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Thread: 18.6.14 Update Release Notes

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    Funcom employee 18.6.14 Update Release Notes

    18.6.14 Update Release Notes

    Patch date: July 23rd 2014

    Item Updates
    • A new 30 day subscription item has been made for The Market. This item is called GRACE.

    Item Updates
    • New functionality has been added to The Market. More information about this can be found here and here.

    Nano Program Updates
    • Garuk's Improved Viral Assault has been updated with these changes:
      • The attack time is 1.25 seconds (the cap is removed).
      • The recharge time is 1 second.
      • A local cooldown of 9 seconds has been added.
      • The nano target must have nanoline 8 running.
      • The Matter Creation main criteria is changed to 2000+.
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