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Thread: Testlive Suggestions

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    {Martial Artist} Expand the idea with different stances, much like agents that can become different prof the stances should shift / balance over skills.
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    [Skills] Clarification from fc's side on how DEFLECT scales, i've read anything from 1800 skill to cap 15% to 4000 skill to cap it.
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    {Martial Artist} The new nano cost seems very high on heals.
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    [nanoprogram] MP nanoshutdown keep it as it was for pvm, if you wanna change timers/duration for pvp that's fine.

    [perks] give mp full access to the 1hb perkline
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    {Adventurer} need an unmorph nano so no manual cancelling of the morph from the NCU.
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    [Items/Pets] New MP pet. If not the Scourge model for whatever reason, then perhaps use the white Frost Demon from Penumbra. Same model as MP demons, different skin.
    {Meta-Physicist} Give MPs full access to the bow adding perkline (Ranger)

    [Organization] Org bank with access given to either all members or members over a certain rank.

    [Items/Pets] Increase the amount of items you can place in apartments. It's currently 30. Suggesting 100, which equals the slots in your bank and in Org HQs
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    [Interface] Add the blue floating icons back to shops. Or increase the font showing on shop screen to be visible from the door of room. (In future expand number of floating icons to match each terminal and slowly replace them)
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    {Martial Artist} Target healing line/team healing line: reduce nano cost by 70-80% (this will still be 25-30% higher than current)
    {Martial Artist} Zazen change the nanocost from -25 to +35%

    {keeper} increase dodge and duck to equal evade close on all nanos
    {keeper} increase dodge and duck to equal evade close on all perks
    {keeper} increase dodge and duck to equal evade close on all procs

    {keeper} increase agility to match stam+str on all guardian buffs

    {Trader} increase duration of drains on opponent to 45s (from 20s) (Edit: sorry, I thought duration was 30s)

    {Doctor} decrease cast time on UBT (and line) to unlimited (i.e. instacast)

    {Doctor} increase duration on UBT (and line) to 1m30s

    {fixer} decrease duration of all snares down to 4 minutes (i.e. spin nanoweb 28 minutes, 39 seconds ==> 4 minutes)
    {keeper} put the add dmg lost on the fast attack line onto vengeance line

    {keeper} put reflect line in a different line than imminence so the two can stack

    {keeper} put enervate in a different line than vengeance so the two can stack
    {engineer} boost reflects on ALL nanos by 4%

    {engineer} boost all spec blockers by 1 AND normal attack blockers by 1 on all team blocker lines from level 50 up to 220

    {Enforcer} change "Slowdown" to a target evades debuff of 250 and 2000 Runspeed snare lasting 10s usuable on any prof, with a 0% nano resist with a nanocost of 1000 and lockout of 20s

    {keeper} change "blow cover" to 1000 aimed shot and CONCEAL debuff castable on anyone, 20s duration, no lockout, 1000 nano cost, 0% nano resist
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    [Items] Grafts: clean up the ones that are dropping/mission reward. Keep the used and useful ones in game.
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    [PvE] Add a field to the Character Info Window that tells you if you have received the Transportation Certificate on that character.
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    [Items] Personal furnace: Make them stack.

    [Items] Splitting stacks of items: in additition to CTRL clicking, Make IT possible to pick up stack and R-Click to take one item out of the stack.
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    [PvE] I feel that some of the quests in the NPE are a little spread out. If it were possible to maybe reworking or moving NPC around a little to make them more visible in a way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazy
    clearly, it's all because arbalest is clan-only. all the omnis pvpers went clan for arbalest and all the omni pvmers went clan for the 35% xp buff so now the ratio of clan to omni is 9:1 herp derp clan favouritism herp derp devs are clan.

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    [PvE] Give decent ability to bypass newbie area. Perhaps introduce some secret npc, so us veterans can buckle up and head to mainland if desired. (Especialy useful on test with auto providing all leveling)
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    This'll be fixed for the next patch

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    [Perks] The breed specific genome perks, such as Mongo Rage, Notum Shield, Wit of the Atrox, etc, are to powerful and shifts the balance to much in favour of a single breed.

    For example: if you are dependent on perks and weapon specials, Mongo Rage will guarantee you success and maximum output, leaving every other breed choices behind. Breed specific perk options should be more in tune with the breeds than they are today and never give a single breed an overwhelming offense or defense bonus (or effect) that render other breed choices inferior.
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    [Interface] Add the blue floating icons back to shops.

    [Interface] Tweak Action Icons for more contrast/visiblity.

    [Items/Pets] (Re-)Add a pre-Arete starting instance with notifications explaining basic game functions and the starter items function and how to use / equip them. Maybe make it profession specific and explain some profession specific basics, too. (e.g. {Doctor} needs to heal some NPC, {Meta-Physicist} pet usage and scaling, ...)

    [Interface] Add a NPC at the Arete exit offering a tour around ICC mission, leading new players to shops, transportation hub and so on, finishing at the subway quest NPC or including that mission.

    [PvE] Significantly lower special recharge on starter weapon, if possible without affecting out-of-Arete low level PvP.

    [Items/Pets][Crafting] Add the pre-made implant shop to ICC and maybe even Arete.

    {Trader} Increase duration of skill drains on target to about 30-40 seconds to allow the intended multi-tasking with nanos.

    {Doctor} Make UBT last 60s to allow landing of DOTs between init debuffing and healing or decrease casting/recharge time of DOTs.

    [Interface] Change the empty implant icons back to the original ones. The change of icon styles while crafting is confusing and the new icons are hard to recognize for what they are.

    [PvE] Deflect: Change Deflect in Full Auto such that a glanced bullet does 50% damage but does not end the full auto. Makes no sense that a glancing hit ends the soldier pulling the trigger of his/her weapon.
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    [NanoPrograms] The nemesis nanos should all be removed. . They are also unbalanced in favor of nano dependent professions, who have high skills to land them on their opponents, while weapon dependent profession often have low skills and have to overcome high NR values for them to be useful.

    {adventurer} Misdiagnosis (nemesis doctor). A better nano would be a init debuff and dot removal/immunity (including all perk effects) and maybe a stun/nano interrupt.

    {doctor} Fill inbox (bureaucrat nemesis}. A more useful nano would be a stun immunity and init debuff removal/immunity (including perk effects).
    {fixer} Blindside (trader nemesis). A more effective nano against traders would be a ransack/deprive removal (including all perk effects).
    {martial artist} Induce Stupor (meta-physicist nemesis). A more effective nano agianst mps would be a nano shutdown/dominate removal/immunity (including perk effects).
    {meta-physicist} Nano Division (nano-technician nemesis). A better nano would be a root removal/immunity and NT dot (other debuffs) removal/immunity (including perk effects), and possible immunity to reflect piercing nukes.
    {soldier} Pierce Nerves (nemesis shade). A more useful nano against shades would be a stun immunity and removal/immunity of their hostile perk effects. Must be able to use during AMS or it will be practically useless.
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    [Interface] = The new basic action icons need professional re-work (

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    [PvP] Battlestation. As someone else suggested in a different thread: A should always be omni (uncappable for clan) and B should always be clan (uncappable for omni). This will ensure longer running BSes and remove 4-capping abuse just to finish daily missions.
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    {Martial Artist} Move the 'Zazen ' to the ' 222 controlled destruction' nanoline and drop the dmg debuff

    [Items/pets] Please add 'User Modify Experience modifier 1' to jobe suit ... and +2 for t1, +3 for t2 and +4 for t3 ...
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    2003 - I have Made first twink!
    2004 - I have made first quest in Shadowlands
    2005 - I dinged 220
    2006 - Was that an Alien? Holy Mothership...
    2007 - I own my first ql 300 CSS!
    2008 - We did Beast with just 3 guys!
    2009 - Damn, that Xan weapons LoX... erm Rox!
    2010 - Finnaly first character fully geared with all best stuff.
    2011 - Battlestations are so much zerg wars
    2012 - I have made set of twinks for new level ranges, they rocks!
    2013 - I made few 220 characters to level other characters...
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    [NanoPrograms]Malpractice should stack like it does currently, with the dot and init debuff parts removed, also capped cast time should be taken away

    [NanoPrograms]all three of top doctor dot's should be faster to cast(cap cast time at 1.00s and make it actually achievable, 10.00s normal attack time)

    [NanoPrograms] UBT should be changed to 60.00s duration and cast time be uncapped or atleast changed to 1.00s cap

    These suggestions are because doctor's have no kill power in pvp anymore. Most professions have enough defenses and/or heals to completely negate the damage we can do. Even in a setup with 11s AS, etc.

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