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    Lightbulb Steam

    I don't know if this has been suggested before. But I didn't see it, but what do you all think about getting this mmo on Steam? Steam now has an active MMO section, not only can you put this game on steam allowing easier access and to suck in newer people, it can also provide a possibility of extra income if you can get steam to also sell the expansion packs for the game on steam! What do you all think?

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    currently they are UNABLE to get it to work, if i remember correctly

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    Oh? In what way? Now I'm curious on why it might not work with steam. "Does it become unhappy with steam's method of log in, or is it the overlay system that steam slaps onto every game you buy with them?

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    I am really unsure, any answer I gave you would be just BS from me, however it does not work for some reason

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    This has been mentioned before in this thread, among others, so I'll just quote myself.

    Quote Originally Posted by Doctrony
    To put it mildly, I believe that Steam's in-game overlay UI and AO had a 'dispute' resulting in the later packing up its toys and leaving. From what I've heard this issue is being resolved with the new engine and the Steam release of AO is coming soon™.
    Basically the Steam overlay was causing AO to crash; an issue being resolved with the new engine, or so I'm lead to believe.

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    steam doesnt support dx7 games
    ao uses dx7
    do the math
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