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    An Open Mind

    Glenn, being a bit of a historian, had the knack of traveling when he had the chance. And while he considered himself to be well-traveled, he never once ventured off the main road. On this certain day, he was feeling a little more adventurous. His agenda was to traverse west from Lush Fields, into the forests of Clon****, then south off the road. Clon**** was still Omni territory, and he thought it would be reasonably safe.

    After having an early lunch, he checked himself once more. Coat, identification, and his personal .919 revolver. He would embark on a lengthy stroll, and return by night. Taking the elevator down to the street level of Omni-Trade, he stopped by the Bronto Burger provider for a take out. The skies of Omni-Trade, he thought as he walked towards the ferry, was always painted an eternal gray, with specks of cargo carriers here and there, the roaring of their engines littering the air. The statues that represented the Corporation's efforts stood high and mighty, resilient to change. He wondered how much that resilience would crumble, given the current state of affairs.

    He took the ferry west towards Harry's, a farm where Brontos young and old were cared for and slaughtered. He passed through apartment complexes and small-scale shops. Harry's wasn't as much of a tourist destination as it used to be, but their revenue has always been at a high.

    Everyone's probably admiring the Shadowlands. Dangerously beautiful place. Not like I've been there.

    He kept his pace west, where it was mostly open fields and the occasional leet, until he reached an Omni outpost after an hour and a half. He glanced at the soldiers patrolling the area, clad in black with plasma rifles in their hands. Half of them looked bored out of their wits, the other half ever so stalwart as expected from the AF. Supposing Clanners had suddenly bombed the area, he thought, how fast would they respond. While he never thought negatively often, he always thought about the worst possible situation.

    He continued further west, keeping watch on his personal terminal, until it confirmed that he was now in Clon****. From the distance, he could hear the notum export cannons every few seconds. He realized how rich in notum the planet was. Veering south, he decided to slow his pace in order to better absorb the surroundings. He met the bottom of a cliff where laser fences were prominent. If he remembered right, a well-known biologist had his own laboratory here. About a hundred yards to the left downhill, he observed a pack of hounds, resting from the day's hunt.

    Passing the biologist's complex, he continued south for another hour.
    And abruptly stopped in his tracks. He caught a faint smell, and it was a smell he knew well: those of rotting human bodies. He noticed the sky was dimming, but his sense of justice could not disregard the anomaly. The light was still sufficient, so he pressed forward, finally tracing the odor to an abandoned building of two stories. He observed the building from a distance. It was shabby, in a state of decay. The windows were shattered and there was no trace of life.

    Unholstering the .919 from his coat and fumbling for a light, he cautiously proceeded forward and entered the building.. He didn't think his stroll would amount to this, but he knew it was the right thing to do. He decided that once he uncovered the source of the odor, he would contact Pol or the AF right away.

    "Is any one there?"

    He didn't expect an answer. The interior was dark, damp, and unfurnished, and gave him the impression of a rushed construction. He searched the first floor thoroughly, and concluded that the odor must be on the second. All the while, he felt as if he was being watched by However, it was only a gut feeling; while he was a spiritual man, he did not believe in the supernatural, and neither did he feel a presence. He flashed the light around as he approached the staircase, reassuring himself.

    When he took the last step of the stairs, the air changed into one that was sinister. The sun, whose light shone through the broken windows, faded into darkness as it set. He was appalled by the sight that lay in front of him. There were a dozen or so bodies of the four breeds, mutilated, torn, trailing across the corridor. Dry blood was splashed against the wall. Arms, legs, and insides had been strewn along the floor. He dared not take another step forward; he had completed his objective, but something compelled him to keep moving. Until he explored the entirety of the floor, he wouldn't be able to report with complete detail.

    He moved towards the other end of the corridor, slowly but surely, trying not to notice the massacre that painted the grim scene. But he couldn't help it. As he strode, he noticed that the people were from all walks of life. Some wore leather coats, jewelry, others wore generic garb. If there was one thing in common though, it was a small line of red tape along the left chest. He tried to think of reasons why this killing had occurred. Had someone gathered the people here? Or was it simply a dumpsite? His experience with forensics told him at a glance that the bodies were dead for no more than a week. None of the corpses were fresh, and he concluded that someone must have killed them in one go. And whoever it was, that person would have to be very intelligent to convince a dozen people to gather in one building in the farthest reaches of Clon****.
    That, or it was merely a dumpsite.

    There was a fairly large room to the right, although empty. He sighed in relief as he reached the end of the corridor. The moment he turned towards the direction of the stairs, his light flickered, and steadily disappeared.


    The night was still young, and he figured he would reach the nearest outpost in an hour. He made for the stairs, minding the bodies so he wouldn't step on them. Halfway towards the stairs,

    He froze.

    For the first time since entering the building, he felt a concrete presence. And this presence came in front of him, ascending the stairs that would be his exit. The hall was dark, but nevertheless he pointed the revolver in front of him. The presence made no noise, he only felt it approaching. Glenn's mind was screaming. Cold sweat started to form on his head. He twitched his eyebrows and started breathing calmly, but he knew, in the depths of his heart he was afraid.

    He saw deep red eyes which traced the air, coming up from the stairs. He stood his ground and looked straight at the eyes. He couldn't make out what it was, what kind of body it had, if it was human or humanoid...or if it even had a form at all. The only thing he was sure of was it would take a miracle to save him from the impending danger. Time froze. What would he do? The creature didn't seem to notice him yet. If he ran, the creature would be alerted. If he stayed in place, they would eventually collide. There was very little trace of light in the hall, so he thought if he kept with the pacing of the creature, he could slip into one of the rooms.

    He lowered his gun, and very minutely moved towards the opening of the room, half a meter in front of him. He took care to make his movements stiff, smooth, and most importantly, silent. He successfully slithered inside the room, and pressed his back against the wall. He waited, for what seemed like an hour, ten minutes, until he felt the presence disappear.

    Remembering the direction of the nearest outpost, he closed his eyes and let out a most quiet sigh. Composing himself, he opened his eyes.









    Only to find that the blood red eyes he had been eluding were gazing right at him. He let out a shriek, and aimed at the creature. Malignant jaws which revealed white teeth opened and bit.

    His final thoughts were,

    Since when did I own a .919.....?
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    "DC Vai.", a mechanical voice rang.

    He groaned.

    "DC Vai."

    He awoke, pushing himself up the table, regaining consciousness. For a moment, Glenn wasn't sure where he was.

    Right...I was examining something... I must have been out cold for long.

    "DC Vai, the scan of the Windchaser rifle you brought has shown no signs of being a smuggled item. It is perfectly legitimate, registered with manufacturer records, and distributed through a licensed trader."


    He did manual inspection himself before subjecting the rifle to a machine. But if a machine concluded that the item wasn't smuggled, he had no chance of pressing charges against the trader peddling it. Maybe he was barking at the wrong tree.

    "Well, I'm calling it a day."

    Returning to his apartment, he took out a can of coffee from the fridge and plopped down on the couch. He tuned in to the grid news on his personal terminal.


    RNN: More breakthroughs in the disapperance of Omni-Tek board


    IRRK Freelance: Humanitarian supplies give-away


    JUST IN: Numerous bodies uncovered in Clon**** building.


    He selected the last segment of news.


    At 2003H, a squad of OT-AF Urban troops were dispatched to a building in Clon**** after picking up a distress signal in the vicinity. What they found inside the building was a den of massacred bodies. No survivors were found. Initial investigation of the scene was handed to Omni-Pol. Officer Church states that "the bodies have been in a state of decay for more than a week. However, one of the bodies was fresh, less than a day old. It was a man, dressed like a traveler, and it was likely he stumbled across the place. We're also looking into how these citizens' insurances were cancelled out. They were all insured, but none of them ended up in reclaim." The building is located in the southeast area of Clon****. Travelers are advised to always stay on the road. Numerous theories have been formed, but none have been confirmed. Stay tuned for more...



    Glenn blankly gazed at his terminal. Why did the news he just read seem so familiar......?

    And in a flash, the nightmare he had vividly returned to him. He remembered the details, the thoughts that formed in his head, his convictions, and most of all, the terror.

    And when he fully realized what he had just experienced, he clenched his teeth, and shivered.

    He had lived out a man's death.
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    "It's been half a year, Glenn", Lucio asserted as he chugged down a mug of draft beer, "and you insist on finding that thing from your nightmare."

    "That wasn't a nightmare."

    "Whatever it was, there hasn't been any su****ious activity in Clon****. Ever since that incident, I mean."

    "That's not going to stop me."

    "How are you even sure you'll find that thing?"

    "I'm not."

    "Why now, of all times?"

    Glenn glanced down and hesitated.

    "You could say it's for personal reasons. To bring justice to the dead, especially the man whose terrors I was somehow able to glimpse. But the real reason is that...I've had too many sleepless nights ever since that incident. Almost everyday, it pokes at me, and it's not going to stop until I do something. The case turned up cold just recently, but I won't stop there. I can't do this alone, but I won't drag anyone from work into this. That's why I need help from you."

    The fan overhead kept spinning as the two men sat in silence. Once in a while, it dispersed nanobots which cleansed the air and released a mild fragrance.

    "So it's because you were unwillingly dragged into it, huh. Not like I don't know how you feel, but alright." Lucio sighed. "What do you need?"

    "I need your prototype KILLBOT."

    The engineer winced. "Now wait just a se--!"

    "I know you've already finished construction and awaiting approval for combat stress-testing", Glenn interrupted, "but this might be your chance to gather field data. I'm up against an unknown adversary. Perhaps the KILLBOT can construct unique analyses on it. I need some sort of protection, and you need that data so your product gains an edge. Win-win, don't you say?"

    Lucio clicked his tongue and crossed his arms pondeirng. Would he entrust more than a years-worth of work to his friend, who would be using it for personal intentions? Yet, this was an opportunity to gather unique combat data. He would be able to see how much the KILLBOT would adapt against an unconventional opponent, though he wasn't even sure if this opponent was real. However, Lucio realized that he didn't care if the bot was destroyed. What mattered was the data gathered which was constantly sent to a remote node. And besides, Lucio wouldn't be able to call Glenn a friend if he didn't have some faith in him.

    "Alright. I'll entrust you with pilot rights as well as a nano interface for controlling him. You probably don't know how to operate one.". Lucio chugged his beer and tapped on his data pad, wirelessly sending the credentials and files to Glenn.

    "I owe you one."

    "Sure you do. I expect more than a drink next time. I'll have the KILLBOT stationed at the foot of your highrise elevator tomorrow morning."

    Glenn nodded, then stood up, tapping his friend's shoulder as he exited the bar.

    As he walked the dim streets of Omni-Ent, he closed his mind and recalled that terrifying night.
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    The KILLBOT was designed to be a compact, pilotable mechanized unit. Its design was derived from the slayerdroid, albeit with a larger frame to accommodate a pilot. Droids have tradionally been commanded by humans through a private nano link, but it consumed a significant amount of NCU depending on the droid's instruction set. Hence, in the recent decades, there has been significant progress in regards to the research and application of droid AI, specifically dynamic AIs. Lucio Houston's KILLBOT was one such application, among others.


    :: Running extended area scan. Radius 500m ::

    :: Filtering signatures of common lifeforms ::

    :: No other entities detected ::

    The KILLBOT marched through the forests of Clon****, its hatch open so its pilot could get an eye's view. Undoubtedly, the interior was also stuffy. The lead designer had something to work on when it returned. As Glenn patrolled the area, he tried to figure out the kind of opponent he might be facing. He had two leads. One was the similarities that the victims possessed with each other. The other was that there were no additional incidents after the AF heightened security around Clon****. Glenn relapsed into a flashback.

    During the autopsy of the victims, the examiners determined that the cause of death was due to blood loss from numerous deep slashes and torn organs. At a first glance, the victims had nothing in common as they came from all walks of life. Fortunately, their identities were confirmed, and Glenn took these records to further his investigations. There were thirteen victims in total, including the man whose eyes Glenn had seen through.

    Naturally, at the onset of the incident, Glenn went to investigate the traveler's apartment, as he was able to remember its location, Omni-Trade Highrise 5 Unit 2B. The apartment was just as he had left it. The man was a fresh recruit in Omni-AF, and he was well traveled. Glenn was sure he wouldn't find anything of note, and true enough he didn't. Being in that apartment gave him a strange chill. He had walked on this floor, but not as "Glenn".

    The first victim, Hal Rickert, was a Neutral blue collar Atrox worker for the local Asia Toys' manufacturing plant, located at Newland Desert. Asia Toys was known for their Mathis multi-energy rifle. Was. Two years ago, Asia Toys filed for bankruptcy, and was open for bidding. Subsequently, they were bought by Seburo Arms and they now operate as an annex manufacturing plant, with as little as ten workers and one manager. Hal had left Asia Toys right before they declared bankruptcy, which caught Glenn's attention. At the plant, Glenn looked through the company's bank records and found out they had been operating below the red only until three months prior bankruptcy. There had been reports of fully assembled rifles gone missing. The company had a strict inspection policy, but disappearing products only meant one thing: someone was smuggling them out. At that time, Hal was obviously made the culprit. He had been experiencing financial problems, and never loaned from the bank because of interest rates. The accusations went on until Hal retired from the company. There was no concrete evidence of his smuggling, until he sought asylum with the Clans. No one outside the Clans has seen him since.

    The next four victims were readily identified as members of an up-and-coming Omni gang, the "Evening Phreaks". According to a Pol officer who was part of the ops team for sniffing out gangs, the "Evening Phreaks" were responsible for hacking the security of the local administrative offices, but never carried out any form of data theft. Their MO was basically initiating the attack at 2300H, not RKST, but of a random time standard which can be decrypted from a file injected from a previous break-in. Aside from hacking, the gang was engaged in the stim trade, but never ventured into prostitution, extortion, or murder as they were too green for that.

    The next two victims was a married couple, who were also business partners. They were involved in the surplus trade at Tir: buying the outdated stocks of a retail store and selling them for cheap. However, outdated stock does not necessarily mean unusable products. The couple judged the goods they bought based on their real quality, and sold them at a more expensive rate than a surplus store would, but still lower than the original value. According to some articles on Clan opinion gridsites, the couple's store had been driving increasingly harder bargains on their customers, and it came to a point where the customers paid more than what a health stim was worth. Perhaps they thought demand was high since they set up shop in the more marginal area of Tir.

    The following victims all retained a similar pattern. Each one of them was involved in some kind of criminal activity, or misdeeds and malpractices on their line of work which had the effect of spawning a cluster of oppression against the victim. None of the scandals reached court.

    Technically, this mass murder was an act of extra-judicial killing. The red tape was the hitman's call card.

    Omni-Pol had reached the same conclusion. However, there was no one person or group of persons to link the victims together. The victims were a mix of the three factions and the four breeds. The only common denominator among the victims was their criminal activities, and the line of red tape.


    :: No other entities detected ::

    Glenn woke into reality and checked his surroundings. There were still no signs of strange activity. He had also been keeping watch for anything that passed through Clon****'s borders. As the KILLBOT tread, a sudden thought entered his head.

    It was before the autopsy was carried out, where Glenn had paid a visit to Pol's crime lab so he could see the bodies for himself. True enough, they were the same bodies he saw through the traveler's eyes. There was a minute detail he recalled, but overlooked. The red tape on some of the victims had been slashed. Normally, a hitman would not have ruined his call card. If the red tape was indeed a call card, he would have left it in pristine condition by killing the victims first then attaching the tape. However, the red tape on most of the bodies had been slashed.

    If our culprit is indeed a hitman, he would make his intentions as clear as possible by preserving that red tape.

    Glenn could only think of one other reason for the red tape.


    All the victims were members of the same criminal association, throwing away race and even faction, to work towards a common goal. And the red tape was their identification with each other.


    :: Anomaly detected. Non-Omni comm ID beacon received ::

    Glenn blinked. "Can you trace its source?"

    :: Tracing.... Six kilometers north northwest ::

    "Alright. Let's get there."

    As the droid moved through the forest, the sun was starting to set, its rays of light being sifted through the leaves and branches.
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    The KILLBOT and its pilot hit a wide forest clearing, with stump of land in the middle. On top of it was a nanomage woman, standing. Her silhouette reflected her tall and slim features, but did not reveal her face. As Glenn pulled himself out the droid, the woman spoke.

    "I'd been stalking you for a while now and I figured this would drag on for decades. Let's settle this here.", she said in a rough voice.

    Glenn unholstered his M10.3 and aimed at the shadow, the wind swaying the trees. "Are you assuming responsibility, then?"

    "Not entirely", she chuckled, "because they brought this upon themselves."

    I ought to play this safe.


    "Yes.", the woman interrupted, "All of them were members of a criminal syndicate, whose goal was to become a multi-factional association - an organization without borders, without care for wealth, education, racial, or social disposition - to stand up against the Neutrals who clearly pick sides."

    "And you are their leader."

    "Correct. And I was the one who killed them."


    "Because...", the woman started giggling in a deep voice and shouted, "THAT WAS MY INTENTION FROM THE BEGINNING!!". She stepped back and held her head high. Glenn steadied his aim.

    "Don't you see!? I killed them because they were criminals! I brought justice upon them! I TRICKED THEM into thinking they were in for a good cause! At the peak of their crimes, I announced a meeting at our usual place. And BAM! Heee hee, I've always dreamed of doing something like that!" She giggled increasingly hysterical.

    We have a real nut case here.

    "And what gives you the right to judge them?"

    The woman contained her shrill giggles and replied. "Why should I need permission like you do?"

    "If you had permission, you might have had a chance to bring justice. I know what you're thinking. There's no shedding of blood in that line of work, correct?"

    The woman did not reply.

    "We put those crooks in jail because that's ten times more painful than cutting their insurance patterns and subjecting them to a firing squad!", Glenn said as he raised his voice. The woman did not move.

    "If you'll be a nice girl and step down from there, I'll lower that pain level by one. Just for you."

    "What makes you think I'll do that?", the woman hissed.

    "Then it looks like the both of us don't have a choice.

    The wind grew stronger and the sun had disappeared into the horizon. The moon's light shone, but it couldn't pierce through the trees. Glenn stood in his place as the woman took quaint steps forwards, intricately moving her hands as if weaving.

    Nanobots? This pattern, it's how a metaphysicist weaves. She must be manifesting her emotions into what I think it is...

    A swarm of nanobots formed around her body, giving her the visage and shape of a beast. Her eyes glowed a faint red.

    It reminds me of that night. No doubt, this was the unholy creature that killed the those people, and that traveler.

    The nanobots kept increasing in number until Glenn couldn't make out a human. At least he knew he was facing a deranged human, and not a real demon. Still, it was intimidating.

    "KILLBOT, run a structural analysis on those nanobots.", Glenn commanded on the private nano link. "Those nanobots will protect her until I know how it can be dispersed. Don't focus on determining how she hits."

    :: Affirmative ::

    Glenn fired a round from his M10.3. The handgun was a frag-flechette pistol, which dispersed smaller flechettes right before impact. It was effective as an anti-personnel weapon, but was often considered too violent to be used. Flechettes easily pierced through flesh, but the bullet was deflected by the curtain of nanobots.

    Tough luck.

    The beast's arm grew into the shape of a blade, and swiped it towards the droid, but was parried by the droid's arm. Clearly, it could defend itself while making calculations. The droid slashed at the beast in return, and was parried as well. For a moment, they could be seen on equal footing, but droids already possessed a weakness from the beginning. Any mechanized unit fundamentally had a hole in its armor. Since KILLBOT was based on the common slayerdroid, the woman knew now where to hit. Glenn sensed this and fired another round at the beast, but futile.

    In three quick strokes, the KILLBOT's legs were sliced and collapsed onto the ground.

    :: Sending structural analysis to pilot. Done ::

    Within a few seconds, Glenn understood how the nanobots worked. By that time, he assumed that the KILLBOT had already formulated a plan even though it could no longer fight back. He only hoped he and the droid were of the same mind.

    Glenn slowly backed away from the crippled droid and the beast, while still aiming at the latter's side. He enabled night vision on his visor. It seemed like the beast had no intention of fighting Glenn yet. She would do so after destroy this mechanical nuisance. The beast let out a deep but soft groan as it bent its elbow backwards, preparing to thrust the droid's central computing unit. She launched herself forward with all her might, but right as the blade touched the droid's armor, a spark of electrical discharge shot from the droid's head as Glenn pulled the trigger. The flechettes pierced through bone and flesh, through one shoulder and out the other, effectively disabling her and pushing her a meter away.

    The nanobots dispersed as the woman let out a sharp cry. It was clear that their controller could not remove her focus on the excruciating pain. Glenn cautiously drew close to the woman. He clicked a bracelet onto her, denying her access to her NCU.

    "You're under arrest."
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    "So how'd you do it?"

    "Clearly, you must have been receiving that data too at real-time."

    "Tell me anyway."

    "Huh. Fine."

    The constable popped open a can of coffee.

    "The nanobots were actually a scrapped patent for use by InternOps. They were stable under darkness and could be woven freely into any form, but they dispersed under daylight. One might argue that there already exist formulas for the purpose of free-forming, but the truth is that this technology was convenient for InternOps, given their line of work and all."

    "They actually went with the shady-looking agent stereotype. How original.", the engineer made a sarcastic remark.

    "Right. But here's the thing. Normally, one would think that operating under nighttime or darkness only would be a disadvantage. You can't be flexible with your operations, but the flexible part here is the nanobots themselves. If you're looking at it from a covert ops perspective, the optical camouflage woven using conventional nanobots needs time to adjust to its surroundings. Two minutes at most to gain optimal functionality. With these special photosensitive nanobots, they adjust themselves quite seamlessly because of the lack of light in the operation area. As a result, you would only see a faint shadow moving in a dark hallway with the naked eye. Ultimately, they were only meant to be deployed in total stealth ops, where detection is not an option."

    "So InternOps couldn't risk this technology backfiring on them."

    "I guess. Normally, those nanobots could not have been woven into a size of a beast in such a short time. But you know how metaphysicists are. They always have wars dwelling inside of them. During the confrontation, your KILLBOT concluded that for the nanobots to disperse, he would have to release some sort of light. It turns out you programmed him to have complete autonomy over his own body. He could make himself explode if he wanted to, but a spark was fine enough to disperse the nanobots. I fired just before it reached peak brightness."

    "Interesting. So where did she acquire this technology?"

    "She was the lead programmer."

    "Heh. And her motives?"

    "She wanted to be recognized for something. Of course, it must be heartwrenching for your hard work to be scrapped. She sought attention through using this technology to carry out a mass murder of criminals, under the excuse of extra-judicial action. Now she's getting recognition in the media as a mass murderer, as well as inciting a multi-factional criminal organization. That kind of stuff is controversial, you know. You'd think the masses would have changed their perspectives on it by now, but I guess not. The real question is if she's found her peace of mind."

    "Has she?"

    Glenn stared at his canned coffee and took a gulp from it.

    "That's not my problem anymore."

    "I hate your brand of humor sometimes."

    The two men laughed.

    "You wrecked my KILLBOT by the way. I suppose you'll compensate me for this. A few screws might go loose and I might become just like her, wanting to receive attention in obscene ways."

    "Technically, she wrecked it. Ask compensation from her."

    Lucio raised an eyebrow. "I'm not that low. Surely you can do better than that."

    "How about a chick from Omni-Ent?"

    The engineer whistled. "Ohooo. Really?", he said in an enthusiastic voice.

    "Happy April fool's."

    "Joke's on you, bud."

    And the two men continued chatting.
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