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Thread: Testlive Suggestions

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    {Keeper} Skill requirements on auras. Heal aura specially as it takes some swaps to even cast it.
    {Keeper} Rebirth(Resurrection Sickness Removal) might fit better for doctors.
    {Keeper} Instead of Rebirth buff for keepers, I would love to see something like Sacrificial Bonding for keeper's where keeper could direct damage from target to its own HP. (reduce dmg the target takes with cost of own hp)

    [Items/Pets] Flurry of Blows. Need to wear it to use .... sacrificing an utility slot and gaining a 50 melee init @ql200, really?
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    [Perks]Tranqulizer and Soften Up debuff nanorange and ranged-range. Un-fp'd agent more viable.
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    {Nano Technician} Make all Cyberdecks functional as weapons like the Worn Cyberdeck. Lower Nano Resist defensive checks (from 100%, 50-65 would be more useful) on higher end Cyberdecks.
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    [NanoPrograms] Restore the ability to view and buy nano crystals for any profession by changing how the Profession Nanodeck is purchased from the nano terminals (e.g. a single Vacuum-packed item, RClick checks True Prof flag and allocates correct deck).

    [Interface/Items] - tag?? - If old post-newbie-area characters can't be grandfathered into the Transportation Flag then ditch the min CL reqs for Transportation quest and add a bribe option to pay creds to skip the quest.

    [Interface/Items] Add a line in the Character Info page about whether they are cleared for teleportation or not.

    [Interface/Items] Add a popup on first login telling the player they have to go do the teleport quest with a mission they can accept that will upload the waypoint of the NPC, if they want to use their teleport tools.

    {Adventurer} Add an instacast no-recharge Unmorph nano to speed up switching Advy morphs. Perhaps allow morphs types to overwrite each other?

    [Items] Pre-made implants to be returned to all side shops please. Have the Professionals go over the cluster layouts for an update. Slightly lower the price of the lower QL sets.

    [Interface] New characters casting their first Pet nano should have the Pet window open automatically and the basic pet macros /attack /follow /terminate added to their hotbars.

    [Organisation] Org bank to allow deposit and items with permissions that can be allocated to each organisation rank level.

    [Items] Allow size-changing social-only nanos and items for fun. Have them disable when in combat.

    {Adventurer} Keep Tree-morph as a social nano.
    {Fixer} ... Revert Grid Armour changes back please. Shadowweb doesn't need semi-duplication.
    {Nanotechnician} Revert Nullity Sphere changes, or find something else to do with them. All they do is leave glass cannons without much cannon and still made of glass.

    [Items] Flurry of Blows equip requirements: either revert them or else make the bonuses more than a few inits.

    {Agent} Allow use of the lower SL Doc heal nanos, in light of the CH changes.

    [Items] Locking the NPE MA attack shop to MAs only puts the kaibosh on non-MAs trying to use Martial Arts (e.g. Docs or Engies). It gives the impresson that it's not even possible. Please revert.

    [Interface] The bug of a blank PF Map upon login really needs fixing. Bad first impressions and all that.

    [Items] Items that give missions when RClicked need text that explicitly says this, or perhaps a mini-icon over the item icon to indicate it's a quest-giving object.

    [Interface] PF Map needs the ability to zoom out further.

    [Interface] Planet Map needs the ability to zoom in another level.

    [Interface] Missions that don't require a unique instance to be spawned or otherwise make a feature of limited time to completion don't need an expiry time at all (e.g. missions that you are given a week to do out in the open). Ditch the timers on those.

    [Items/Interface] Pin weapon models to 'holster' points on the character models as a sheathe action instead of always having them in the character's hands. 1h stuff to the belt (e.g. pistol, 1he, 1h SMG), 2h stuff to the back (e.g. 2hb, rifle, 2he). Cyberdeck stays on the hand ofc!
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    [PvP] Battlestation Remove inactive bs's. Make pvp and pvm-daily mutually exclusive. Add pvm-phatz in vp-shop.

    [Skills] Deflect: bad idea cus server determines more than playeraction. Better make aimed shot require 2s of aiming, standing still + give combat-message. A

    [Organization] More of the '/'-commands (org info, org invite/promote) should be clickable links in information.

    [Organization] Add option to disable invitations to org in behavior.

    [Interface] Give separate column (to procs!) in same window + ql-info. Merge perk, skills and research-window.

    [NanoPrograms] Merge more programs that have identical or similar function.
    [NanoPrograms] Make % nanos (mirrorshields, cost) better at lowlevels. Make reflect-aura self plz.

    [Items/Pets] More consequence to setups.

    [Items/Pets] Pet-professions could have their own nanorepetoir executed into pets instead. Healpet could manually heal.
    [Items/Pets] More diversity (nanodrainers) and consequence (one pet negates the other) to active pets. Allow user to spawn certain pets on targets in heights.

    [Crafting]Remove all skill-requirements.

    [PvE] Remove subway.
    [PvE]Reuse AI/Physical world from dreadlochbosses at lower level bossfights.
    [PvE]Significantly enhance nanorepetoir and decrease special-attack recharge at low levels.
    [PvE]Make totw harder with more lootstuffz.
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    [NanoPrograms] Add Modify Run Speed 30 to Composite Utility Expertise. Seems to have been forgotten (see Composite Combat Expertise).
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    [Skills] These constant changes are going to force us to retwink every character every time, so either make scaling nanos and items so we dont have to retwink, or give us easy access to needed twink buffs (gauntlet+towers+NSnanocans+etc)

    [Skills] Deflect, another bad random game mechanic, Ao is a Game of SKill , not a Game of Chance

    [Items] Will the existing grafts keep functioning? or will we have to obtain new ones?

    [Items] Some The signet of the apocalypse rings, had usefull actions, that are not OP in pvp. Please give use back those abilities.

    {Adventurer} Not being able to buff others will hurt us getting a team invite. Let us morph others a bit and and promote teaming at the same time.

    {Fixer} Make a meep that can only be used when not in combat, and in exchange lose the lockout

    [Interface] Seeing friendly nanoprograms running on target will not please soldiers as you can see when thier AMS goes down. There are third party cheat programs that allow seeing of buffs, so please prevent third party programs from working and then let people decide wether to show friendly programs or not.

    [Nanoprograms] Stop hurting PVM usefullness of nanos just because they would be too OP in pvp, just treat them differently when in pvp/pvm, NSD/snares/traderdrains coem to mind.
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    [NanoProgram] Zazen Stance: Debuff is too much to make Zazen Stance viable, I feel like I am nothing more than a doctor with decent evades because of the major evade debuff.

    [Skills] Sneak Attack: If chance of glance or miss, lower cool-down.

    {Meta-Physicist} Remove cooldown from re-casting pets, add a recharge so they are incapable of casting for a short duration.

    [Items/Pets] Meta-Physicist need their second shield repositioned when they dual wield shields. Second shield clashes through their body.

    [NanoPrograms] Shade stun proc nanoline: Shade stun proc lands way too much, needs to be toned down a little bit.

    [PvP] Battlestations: Revert back to old format.. example: 151 - 174, 175 - 200, 201 - 214, 215-220. There is too big of a disadvantage in setups between how BS is currently.

    [PvP] Attack level caps, remove the ability for Lvl 201+ to attack TL5's. Hinders world PvP majorly.

    [Interface] Sneak Attack / Backstab: Modify icon's so they looks like a melee attack icon, not a scope like it might be an Aimed Shot icon.

    [PvE] RK Missions: Raise the ammount of XP recieved at the end of a mission by a significant ammount.

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    {Keeper} Make healauras rick every 10 sec instead of 20 sec, and adjust amount it heals obviously.
    {Keeper} expand reflect nanos for higher % and put them in the reflect line so keepers can be of use in that department.
    {Keeper} Aura of revival scales really bad at the end, take a look at it and fix it.
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    [Items/Pets] Newcommers Armor is overpowered for starter Chars. Let New Chars farm Starter Armor you get, for example from Arete, in Subway or via missions. Give them the Subway Armor that you dont have to deequip to level it, for beginning.

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    {Enforcer} Return the HP bonus to Mongo and un-adjust HP bonus of MUIB as separate nano effects with a cancel action on PvP. Then PvE isn't affected as much.
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    [Interface] Love the ctrl+right-click to add items to trade window, we would this function for moving items in more situations, like from inventory to bag or bank. Ctrl+right-click could simply copy the last-itemtransfer-done.
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    [Interface] Instead of removing character scale changing from items and nanos, add these settings to the character options: "Disable scale modifiers for own character" and "Disable scale modifiers for other characters". These would only affect how your game client shows characters.
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    [Perks] Give Meta-Physicist full access Ranger perk line.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Traderjill View Post
    [NanoPrograms] {Doctor} NSD: Increase the duration to something closer to its cooldown (45 sec). Make less endgame bosses immune to the nano.

    EDIT BY TOMIUM: Didn't see the other one. Adding in the suggestion at the bottom as written.

    I referenced the wrong profession. It should have been:

    {Meta Physicist} NSD: Increase the duration to something closer to its cooldown (45 sec). Make less endgame bosses immune to the nano.
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    [Interface] Credit Limit: Increase the individual credit limit to at least 5 billion credits. Many player to player transactions take place for more credits than a single toon can hold. With 18.7 there are clusters that cost 590m+ and very costly NoDrop nanos.
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    {Soldier}"Total Combat Survival" - make this into a large scale HP buff, to make soldiers a better tank -"Make all single taunts into aoe taunts, this gives enfo alternative- the ranged tank AO needs - Make OMHH what is use to be.
    {Soldier} All alphas should be possible to get on, Atrox SOldiers still can not get on all of their alphas (Sense)
    {Soldier} Soldiers are the end all be all for ranged weapons and should be able to weild any weapon and do really good damage, the fact that we are limited to 2 types at endgame is depressing. Having more Ranged weapon perks would help out a lot.
    {Soldier} Soldiers need AOE taunts to become effective tanks
    {Soldier} OMHH is broken
    {Soldier} Mini tool bar not hidden, Combat window not hidden, NCU seperated from sidebar, Nano target NCU automatically open
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    {Nano Technician} Expand Izgimmer's Wealth nano line (Nano Point Heals) downward. Make versions usable by NT's roughly level 20, 50, 80, 120, and 160. Heals should be roughly 600, 1200, 1800, 2400, and 3000 repectively, and line cool down of 2 minutes. Please consider making this usable by froobs, as this would address one of the bigger issues I see with paid and froob alike, but froob and low level twink NT's especially.
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    {Agent} Remove TP and just let agent swap FP and terminate FP like normal programs.

    {Agent} Remove Assume and Mimic, and remove some penalities on False.

    {Agent}Make escape-nanos stealthfriendly again (execute into ncu without breaking sneak), remove all the programs in this line except Disappear and significantly reduce the casting-requirements. Add fear and tractor-resist to them/it.

    {Agent}Don't remove consentration-line and ridiculously increase the damage from both sureshot and consentration-nanos.
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    {keeper} Put the damage you removed from the Fast Attack Buff onto one of the other keeper self-only buffs, perhaps with deflect/riposte.
    {fixer} Remove the cooldown changes to fixer meeps. Code some location or pvp flag if you don't want griefers to meep out of tower battles. Leave PvM alone.
    {adventurer} Make some way to cancel friendly nano programs without having to "time it" with clicking in our ncu. For adventurers at least code a 'cancel' morph nano program.

    [items] Do not make the Veteran/ItemShop beacons un-usable when we are under attack. If you are worried about PvP situations, have them check for aggro from a Player or of being 'pvp-flagged'.
    [items] Take the profession lock off of nano program vendors.
    [items] Put pre-made implant shops back into the game someplace that Omni/clan and Neutrals can purchase them, OR
    [crafting] Make implants craftable by anyone ... IE no skill requirements to build them.

    [PvE] Make this new Transportation Quest such that any toon of any level/breed/profession can complete it without any check for skills. IE a level 1 bank toon should be able to complete it.

    [PvE] I really like the new starter quests on Arete/ICC, that they give access to all the composites, the new back pieces as rewards, the leveling newcomer armor, the vehicle given as a reward, belts and ncu ...

    [nanoprograms] I think the new starter nano programs that have been updated so far are on the right track ... I have seen the adventurer and fixer ones so far.

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