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    Gridstream Productions

    What is GridStream Productions?
    Gridstream Productions (also called "GSP") is an online radio station which was founded in 2002 by Lan Tarryk Kozar for Anarchy Online. Since then the station has branched out into The Secret World. We remain committed to bringing the highest quality of audio entertainment to both games via our “one stream, one community” philosophy. GSP features a 24/7 playlist as well as daily live DJs, with a variety of musical genres to satisfy almost any taste. In addition, we’ll gladly host your event or produce an advertisement for your org or cabal.

    How do I tune in?
    It's easy! The full instructions are here!

    Our current schedule of regular shows:
    The Grindhouse with DJ Nicksa (Sundays, 1am - 4am GMT) - TSW-RP
    Kermie’s Krazy Corner with DJ Kermie (Mondays, 3am – 5am GMT) - AO
    The War Forge with DJ Kriegshammer (Mondays, 6pm - 8pm GMT) - AO/TSW
    Big Hair Ball with DJ Dharzee (Wednesday, 12am - 2am GMT) - AO
    R.A.W. with DJ Azuca (Wednesdays 3 pm - 6pm GMT) - TSW
    Eye of the Storm with DJ Trevalin (Thursdays 1am - 5 am GMT) - TSW-RP
    Dark Side of the Sun with DJ Sunserro (Thursdays, 7pm - 10pm GMT) – AO/TSW
    Shigy's Odd End with DJ Shigy (Fridays, 10am - 1pm GMT) - AO
    Namaste with DJ Daydreaming (Fridays, 2pm - 5pm GMT) - TSW-RP
    Boundaries Unknown with DJ Joanwilder (Saturdays, 1am - 6am GMT) - AO
    Blissful Elevations with DJ Gemmikins (Saturdays, 7pm - 10pm GMT) - AO

    In addition to those regular shows, our DJ’s will sometimes take the stream at random for a “ninja” show. While those can happen at any time with any DJ, the following DJ’s like it random like that:

    Candyland with DJ TastyVixen - TSW
    Anger Management with DJ Ashval - TSW
    Digital Obsessions with DJ Krayl - AO

    Oh and don’t forget:
    MMOATP (Massive Monthly ARK and Testers Party) which takes place every 4th Sunday of the Month 8pm GMT on the AO Test Server.

    How Can I Apply to GSP?
    If you think you have what it takes to be a GSP DJ, we'd love to hear from you! You can contact our recruiting department via the contact form found here. In addition, you can find either Kriegshammer or Vallikat in game or on the forums with any questions or to pick up an application.

    For more information, visit us at or follow us on Facebook or Twitter and join the party!
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    Bump for GSP
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