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Thread: 1 Free hour to activate GRACE

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    1 Free hour to activate GRACE

    EVE has it too

    Maybe not 1 free hour, might cause item stealing etc, as people have noted.
    But some kindof way to activate grace without having to resub beforehand.
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    Garden keys can be bought from the key locked garden vendor in case you have deleted your key.

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    Elaborate, i don't understand, not play EVE.
    Don't you just hate this kind of ppl

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    +1 When my friends told me about grace i was wondering how can i use it to open my frozen accounts then i gave up when they told me its not possible afree hour is a great idea or i will just keep waiting the free month

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    Quote Originally Posted by nanoforcer View Post
    Elaborate, i don't understand, not play EVE.
    As in you can login on an unpaid account with limited actions purely for the intention of activating PLEX, or in Anarchy's case, GRACE.

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    Oh man if they gave out free months now...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wakizaka View Post
    As in you can login on an unpaid account with limited actions purely for the intention of activating PLEX, or in Anarchy's case, GRACE.
    That sounds VERY good, bump!
    Don't you just hate this kind of ppl

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    i expect afree month coming after the patch hit live

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    I'd love to be able to temp login to my frozen accounts in order to use the GRACE method, as I currently cant afford to resub in order to get the GRACE ball rolling

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    So whats the point in introducing game time item we cant use because we are frozen? I dont get it.
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    This idea needs to be implemented, wanted to come back to AO had no money, so i made a veteran account and transferred a char, being that my main accounts are frozen i had to transfer a froob because i didn't want to start from lvl 1.

    Would've made me so much happier to be able to use my 220's

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    It would help convince people who are more on the fence about reactivating if they could do so more easily with a suggestion like this. Surely the goal is to increase the numbers of subscriptions beyond the tiny core of obsessives and what better group to target with the current zero-advertising initiative than people who have an interest in the game but who aren't willing to spend extra money in order to spend money?

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    Bump. Would really like to take 1-2 weeks breaks sometimes and then get easily back with grace. At least make it so that frozen account that contains grace in gmi can be activated at the account page. Doesn't show the grace item now on account page even when my account contains it.
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    People should be given a free day randomly, once per 1-3 months, just to tease them back...
    Quote Originally Posted by Michizure View Post
    This'll be fixed for the next patch

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    EvE has "hours for plex" this is a 4 hour window for you to activate a plex, this time is not free time as it is taken off the 30 days game time when you activate a plex. if you do not activate the plex in this time your acc gets passed on to the customer service team to decide if your acc warrants a new "hours for plex". so abuse it you'll lose it and can never plex with out an already active acc. FC could put this in place very easy.

    on the free month for inactive acc's this should be done for vets who are not active or any acc that has not been paid for at least 6 months but run it alongside a patch if new content is being added to try and get more to come back.
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    It might be worth pointing out that when CCP first started doing this, they did it manually. It was only later that they implemented an automated system to handle the bulk of the requests for them. It's hard to say whether manually managing the accounts or developing a system to handle it would be harder on the AO team, but both are probably an option.

    And I can vouch for its ability to encourage paying customers to return in addition to those paying purely with in-game currency. I usually pay my Eve subscription with cash (grinding for PLEX will drive you mad!), but I'll stow away a PLEX before I let my subscription lapse. Hours for PLEX makes it really easy to get back into the game and I've resubscribed (and proceeded to give CCP money) several times because of it.

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    Bump for this.
    Recently an org mate thought about reactivating his 2nd account with GRACE. He got really bummed when I had to tell him the account needs to be paid for and decided to not do it. I'm pretty sure he's not the only one and I think a free hour would really help in getting the population to grow. Especially with 18.7 ahead this should be seriously considered.
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    +1 On this. It shouldn't be too horribly bad to implement and it'll help some people get back into the game, which is always good.
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    I thought they stopped giving out free months? I haven't heard anyone receive any of those for the past at least two years.
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    1 Free day to activate GRACE

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