buy this story.

    And ditto what Escoryon said. They were onto something, and I doubt they'll give up now.
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