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Thread: Testlive Suggestions

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    Funcom employee Testlive Suggestions

    The newest Testlive patch is sparking quite a bit of conversation. A lot of you have suggested things, and we want to make sure we understand, and curate all of your suggestions. THESE SUGGESTIONS ONLY APPLY TO THE TESTLIVE 18.7 PATCH.

    This thread has some rules. If your post doesn't adhere to the rules, it will be moderated, deleted, or moved. This topic will be moderated heavily so that we keep the appropriate format for ideas, and so that we keep this thread clean of debris.

    If you are not sure how to categorize your suggestion, please contact a moderator or CM Team member via private message.

    Suggestions need to be SHORT and PRECISE. (One or two sentences max)

    Each and any suggestion is welcome, as long as they stay on topic.

    Discussions about other player's suggestions in this thread are not helpful, and will be moved or deleted. If you really like their idea, send them a private message! They might need your input on the subject!

    To make it easier to read and funnel appropriately, please use the following categories: (We really appreciate the brackets )

    • [NanoPrograms]- Suggestions specific to Nanoprograms in general
    • [Skills] - Suggestions specific to a skill (Including abilities)
    • [Perks] - Suggestions about the Perks system in general
    • [PvE] - Suggestions dealing with Player vs Environment content (Missions, etc)
    • [PvP] - Suggestions dealing with Player vs Player content
    • [Organization] - Suggestions for how orgs work / features / etc.
    • [Crafting] - Suggestions around the crafting process
    • [Items/Pets] - Suggestions in regards to clothing/pets/weapons/armor and other items
    • [Interface] - Suggestions for changes to the User Interface (GUI)

    Also, as Professions are quite numerous, and need a bit of "drilling down," we would ask you to use the following tags for profession specific suggestions:
    • {Adventurer}
    • {Agent}
    • {Bureaucrat}
    • {Doctor}
    • {Enforcer}
    • {Engineer}
    • {Fixer}
    • {Keeper}
    • {Martial Artist}
    • {Meta-Physicist}
    • {Nano Technician}
    • {Shade}
    • {Soldier}
    • {Trader}

    Cheating, Exploits, Bugs, and that kind of discussion does not belong in this thread.

    Here's a Good Example of a post:

    [Interface] The ingame-text looks like it was made in MS Paint. There should be a better font or some anti-aliasing please.
    and a Bad Example:

    [The poster before me] iz a *$&#* and &$*@ what they sed [insert weapon] meanz i cant do nothin like it isnt for [otherweapons]. So I want you to *&$*@#g fix it NAOW, or I quitz teh intarnetz 4EVAH!
    or another Bad Example:

    I SUGGESTED STUFF AN U DELETED ITZORS!! [The person who moved/deleted/moderated] my post is a &#^@@!

    Remember that suggestions are just that- suggestions. They are written in Jello, not stone. Since this thread is going to be curated, that means that the ideas that seem vague, trollish, or non-constructive will most likely be moved/deleted/moderated.

    Thanks for your feedback and help to further improve the game!
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    [NanoPrograms] Make all the nanos in the Initiative Debuffs line actually work on bosses. Those bosses that used to resist it still do.

    [NanoPrograms] There are quite a few nanos that could have different timers if they land on a player vs on a mob, i'm sure more examples of this will follow so i'll keep my suggestion to that.

    [Perks] MP's should be able to perks all the perks in 1hb line.

    {Enforcer} Mongo heals for almost nothing at very low/low levels because of %-based healing of the nano.

    {Doctor}Tired limbs It looks like this nano was contructed to keep adds that are NOT under fire debuffed, therefor reflect and shield damage should NOT be able to break it as it does today.

    {Soldier} Deflect and full auto, with deflect mechanics the chance of our fa getting terminated is very big.

    {Trader} Pets, make them less of a 30 sec joke and let them stay forever like the other prof pets, or at least adjust cooldown.

    {Trader} Charms, make them actually usefull, let the trader charm a mob OR have regular pets.
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    [Skills] - Sneak Attack/Backstab, let them cap down to 11 seconds like Aimed-shot.
    [Perks] - Mongo Rage, 500 AAO, also lower it's debuff after use
    - {Soldier}, give assault-rifle perks similar damage potential to SMG perks.
    [PvE] - Major increase in RK mission xp. about 300% Give 200+ Missions research SK. RK missions are AO's defining feature, they should have more meaning in today's gameplay.
    [PvP] - Make pvp Title level based, TL1 can fight TL1, TL2 - TL2 etc.
    [Organization] - Enable two commands to work at a distance /org promote name, /org demote name for president.
    [Crafting] - Make some crafting jobs super easy, like converting monster parts to blood plasma, 200 skill for ql200 versions, crafting more than parttime components however should still be hard and demanding. Also lower requirement in identifying alien biomaterial, so it's easy to identify bio-clumps, say 600 skill for ql300.
    [Items/Pets] - {Trader} pets, tweak them.
    {Keeper} needs new sword, preferably Excalibur upgraded with WU, or Edge of Taraseraque upgraded by WU. Stats should provide a high [PvM] damage 450-1450[550] damage, for decisive hits and epic melee damage. Make crit build worthwhile.

    [Interface] - enable mini-toolbar by default.
    [Interface] - enable testlive styled global chat.

    [PvP] Tweak evades so they work more progressively. Say 3k AR vs 3k evades results in roughly 50% attacks hit, 2k evades 75% hit, 4k evades 25% hit. Roughly equal AR/evades should equal roughly 50% hitrate.
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    This'll be fixed for the next patch

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    [Crafting] - Implants - Put Premade implants back in ICC/Neut cities

    [Interface] - enable mini-toolbar by default.

    [Interface] - Tweak Action Icons for more contrast/visiblity.

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    [Interface] Hold a contest for players to design their own action icons, and implement the winner's designs - either by player vote or internal FC decision. Same goes for new graphics such as shop terminal signs.
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    Edit by Tomium: Please use the above categories

    [PvP] Tower Fields that can be upgraded with credits (monthly) so people have access to 300 fields, can still be destroyed, and are at a disadvantage by doing it. Money Sink.

    {Soldier} OMHH - I accept this in the name of balance.

    [Items] Grafts. Remove these wholly from the game, or leave them as is. No additional Low Light Targeting Scopes, or billion credit grafts on the GMS please.

    [Items] Bank and Backpack. Make them bigger. A veteran player collects enough items to have to throw away Halloween/Christmas/social items- ect. It sucks.

    [PvP] Either reduce the rez time, or increase flag duration. City PvP has effectively been killed off by this change and multi-boxing.

    [Items] Premium Health and Nano Charger needs a buddy. Add Premium Health and Nano Stim. Itemshop.
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    [Items/Pets] Vet Shop Recall Beacon: Remove the 'Not in Combat' from this item. In my limited time on TestLive this limit has made my recall beacons useless about 30-40% of the time when I would typically use it on Live.

    [PvE] Transportation Certificate Request: Make sure that the quest is obtainable even by a level 1. Put in a "Just give me the certificate" option so that all you end up doing is talking to the NPC. Add a daily mish xp reward of tokens/xp/VP for those that complete it.

    [NanoPrograms] Profession Nano Shops: Remove the profession requirement on the nano shops. This will allow new players to browse around and see options, older players to buy nanos for alts/friends.

    [NanoPrograms] Shop Buyable Quest Items: NoDrop nanos from quests shouldn't be shop buyable. This directly discourages teaming for the activities where you would obtain these nanos (i.e. DB Quest, Pen Quest, etc).

    [NanoPrograms] {Doctor} Nanite Instinctive Control: This nano has been removed, replace it with Weird Looking Instinctive Control.

    [Interface] Remove the notification message associated with someone inspecting you. Since it is open to all, there is no need to inform us when it happens.

    [NanoPrograms] {Doctor} NSD: Increase the duration to something closer to its cooldown (45 sec). Make less endgame bosses immune to the nano.

    [Interface] The trader shop now has 5 items for sale. Make it a true trader shop by having some rarer items cycle through the shop table for purchase.

    [Interface] Put Pre-Made Implants in the ICC Shops and leave them in the sided. These are extremely helpful for new players (and even old).

    [NanoPrograms] {Fixer} Remove the 15 min cooldown from fixer self evac. Change the Team Evac such that a blocker nano (I know you removed them) is placed on everyone else in the team that received the meep, not the fixer.

    [PvE] Deflect: Change Deflect in Full Auto such that a glanced bullet does 50% damage but does not end the full auto.

    [NanoProgram] {Doctor} Uncontrollable Body Tremors: Remove the 2.5s cast cap on this nano and increase its duration to 1 minute.

    [NanoProgram] {Bureaucrat} Malaise of XXXX: Remove the 2.5s cast cap on this nano and increase its duration to 1 minute.

    [Interface] Paid Points: Since these are being rendered useless (removal of the vendor), create an item that provides those of us that transferred them in to game with a phasefront vehicle and board on all of the characters on our account.

    [NanoPrograms] {Doctor} Biological-Digital Conversion: This has been removed and Digitizing Sequence is now the sole team meep. Do a check to provide anyone that had BDC with DS if it is not already uploaded.

    [Items] -000 Weapons: These are shop buyable, great. Make all of the upgrade items (that add advanced specials) shop buyable as well. Only the first level of upgrade appears to be shop buyable.
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    Funcom employee

    Just a head's up, please do not edit your posts if you can help it. I am going through and manually transcribing all of these, and if I transcribe your post, I won't know that you changed it later.

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    {Nano Technician} Revert Nullity Sphere and Nullity Sphere MK II to the 17.7.0 versions. They are essential for defensive PvE play. A DamageToNano conversion makes them useless.

    {Nano Technician} Shorten the cooldown of Izgimmer's Wealth to 60.00s instead of 120.00s. Without Nullity Sphere or Nullity Sphere MK II, the Nano Technician will run out of nano when tanking hard hitting monsters. A 60.00s cooldown will ease that pain somewhat.

    {Nano Technician} Shorten all DOT Nanotechnician Strain A nanos to be max attack 10.00s (1.25s) with a 1.60s recharge.

    {Nano Technician} Make Garuk's Improved Viral Assault scale from 2000 to 3000 Matter Creation instead of 3099 to 3400.

    {Doctor} Make Uncontrollable Body Tremors last 60.00s instead of 30.00s. Also lower the cap to, at least, 2.00s. Preferably remove the cap.

    {Doctor} Make all doctor DOT - Line A, DOT - Line B and DOT - Line C nanos have a max attack of 10.00s (1.00s) with a 1.60s recharge. These changes are suggested because of the shortened Uncontrollable Body Tremors duration.
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    Plus many more...
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    Funcom employee

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    Fine New post

    [GUI] Default GUI: Please adjust. Start off with an open inventory, a couple shortcut bars, At least 2 side by side chat windows, mini-side bar open, at least Fighting Target NCU window, show target's target, etc.

    [Interface] New Implant Icons: When you craft the implants they turn into the old icons, this is very confusing. The new empty implant icons are also not very intuitive in terms of being able to visually associate the icon with the correct body part. Just use the old icons.

    [NanoCrystal] {Trader} Trader Drains are now breaking mezzes. Typically traders would mezz a mob, drain it and remezz. This is really a drawback, especially at lower levels.

    [Items] We were promised a free breed change and/or IPR with rebalance. I just want to make sure this is still happening. No one has confirmed/denied.

    [PvE] Place the NPC that provides us with the transportation certificate quest in-game prior to the main 18.7 patch. This would allow us time to get updates on toons and not be in a mad rush on patch day.
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    [NanoPrograms] - Pet Warp - put this in the nano starter pack of all the main pet professions.

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    [PvE] The NPC/Portal to ToTW/IS is hidden. It is highly unlikely that anyone (new player or old) will find it in its current location (in a garage behind a box thing).

    [NanoProgram] {Trader} Grid Gateway: Improve the casting time on Grid Gateway similar to what was done with Digitizing Sequence.
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    [NanoProgram] LE Nanos: Place profession specific nanos in their profession Ofab shop. Even if they are located in both places, this would make it easier for a player to see what they have/don't have that relates to them.

    [Interface/Items] Add in QL 225 and 250 refined clusters.

    [Interface/Items] Have someone fix the name of the tower shop. It is spelled incorrectly. Currently it is listed as Enterprice instead of Enterprise.

    [Interface/Items] Having a Shopping building and a Fair Trade in ICC is a little confusing. It seems as if all of the items sold in the Shopping building are also located in Fair Trade.

    [Interface/Items] ICC: Have the shuttle doors (2nd floor of the transportation building) default to open or put some of those blue glowy portals on the ground. It isn't totally clear how one should 'board' the shuttle as things are now.
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    [Interface/Items] Pricing between Basic, Advanced and Superior shops is way off. A QL 199 item in the Advanced shop is about 1/3 the price of the same item in a Superior shop. You should really invest some time fixing whatever backend coding problem resulted in this.
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    [GUI] Add a right click to Befriend option similar to the new right-click to Ignore.

    [GUI] Make the Nano Target NCU and Fight Target NCU default to have 'Hostile Only' unchecked

    [Interface/Items] Remove Map Nav and Swimming from Symbiants and any items that used to reference those removed skills.

    [Interface/Items] Automatically refund IP for Disabled/Legacy skills (seems there is a free reset button for those, indicating that IP return was not automatic)
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    [NanoProgram] {Meta-Physicist} Give us the new scourge pet with 18.7

    [Perks] {Meta-Physicist} Give us all access to 1hb and bow perks (Blunt Mastery, Ranger)

    [Items/Pets] {Meta-Physicist} Change the Attack skills of Zset/Esa to at least 80% TS and 20% 1hb (preferably like 90-100% TS)

    [NanoProgram] {Meta-Physicist} Better nukes (Give us the option to either choose dmg with no debuffing or debuffing with less dmg, not less than what we already have)

    [Items/Pets] {Meta-Physicist} Increase our pets overall at tl7. (hp, defense, nr, AR) (Our healpet and mezz pet is very gimpy.)

    [NanoProgram]/[Perks] {Meta-Physicist} Give us some sort of buff/perk that makes us be able to perk SOMETHING.
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    [PvE] Dustbrigade Questline: If you're going to sell group quest nanos for credits then scale down the quest so that it can easily be done solo or with 1 or 2 others (of any profession). The same can be said of Neretva since adding in the NoDrop Ear/Thigh to 12-man.
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    [NanoProgram] Align Zazen with original posting about how it would work. Currently it is a defensive decrease where as it was initially discussed as a defensive increase. Make the Evade Debuff actually an Evade Buff. Consider removing the Damage debuff if the crit debuff is to stay.

    [Skills] In light of the Glancing Hit mechanics change Full Auto so that the first 4 bullets follow the burst model (attack not stopped) and let a miss/glance on the 5th and following bullets break the full auto. Should insure FA as a better attack than Burst and justify the IP cost of the skill.

    [Items/Pets] Add vendor that sells the advanced upgrades for -000 up to at least QL100 at a reasonable price.

    [Interface] Add Control Center option to disable Auto Fade Windows globally. It is really a pain to have to uncheck this on every window.

    [NanoProgram] General about MA Heals. The drastic increase in heal nano cost show be reduced. I agree an increase over live in acceptable but the current increase is too much. Without Zazen current heal cost result in a lost of healing over time (you run out of nano) vice an increase. Result is the need to max Nano Pool and First Aid to overcome. Leveling MA's do not have the IP for this.
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    [NanoProgram] Shattered Nano Crystal/ ID's: Add a shop sell value equivalent to that of the nanocrystal prior to being removed from game.

    [NanoProgram] Combat Nano Can: The Awakening: Please do not add this to the Item Shop (if that was the plan) as it will be yet another element that takes away potential teammates.

    [Items/Pets] Tutoring Devices: Remove the NoDrop flag from these. It is completely unnecessary.

    {Trader} Boss Immunity to Drains: In order to make Traders more desirable in teams it would be helpful if Drains landed on more bosses. I do not have an exact list of which bosses are immune but Beast comes to mind.

    {Trader} Increase the duration of trader drains from 20 seconds to 40 seconds. Traders shouldn't feel like a pure casting class.

    [PvE] Reduce the health of large HP encounters (Beast comes to mind) to prevent Deflect mechanics from causing already long/boring raids to drag on even longer. Inferno dragon dynas, LoTV and and RK Sided/SL Faction Bosses also come to mind.

    [PvE] Set the ICC Mission terminals to give out missions local to ICC (or perhaps just Borealis/Old Athen/Rome, based on faction).
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