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Thread: Professional Revotes - Part I: Current Professionals

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    Well as dollcet mentioned my english might be to bad for the job . I can still help if you would like too. I have done both pvp and pvm several years and mastered much calced limits and found ma's weaknesses. If have calculated most things in theory and used it in practice. So really if you guys wish send a message or whatever

    @ herooo no problem against you bro. I didnt mean to offend you im sorry.

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    I nominate dollcet. And the good thing i think on it is that dollcet and me have good relation and we both have hughe knowledge about ma technically and practically. Also i could address my ideas in german to him and he can type it in a good english way so you have both of us

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    No offense meant and I do mean what I said but...
    What the hell is this?

    Are you guys really serious?

    If so, start by taking the whole Professional vote seriously too and read what you've been told about how it works... please?

    I honestly have a hard time thinking some of you guys as Professionals, that's just my point of view though!
    But honestly, I reallyyy do. Just my 2 cents. I could develop that but I think it'd be inappropriate. I just have troubles feeling that "Professional" aura in most of you currently active on forums.

    If you have anything relevant to share just share it right away on purpose-built Threads. Being Professional has nothing to do with that. Or so few.

    You can help anytime you wish to but to be Pro really means something, at least symbolically. And to embody a symbol means to have your own background and facts so you still serve a purpose. With people recognizing your work and talent. Now I know it's just a grasp of us being around nowadays but...

    Oh well, do your best! Be patient, take time to write a proper text, think about what you really want and think of an even better way to express it and having it supported (that is by offering something realistic, amongst other things).
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    You all suck (if you beat me in a duel I will vote for u)

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    Quote Originally Posted by paavalniemi View Post
    you all suck (if you beat me in a duel i will vote for u)

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    No thank you , i do NOT take any Nomination .

    @ Rockleee : Gibt keine kekse sucht euch nen anderen Depp ich mach den Scheißjob nicht.
    MA 4 Life ... No matter how hard you try, you can't put us down.
    I dislike Multiboxes , Makros , Programmable Keyboards , Multiple Actions to 1Key-Binds << all of them simply do not fit my Idea of Gaming-Skills/Competition-Ethics .
    Dear Developers for Future scaling of Items & Nanorequiments please consider that :
    -there are Players below 220
    -there are Players without Towers
    -there are Players without full Org-Benefits
    -there are free Players

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