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Thread: Unlawful behaviour reported

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    Unlawful behaviour reported

    I am a concerned Omni-Tek citizen, a former General of Omni-Pol (not-in-active-service).

    I wish to report a violation of imprisonment, torture, and imprisonment and torture, against a lawful Omni-Tek citizen, i.e. undersigned.

    I call to stand before me in trial as accused, in light of extensive evidence, clan Assembly, clan Steadfast, clan Venice Academy and all other similar criminal organisations, which no doubt had played a part in the massive conspiracy leading to my absence.
    Engineer General Virta, Omni-Pol. Not in active service.

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    *Reads over the information with her usual cold expression, after a moment to process it she accesses her neural interlink*

    "Lildiral, arrange a meeting with Mr.Hendrix, i want to know what his story is and what his intentions are now. CC Mr.Phillips into the message; i want Reform to be there."
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    Far as I know, Hendrix, I'm under no obligation to "stand before you in trial" simply because you want to blame your misfortune on someone other than yourself. Nor will any member of my clan reply to this ridiculous demand.

    If you have beef to settle, you can come find us. I would suggest the Omni-Pol private property, but we all know what happened last time we went there for a visit, hah!

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    Is this a joke? How are my people involved in this?
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    No one I know, knows anything about what ever this goofball is rattling on about. Not like he is of any interest to any of us anyway.
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    I'm inclined to agree, Stan. If there is a grievance against Steadfast, then the event in question likely occurred while Bubba was still in charge.

    What exactly are you accusing Clan Steadfast of, Mr. Hendrix? I'd like to hear specifics.
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    I will present my case to Omni-Pol, and the extremely incriminating evidence of a massive conspiracy against me, which I have obtained during the past years when my existence was reduced to the grid.

    Then you will see, you will all see!
    Engineer General Virta, Omni-Pol. Not in active service.

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    Yeah there's just several problems with that.

    1. I have no idea who you are. Your name doesn't even show up on our records, including the red file.

    2. You have not established yourself with credentials stating you are who you say you are.

    3. Being transferred to the grid for an extended period of time is not a common event, and in the past people who have show symptoms of various mental health issues. If you have not seen a proper doctor or psychologist and gotten a clean bill of health, my legal counsel will not take your account seriously.

    4. You would not be the first unidentified individual with dubious backgrounds to come at me, and brothers and sisters. Before it even goes to legal counsel, the grounds you are appealing for may not even cross factional boundries. Ie, Omni-pol are not on our trusted list for any sort of interaction. In fact, we have a standing order to report any interaction with Omni-pol so we can scrutinize any potential threats.

    5. If your grievance came before my signing of the company, then you are already treading murky waters. I'd suggest you not waste your time following that up, because any action taken by us before hand is beyond our own policy of limitations, due to the change in leadership.

    6. You smell of crazy.

    So, do you really want to pursue this course of action with us? I'm already giving you quite a bit more than I had originally intended. Because we ain't cotton well with strangers pointing fingers at us.
    Towerblock, 220/30/70 Engineer
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    Getting lost inside the grid isn't conspiracy.
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    Omni-Pol General Hendrix has been in the protective and private custody of Omni-Med due to a sudden onset of full catatonia seven years ago. It is believed to have been triggered by severe stress. He needs to be returned immediately to Omni-Med for further treatment.
    Engineer General Virta, Omni-Pol. Not in active service.

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    Somewhere in Perpetual Wastelands.

    Citizen Virta tosses a twig into a small fire. It does not burn well. It is typical. "How typical.", he sighs and stares into the fire which is not burning well.

    Next to him, a lump of metal moves under a thin sheet of sand. Today, there is not much wind. Just sand. Sometimes it is yellow, sometimes it is red. The metallic lump moves further and causes a minuscule avalanche of sand. Two glowing, yellow eyes appear. They seem to focus on the person.

    Virta stares at the fire, and the twig he tossed into it. "Am I crazy?"

    "Am I crazy to think I really was in the grid, for all those years, and talked to all the AIs?"

    "And that I got to know all those secrets. I mean, why would Omni-Tek hunt me?"

    "Please do not answer, I will figure this out." Virta turns to the glowing eyes, and hurriedly pushes some more sand on to it.

    "You know you can't come out. It is too dangerous. They are looking for a man and a slayerdroid."

    "I say we give them a year or two, before we make our move."
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    "Robo, how long has it been now?" He stares at the barely visible eyes of his slayerdroid, the rest buried in the sand, however the eyes blink.

    Virta turns away from those evertelling eyes. They tell all. It is time, and it has been two years too. "It has been two years now." Virta nods.

    Virta stands up, brushes himself up carefully, curls up his fists and positions them on his hips.

    "Robo, get up for heaven's sake."
    Engineer General Virta, Omni-Pol. Not in active service.

    Roleplaying Profile of Jimi "Virta" Hendrix

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