18.6.10 Update Release Notes

Item Updates
  • The Vagabond Cloak no longer has any sub-criteria and the debuff to strength has been replaced by a concealment debuff. Wearing this cloak makes you so smelly, you cannot hide!
  • NCU Robot Reed no longer has a Zone validation or sub-criteria.
  • Bodum-Larga NCU will now increase psy-mod.
  • Carrier Craft will now increase strength with an equal amount to that of the Omni-Tek Gun Ship. (Any QQ about this will be noted, but quickly dismissed! )
  • Neural Interpreting Nball - Handguns will now buff ranged energy too, but none of the stats on this item will exceed 40 points. It will also require sense instead of stamina and be open for any profession to equip.
  • Neural Interpreting Nball - Melee fighting will now be open for any profession to equip.
  • Metallic Hoop, Support Wire, Candy Cord, Counterfeit Omni Epaulet's highest QL values have been nerfed... slightly.
  • An Omni Epaulet has been made for Omni-Tek players. This will spawn the Counterfeit Omni Epaulet if used by a Clanner. The Counterfeit Omni Epaulet will spawn the Omni Epaulet if used by an Omni.
  • Whistle-box now increases add all def instead of reflect.
  • Capsule of Thin Blood will now require Stamina to equip.
  • Candied Fruit Armband will now increase Nano Prog, Quantum FT, Weapon Smt, Chemistry and Pharma Tech from 1 to 15.
  • Ring of Body Maintenance is no longer Nanomage only.
  • Real Knickers Stockings will now increase Evade and Runspeed by 50 points and Duck/Dodge by 20 points.
  • Reinforced Blackpants will now increase the wearer's Strength by 5 points.
  • Jones Energized Carbonan Helmet will buff 15 comp. lit at the highest QL.
  • Hollow Orange Torch, will only be possible to use by Enforcer and Adventurer and increase all Shield AC by 20 points.
  • Black/White Agent Cloak will now increase Evades by 25 points and Rifle, Aimed Shot and Concealment by 20 points. These items remain Agent only.
  • Ai-X44 Android Head will increase Intelligence and Psychic from 1 to 15.

NPC Updates
  • A couple of the Griefing Uncle Pumpkin-Heads have started to exploit and replicated some items that never should have dropped...
  • Uncle Pumpkin-Heads have now found their lost backpack of Lya Armor.

Dungeon Updates
  • You should now be able to enter the Crypt of Home again.

And we have fixed some more exploits...