FJRK Freelance: Minami Corporation experiencing technical difficulties?
November 18, 29488 - Maya Saristivatra

Last Sunday, a report was filed with the ICC concerning a security leak in the system by Minami Corporation. Two hackers, whose identities have not yet been confirmed were arrested by ICC Security forces. It is reported that during a vulnerability threat, these two individuals, called "RIP404" and "LolzMcWaffles" on the grid, invaded and gained access to critical financial data in the form of employee payment information. It is believed this information would be used for identity theft purposes, giving them access to a very large sum of credits that were internal to Minami Corporation.

The two have been detained for questioning, but as of yet, no charges have been pressed.

Officials within ICC Security are somewhat baffled by the details, but Captain Aron Loke of the Minami Corporation Internal Security Force (MISF) had been collecting information on data breaches within Minami Corporation for more than a month. "We were hoping to catch these two in the act, and it appears that our patience has paid off. Many thanks to our security development team for catching on early in this matter," Loke said.

The arrested conspirators have not been allowed to issue any statement. "The matter has been closed, and from here on in an appropriate sentencing will be made by our internal policies." Captain Loke admitted in closing.