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Thread: FJRK: Clan concerns over Omni-Tek announcement

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    FJRK: Clan concerns over Omni-Tek announcement

    FJRK: Clan concerns over Omni-Tek announcement
    November 18, 29488

    In response to today's earlier announcement from Omni-Tek CEO Eva Pourais, several lieutenants and ranking members of clans Terra Firma, The Sentinels and Unionists have expressed concern regarding the so-called Operation Broadsword:

    "If they can remotely terminate their own executives and bring them back through the reclaim system, who is to say they can't remote-terminate high-ranking Clan officials, or even Neutral observers, at will? How do we know that we're safe?"

    Insurance technology was developed by Omni-Tek and released to the general population in 29452, a full 2 years after ICC demanded that the technology was made available to all of Rubi-Ka's population.

    An anonymous source close to FJRK told us that clan scientists are scouring through what they can of the insurance and reclaim systems to make sure that any hidden bugs or trojans in the system are found and can be dealt with before something happens to any member of the clans.

    FJRK will be back with more updates as the case progresses.
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    I guess because if we could terminate high ranking Clan Officials then we probably would have already done it...any mysterious deaths that fit the pattern? i dont think so...

    Not to mention various other threats that could have been nipped in the bud with this. Personally i distrust the whole Broadsword idea and have a 'waiting for the other shoe to drop' feeling about the announcement. I'm wondering just what state the three Directors will be in when they return to duty
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    I can tell you this threat is possible, but not plausible. I've already scanned my own process, and found it to be free of tampering - thus far. That's not to say this sort of thing can't happen, only that the insurance network is one of the most protected systems on the planet. Even Omni-tek has to work hard to circumvent its resources. I'm not saying they can't because they actually can, but it would require black op levels of circumvention, and that's not always affordable, and definitely not so when so much of the planet is protected. It would disastrous on their part to go those kind of lengths.

    If there was a larger pattern at risk, then ICC would come down on Omni-tek like a screaming eagle and throwing red 'no confidence' flags all over the place. It would behoove the ICC to take control of the reclaim system at that point in order to maintain a fair and equal process.
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    Yes exactly, its one thing initiating a process like this with Employees that are willing to allow the company to mess with their insurance with their full knowledge. Doing it to someone who you dont have that kind of a lock on is a different matter entirely
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    Alien hunters are already familiar with this mechanism as they are terminated if they embark on a ship that is leaving the planet.

    I had concerns for years about this, but we had to wait and see this used for high officials before the powers that be finally ask the why and how. How disapointing is that?
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