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Thread: IC Connections & Contacts

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    Connection for: Miss "Leileena" Chan

    Character faction: Neutral / Newland City
    Class: Trained Martial Artist, but most known as trader and politician
    Factions the character would work with: All, unless its against NLCC or personal principles
    Skills: Interior decorating; event planning; political and business negotiations; obtaining exclusive luxury items; martial arts and archery; wilderness survival; amateur mitaar player
    How you might find out about the character: Publicly listed and approachable as Newland City minister and owner of Life Shop Ltd.
    How to contact the character: Initial contact trough in-game mail or tells, IC or OOC both work depending on the situation. Prefer to meet up for further IC interaction.
    Location: Newland City. Usually in the office in Backyard 5 or wandering around downtown

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    I know there are a few player-run shops, medical offices, restaurants and spas all run out of the player backyard apartments so I've added a questionnaire for those as well. Shop keepers, step up!

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