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Thread: Additional Character Slots now Available!

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    Funcom employee Additional Character Slots now Available!

    I am happy to announce that additional character slots are now available from the in-game item shop (not the account pages), and will appear in the "Hot Items" category.

    You will be able to buy up to 8 additional slots per account, and these slots are in addition to any bonus slots you may have received during the server merge. The additional slots are currently priced at 1200 Funcom points per slot.

    For subscribers who received the bonus slots during the merge, the total maximum of slots is 20 per account. For normal subscribers the maximum is 18 slots, and for free players the maximum is 16 slots.
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    Funcom employee

    I have been told that this is now enabled in the item shop again. You need to log off for a period of time after the purchase to enable the slots (as is mentioned in the item description).

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