18.6.13 Update Release Notes

Patch date: June 24th 2014

Quest Updates
  • Players who have gotten their character broken and can no longer pull new Daily missions will now be able to reset their daily mission tracker bit by talking to the Agency Handler. This will only work if the player removes all missions from the mission window prior to requesting the tracker bit reset.

Item Updates
  • A new play costume has been made for this year's birthday celebrations.

Nano Program Updates
  • Detonation Matrix has been completely altered and is now called "Garuk's Improved Viral Assault". This nano formula can be used without wielding a cyberdeck (However, the nanodeck will still be required) and the damage dealt by this nano formula will scale with the Nano-Technician's Mat. Crea. skill.

NPC Updates
  • Tarasque will be immortal for 30 minutes after spawning and during that time there will be 3 broadcasted messages. When Tarasque spawns, after 15 minutes and when Tarasque is no longer immortal. This change is made to help players to complete their Tarasque Daily mission.