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Thread: OTPC: Trust in Omni-Tek. Two months on.

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    OTPC: Trust in Omni-Tek. Two months on.

    OTPC: Trust in Omni-Tek. Two months on.
    November 18th, 29488.

    Eva Pourais made a special announcement this evening on behalf of Omni-Reform and Omni-Med.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen of Omni-Tek. In light of September's disgusting and de****able assault and subsequent capture of some of my colleagues I saw fit to activate the previously dormant Operation Broadsword.

    Operation Broadsword has and always will be a last-resort measure for the protection and prevention of harm to the Directors of Omni-Tek. The Broadsword Network is one of the data centers that houses reclamation data, particularly those of high-ranking Omni-Tek officials.

    Directors Wannja, McVert and Prestin were subjected to Op Broadsword and as result were subsequently remotely terminated at point of confirmation of capture.

    I can confirm the individuals reclaimed successfully and have been in an intensive two month interrogation and scrutiny programme by Omni-Reform to confirm no foul play or corruption has taken place.

    As of the 25th November 29488, after mandatory rest, the three Directors will return to active service.

    Omni-Tek, as always; protects."
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    Why does this news not fill me with relief like it should?

    I guess time will tell...
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    Absolutely brilliant. Tell your enemies that if you kidnap a high-ranking Omni-Tek official then all you have to do is strap on a weird looking bomb to their unconscious body to have it reclaimed in a secure OT facility waiting to explode!

    Absolutely brilliant announcement propaganda news department. (/rolls eyes morons)

    O SNAP did I just give the some clanners a great idea by accident?
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    I've seen situations like this before. Although it seems inhumane, the fact these directors were captured and put into a form of statis meant they could not self terminate, which is something that some folks would resort to if they still had consciousness.

    But the directors are an important part of OT society, Its kinda smart on them to be able to have this backup plan just in case. However, the odd thing of note here is that the Prototype Cyborgs are pretty thorough, and had managed to detect and deflect many of my assaults upon their fortress. I'm surprised they didn't scan for this kind of thing. I guess they aren't as smart as they think they are after all. Pity that. I would have loved to see Wannja fry for this.
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    This is indeed interesting news. I am quite thankful for the return of the Directors, Omni-Tek truly does protect.

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