Minutes of The Omni-Tek Organisational Committee
Ordinary meeting, 13th Sept 29488

Chief "Novagen" Wright (Omni-Pol)
Commander Geoffrey "Mrmol" Bradford (OTAF)
Ambassador Major Jarek "Zarro" Kellon (OTAF)
Mr. Andrew "Encyros" Phillips (Reform)

Researcher "Nallai" Lex (Omni-R&D)
Ms. Katelin "Falikos" Phare (Shattered Dreams)

General "Shalex" Kolarr (Omni-Pol)

Committee opens at 18:03

The Committee welcomes Researcher Nallai Lex of Omni-R&D as a member and looks forward to her contributions.

Position of Chairman
Mr. Phillips notes that there are three validly nominated candidates for chairmanship of The Committee: Chief Wright of Omni-Pol, Chief Farndale of the DoI, General Rickston of Omni-Pol, and that the new chair will be selected by popular ballot open to all colleagues not on the Board, lasting one week.

Recent Cyborg Activity
Commander Bradford is aware of the recent increase in cyborg attacks on Corporate territory, and believes they are in response to strikes on cyborg outposts by the Armed Forces.

Commander Bradford states that his division is preparing further operations against the cyborgs, and encourages Security to work together to combat the threat with 'brutal efficiency', including orbital bombardments and air strikes, or Omni-Tek Juggernauts as necessary for our defence.

Commander Bradford says that the Armed Forces have been successfully aiding Newland City to deal with cyborg incursions.

Newland City
Ambassador Kellon reports that recent aid to Newland against the cyborg attacks could foster better relations with the city, though notes there remains work to be done, citing reports of neutral citizens firing on Corporate relief forces during the combat.

Ambassador Kellon says that Minister Chan of the City Council has received The Committee's document, and that it is currently under review.

Chief Wright questions the virtue of aiding Newland while The Corporation faces our own problems.

Ambassador Kellon replies that orders were fully followed, and the order was to aid the city in this instance.

Mr. Phillips opines that cooperation with those whom we find common cause with is usually beneficial, and whilst Newland may be unable to lend equal aid, it should not be expected given the difference in resources; they were attacked by a common enemy.

The Clans
Mr. Phillips reports that despite commitments to abide by Clan norms, the Council of Truth has rejected open diplomacy with this Committee, with the chamber having been carried by the Sentinel majority who opposed negotiation with the Corporation.

Mr. Phillips affirms that the Sentinels have made a renewed commitment to provoke an enlargement of the conflict at every opportunity, though that we remain open to the possibility of a peaceful settlement.

The Committee registers its disappointment in the Council of Truth's decision.

Commander Bradford recalls that Clan Assembly of the Sentinels aided Cora Geers's escape, and opines that this incursion should not go unpunished.

Mr. Phillips replies that the Board and CEO has always supported Security's mission to keep colleagues safe from armed criminals.

Committee closes at 18:40