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Thread: Shade help with PVP

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    Shade help with PVP

    At end-game, is BSCOD and SoS better than CC boots and Ofab back? Because CC and Ofab gives AAO while BSCOD and SoS has evades. Let's say end-game shade in pvp against end-game of other toons, how does BSCOD and SoS stack up compared to Ofab back and CC boots?
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    for atrox, use evades.
    for other breed, use AR adding.

    That'd be my guess.

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    You should be swapping backs during pvp if you're using ofab/bscod, since it's incredibly easy to do so. The only permanent option you'd have there is Gauntlet, and that's only if you want the NR/Nanoskills.

    I personally use Slippers but that's only because I've sacrificed so much defense in other areas, in a normal setup I'd probably use CC.
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