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Thread: 18.6.15 Update Release Notes

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    Funcom employee 18.6.15 Update Release Notes

    18.6.15 Update Release Notes

    Patch date: October 22nd, 2014

    Seasonal Updates:

    • Pre-Halloween preparations - Halloween will begin next week!
      • Uncle Pumpkin-Head, his Griefing brethren, and the Commanders of the Entvined army have started carrying some new treasures.
      • A new Pumpkin-Head has been spotted, tormenting Notum Miners of SBC-Xpm Site Alpha-Romeo 29.

    Mission Updates:
    • Reimplemented Battle Station daily mission so that it can be done 3 times in a day.
    • Added XP rewards to PvP Daily Missions; lesser XP rewards applied to the "easier" missions.
    • Shadowlands, Lost Eden mothership, and Alien Invasion ship missions will have exits appear when the boss is defeated.
    • Inferno quest NPCs will be more generous with handing out their treasures.
    • Mission "Deux Ex Machina" no longer has a mission timer.
    • Exit to the Grid added to the basement of a Borealis Antique Shop.
    • Preparations made for new Inferno Missions - to be enabled on Testlive soon!

    Item Updates:

    • OFAB shoulder pads have been added for Adventurers, Agents, Bureaucrats, Doctors, Fixers, and Meta-Physicists.
    • Pistol-based perks can now be used with (Infused) Dust Brigade and Solar-Powered Master Pistol.
    • Hacked Omni-Tek Gunships and De-Hacked Frederickson Micro-kinetic Sleeves can be used by Neutrals.
    • Improved Cut Red Tape can be used by the Agents who uploaded it.
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