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Thread: Monthly Development Update - August 2014

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    Funcom employee Monthly Development Update - August 2014

    Hello everyone!

    For anyone who I haven't had the pleasure of meeting, I am Michizure. With the support of Joel/Nusquam and the rest of the Funcom Live team, I will be assuming the role left behind by Genele, heading up the design aspects of Anarchy Online. Accepting this important role within a game that has been a part of my life for so long is as humbling as it is daunting, and not one I accept lightly. The challenges that lay ahead, however, will be be met with and overcome.

    Earlier this month, Testlive was patched with an early version of the 18.7 patch, containing an updated New Player Experience, several profession rebalance changes, and many of QoL improvements. Along with this patch, we opened the floor for suggestions and feedback, which we received a healthy amount of; thank you for all of this. As a result of the strong feedback we received, we have decided to postpone the 18.7 patch in order to adjust and tweak a number of the changes, particularly those related to the profession rebalance, until we are happier with the results.

    With 18.7 pushed back, focus will be placed on finishing the implementation of the new Inferno mission that was voted on by the community. I will provide more details on what can be expected from these missions in the September update, as they'll be well on their way at that point. Once these missions have reached Live, focus will then be fully devoted to addressing the feedback collected from the community and Professionals.

    The new engine, which is now a part of 18.8, is still being examined by our Live team programmers. The new engine beta is still active, and the resulting feedback has been very helpful in identifying all the growing pains this process has presented. I look forward to having more tangible news to present in an upcoming developer update.

    That's all I have for this month. It has been an interesting couple of weeks for myself and the team, which we believe will lead to some exciting future updates. Thank you all and have a great September!
    Henry "Michizure" Senger
    Lead Designer
    Twitter - Welcome to Testlive - Customer Service

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    Funcom employee

    For anyone interested in knowing a little more about who I am, I am Michizure. Or Michi. Or Mich. Or Henry. I started using the name Michizure when I first joined ARK as a part of Generation 75, back in February of 2003. While I do regret not sticking with ARK in the years between my induction and my eventual return, several years later, this did allow me to remain involved with the actual game itself as a player (which I still do, of course!).

    I took my first steps on Rubi-Ka around the launch of the game. At the time, my terrible dial-up internet, the rocky server situation, mixed with my then short attention-span, did not allow me to stay with the game long, but it was enough to interest and intrigue me. It wasn't until later in 2002 that I decided to give AO another shot with a friend I would play various Half-Life mods with; Counter-Strike was the favorite. While I did not remember too much about AO at the time, I recalled enough to convince him to sign up. From that point until now exist far too many stories and memories to recount, but it has been, and continues to be, an amazing ride.

    I was brought onto the AO team back in 2011 when Means was still around. I ended up meeting him and the rest of the development team during an Oslo AO fan meetup, which was originally supposed to be just a normal ARK get together. This semi-impromptu event ended up drawing in enough of the AO community to fill up the Funcom cafeteria. While I had loved Anarchy Online for many years, it wasn't until I started talking to the likes of Means, Lindelu, Genele, Kintaii, Metaing, and various other Funcommers directly that I decided that this was the industry, company, and team that I wanted to work for...and after a series of lucky events, I managed to make it onto the AO team. Many great memories stem from this initial induction, and I foresee many more to come.

    As a member of the Funcom Live team, I have had the pleasure of working on other projects within the company, but AO is and always has been the one I felt the most at home with. It is a great honor and privilege to be able to focus all of my effort on Anarchy Online once again, and I greatly look forward to what we will accomplish.
    Henry "Michizure" Senger
    Lead Designer
    Twitter - Welcome to Testlive - Customer Service

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    Maybe first?

    *First time in 11 years. A great moment!

    I wish you good luck as GD Michizure.
    Good to see that all is not frozen about rebalance.
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    Zomg hi!
    One profession to RoO them all, one profession to proc stun them, one profession to calm them all and in the darkness Exp perk them!

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    "August" update posted in September...

    Funcom at it's finest XD

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    Grats on the new role Michizure
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    Funcom employee

    Quote Originally Posted by Synnor View Post
    "August" update posted in September...

    Funcom at it's finest XD
    It's the update for what happened/was decided during the month of August.

    I'll be sure to have these updates drop in the appropriate months going forward, as best as I can.
    Henry "Michizure" Senger
    Lead Designer
    Twitter - Welcome to Testlive - Customer Service

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michizure View Post
    It's the update for what happened/was decided during the month of August.

    I'll be sure to have these updates drop in the appropriate months going forward, as best as I can.
    Can we find out what is in the CoH chests before you switch of AOs life machine ?
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    considering how many ranged advies omni has, clan did quite a job.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ciex View Post
    Ive rolled NT and rarely make it longer than 3-4s vs fixers.
    Talking whats OP and whats not by people who have never really played so told OP profession is just lame.

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    Quote Originally Posted by agentwolve View Post
    Can we find out what is in the CoH chests before you switch of AOs life machine ?

    This !

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    OMG! Hai Michi o/

    *wondering if it is ok to poke Michi on facebook*
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    Glad to see you still hold enthusiasm Michi. Wish you all the best in leading us forward.
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    Welcome onboard captain. Wind is still and ship is leaking at various places. You need to patch these holes up asap. Then you need to pray for a good wind so you can bring this ship safely to the dock for general overhaul. May no storm hit you on the way there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by agentwolve View Post
    Can we find out what is in the CoH chests before you switch of AOs life machine ?
    This is what's in the CoH chests:

    Quote Originally Posted by Means View Post
    The CoH chest is empty...but it shouldn't be. This is an issue that needs to be fixed.
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    Upcoming Developer Update? Is that just the next monthly letter or is there something else/sooner planned?

    Hai btw

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    Will there be pony?
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    Hi, Mich.

    Good to have such a loyal testliver promoted to the team, especially in these dark times of loss.
    Idk if the (long) upcoming contents will hit RK soon. Ofc, i hope so, for the good of this old game.
    But still, we can be sure of your dedication and that's already a relief.

    Wishing you the energy needed to revive AO.
    Bitnykk/Bittorrent - young RL of AP & old emissary of CODE

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    "Don't think...feel, it's like a finger pointing towards the moon"

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    Yay! Competence!

    In all seriousness, though, do you hate Neutrals?

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    Can you maybe fix the VP daily back to the old daily? Maybe this will bring players back/stay. Thanks

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