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Thread: Civility and Forum Policy

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    Civility and Forum Policy

    The general tone of posting on the forums has not been going well for some time, with a degradation of basic civility that is of concern to the moderation team.

    We understand needing to vent, being frustrated, disagreeing with issues, and needing to express those views.

    However, lately these opinions are being expressed with a significant amount of obscenities and profanities, and remarks that constitute personal attacks on the Development team. Everyone should be familiar with the forum rules which has two specific statements regarding the fact that all Funcom representatives, volunteer and paid, are to be accorded respect and civility when posting on the forums.

    You may not post your opinion of the motivations of the development team as fact. This includes calling them inept, lazy, unmotivated, vindictive, making unfounded statements about the abilities of their entire gender, demanding for them to be fired, asking if they have been fired, misquoting their words, or quoting their words out of context.

    We are no longer going to be tolerating this behavior. We will start with warning and rapidly escalate to infractions if it continues. This is not a complete list and attempts to "rules lawyer" your way out of these consequences will not be tolerated (Bekrowe and I both have kids, we know how that stuff goes.) ie: saying, "You said I couldn't call them lazy, you didn't say I couldn't call them slackers!" No.

    Everyone is invited to voice their disagreement and opinions in constructive, calm, and polite ways. No insults, ranting, all caps, or denigrating any Funcom representatives.
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