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Thread: Anarchy Online Milestones

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    Anarchy Online Milestones

    Attempting to compile a timeline of significant Anarchy Online Milestones from the very beginning.
    There is another similar old thread here but that is more funny events and incidents - and it's disorganised. Can we collectively compile an actual timeline?

    If anyone else that still remembers things.. backed up/proof/validated wherever possible... and any other significant milestones that we've forgotten or missed that we can add to the list...
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    Hall of Fame


    Development on Anarchy Online by Funcom started in: 1995 (Oslo, Norway)
    Peak number of developers working on Anarchy Online: 70
    Officially announced by Funcom at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in: 2000
    Public Beta started approximately: Wednesday 13th June, 2001
    Public USA and Norway launch: Wednesday 27th June, 2001
    Public European/Rest of the world launch: Thursday 28th June, 2001
    Subscriptions reached 150,000 in: 2002
    Won MMO of the Year (PC Gamer): 2002
    Won Editor's Choice awards (IGN, CNet, Gamespot, Gamespy): 2003
    Free Play program started on: December 15th, 2004
    Gained 400,000 new subscriptions as a result of the Free Play program in: 2004
    Subscriptions reached a record 700,000 in: 2005
    Total Subscriptions (paid and free) reached a staggering 1 million in: 2006
    Announced work on the new graphics engine in: June 2007
    Introduced the Paid Points system in: 2008
    Reached peak subscription count of almost 2 million in: 2008
    Decomissioned Die Neue Welt dimension in: 2010
    Merged remaining two dimensions, Atlantean and Rimor in: January 2013
    Anarchy Online gets GRACE item to trade in-game and extend gametime July 2014
    Anarchy Online launches on Steam February 2017
    One of the first Science-Fiction themed MMORPGs
    One of the first MMORPGs to be available for download online
    One of the first MMORPGs to offer free trial subscriptions
    One of, if not the longest-running MMORPGs still in operation after 12 years


    Notum Wars (booster) main features included land control (towers) and flying vehicles and was released in: 2002
    Shadowlands (expansion) main features included seven themed geographical zones, perks, increased max level to 220 and was released in: 2003
    Alien Invasion (expansion) main features included perks, player cities and was released in: 2004
    Lost Eden (expansion) main features included research, PvP overhaul, battle stations and was released in: 2006
    Legacy of the Xan (booster) main features were focused around end-game content in the form of several new max level encounters and was released in: 2009


    First Player to achieve 100: Fiezerald

    First Player to achieve 200: Kicky (RK1) 2001-11-23 Tibanna (RK2) 2002-07-24
    - Adventurer: Mayleen (RK1) 2002-03-04 Fojojojo (RK2) 2002-06-13
    - Agent: Zarloc (RK1) 2001-11-23
    - Bureaucrat: Wenzell (RK1) ????-??-?? Bettylu (RK2) 2002-06-13
    - Doctor: Unknown
    - Enforcer: Kinkstaah (RK1) 2002-02-20 Shtylez (RK2) 2002-05-18
    - Engineer: Prologic (RK1) 2002-05-06 Ethernal (RK2) 2002-08-05
    - Fixer: Hextorr (RK1) Trystar (RK2) 2002-07-15
    - Keeper: Fulforce (RK1) 2003-10-08 Lenaic (RK2) 2003-11-25
    - Martial Artist: Tarzal (RK2) 2002-05-27
    - Meta-Physicist: Armaklaesy (RK2) 2002-09-17
    - Nano Technician: Gunnandahalf (RK1) 2002-02-06 Tibanna (RK2) 2002-04-15
    - Shade: Unknown
    - Soldier: Zerosignal (RK1) 2002-04-13 Ccomander (RK2) 2002-05-23
    - Trader: Noer (RK1) 2002-04-27 Mobiggly (RK2) 2002-05-06

    First Orgs (In Order):

    1. Omni-Pol (RK1) 2001-06
    2. Shadow Ops (RK2) 2001-08 Reference #1
    3. Storm (RK1) 2001-11-23
    4. Komodo (RK2) 2001-06-27
    5. The Dojo (RK2) 2001-11-25Reference #1
    6. Unknown

    Notum Wars

    First tower Victory: Storm (Clan, RK1) vs. Dust Brigade (Neutral, Advisors of Rubi-Ka playing Dust Brigade Commandos)
    First real tower Victory: Enfraam's Eleven - 17 hour battle - Who won/lost???
    First tower Loss: Unknown
    Longest held tower site: Guardian Nemesis (RK1) - 2002-12-06 to 2007-06-29 ( ~ 4.5 years )
    First Neutral held tower site: Underworld (RK1)


    First Player to become Shadowlands faction aligned: Gunnandahalf
    First player to decipher the Xan Alphabet: Dyna18
    First Team/Player to loot BoC: Innersanctum
    First Team/Player to defeat Beast: Innersanctum (RK1) 2004-05-02 [lynette11] with the help of:
    - Ajuna
    - Cobalt9
    - Sepho
    - Forgottenone
    - Zyphoria
    - Askiles
    - Rismik
    - Therealjacky
    - Tararin
    - Kimarzt
    - Mardiv
    - Kaecia
    - Milanoalyssa
    - Djeliah
    - Ivanius

    First Player to achieve 220: Myrielh (RK1) 2004-01-11 Insilico (RK2) 2004-02-10
    - Adventurer : Unknown
    - Agent : Buffdispense (RK1) 2004-02-23
    - Bureaucrat : Cynkgramm (RK2) 2004-04-07
    - Doctor : Myrielh (RK1) 2004-01-11 Drjoy (RK2)
    - Enforcer : Hooters (RK1) 2004-01-14
    - Engineer : Aleph (??) 2004-02-27
    - Fixer : Kijomimi (RK2) 2004-07-16
    - Keeper : Sepho (RK1) 2004-02-16 Eevatytar (RK2) 2004-04-25
    - Martial Artist : Unknown
    - Meta-Physicist : Unknown
    - Nano Technician : Gunnandahalf (RK1) 2004-01-20
    - Shade : Unknown
    - Soldier : Unknown
    - Trader : Nerfmeee (RK1) 2004-05-28 Hitomi (RK2) 2004-05-21

    Alien Invasion

    First Team/Player to loot ACDC: Kuznechik (RK2) 2006-12-09
    First Player to achieve AI30: Booooyaaa (RK1) 2005-05-16 Scumtron (RK2) 2005-09-24

    Lost Eden

    Dust Brigade 1

    Dust Brigade 2

    First RK1 team to defeat Aune: Avatars Reloaded
    First RK2 team to defeat Aune: Black Bands

    Dust Brigade 3

    Legacy Of The Xan


    First player to achieve Experienced rank in the legacy PvP system: Stromm (RK1) (Disputed with Gunnandahalf (RK1))
    First player to achieve Expert rank in the legacy PvP system: Rekido (RK1)
    First player to achieve Master rank in the legacy PvP system: Cortez (RK1)


    First player to loot from Tara: Trilyt (RK1)

    Mercenary Camp

    First team/player to kill Ian Warr: Wolfe (RK1) 2003-01-05

    Advisors of Rubi-Ka

    First and Longest running time as ARK: Eponyx (Generation 6)
    Generation 6 ARKs: Eponyx, Conator, Vicaris, Howler, Astinus


    - Adventurer: fl0w_ (Flojojojo) Serena
    - Agent: MorphX (Morphex) Tekkor
    - Bureaucrat: Amanite Charles (Kithrak)
    - Doctor: Destria Letah
    - Enforcer: Arinia MiKEBoND (Kinkstaah)
    - Engineer: Munchausen krneki (Prologic)
    - Fixer: Argulace_MoK (Argulace) Nettie
    - Martial Artist: Davedread Filik
    - Meta-Physicist: Ipsa Xtremtech
    - Nano Technician: Drabin Fingers (Phinger)
    - Soldier: Tindish (Tindstar) Zerosignal
    - Trader: Noer Zyxlquith


    These are either ultra-specific (breed or race or other stuff) or otherwise currently unsorted milestones.

    First player forced to change sides: Aberic Reference #1 Reference #2
    First Nanomage Martial-Artist to achieve 200 on RK2: Lovegod
    First Neutral to achieve 220 on RK2: Kevoupe
    First Atrox Doc with Glutton of the Xan : Ironmax
    Who was the first person to sell Loot Rights:
    Who was the first person to sell and buy combined for over 1B:
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    Data Sources:

    - Forum posts on these threads: 6155060,517913,422258,473546, 572576,532197,399563
    - Anarchy Online Forums Advanced Search
    - Anarchy Online Wikia
    - AUNO Character info and Org listing tools
    - Org bot chat and tower logs
    - Screenshots linked/posted attached to relevant post in here.
    - Verbal validations and consensus dispute resolution with multiparty corroboration
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    1. Validate
    2. Show screenshots and post links to auno/PoRK/forums wherever possible.
    3. Funcom staff, GM and ARK verification overrules disputes with regards another player's claim.
    4. If you see something that is incorrect submit how you think it should be adjusted with your version of reality, with validation wherever possible.
    5. Try not to polute the list with too many overly-specific firsts. Breed/Faction/Profession/Dimension/Expansion are the top 5 categories, but others are considered and added on and until there is an actual need with enough submissions to warrant a whole new category, will go in the unsorted or misc category.

    Have fun walking down memory lane!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mastura View Post
    First AI 30 Player? Eevatytar on RK2 also?
    No. Booooyaaa was first, he was on RK1. It was announced in the launcher at the time. Like 7 months before the RK2 person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Esssch View Post
    No. Booooyaaa was first, he was on RK1. It was announced in the launcher at the time. Like 7 months before the RK2 person.
    AI30 I'm assuming you are talking about? Cheers!
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    Not sure if still valid because I have been out of game for a while.

    Guardian Nemesis held a base on rk1 (without losing it) for 4,5 years
    6 dec 2002 - 29 June 2007. can provide screenshot if required

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    Wow thats great data archaeology, TheDdevil Hook it up mate! It will stand as truth until proven otherwise
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    First 220NT Gunnandahalf
    First 220keeper was a storm keeper but I dont remember his name
    First 220enfo was Hooters/Voyvoy
    First 220 player was someone from redemption iirc
    Thedevil 220/30 Adventurer
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    I was the third 'Crat to get AI 30 on RK1 if that counts for anything
    One profession to RoO them all, one profession to proc stun them, one profession to calm them all and in the darkness Exp perk them!

    Crataiken 220/30/70 General - Primal Evolution - 3rd AI 30 'Crat on RK 1 Setup
    Calms 220/30/70 General - Primal Evolution
    Medicaiken 220/30/70 General - Primal Evolution Setup
    Newen 220/30/70 President - The Galactic Milieu
    Mettagirl 220/20/** General - Primal Evolution
    Krataiken 150/18/40 General - Primal Evolution Setup

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    Some people claim to be the first neutrals to achieve some of these goals. You might have to split it up by faction
    Trypha - 220/30/70 Engineer - General of Nocturnal Fear
    Trypothecary - 220/30/69 Doctor
    Trypocalypse - 220/30/70 Soldier
    Tryptophy - 220 Crat

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    Definitely want to add RK3 and neuts in there. I was thinking of putting various colours (red/green/blue) for clan/neut/ot and RK1 RK2 RK3 in list... Unless you guys have some suggestions on how to do it more easier to read/accomplish this?

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    <---First person to eat a bacon filled pizzaburger with hot sauce and cream. This was during AO beta. Soon after my liver died.

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    If im right, Kuznechik (RK-2, omni engi) was first to loot ACDC.
    Stpax - 220 Enforcer
    Pacucm - 165 fixer
    and so on...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stpaxx View Post
    If im right, Kuznechik (RK-2, omni engi) was first to loot ACDC.
    You know ...I also am pretty certain I seem to remember it may have been Kuzne too. Searched for it on forums but all I found was this and it was on Test...
    Doesn't count or should I include that too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stpaxx View Post
    If im right, Kuznechik (RK-2, omni engi) was first to loot ACDC.
    That should be correct. You can always check the sector42 forum, it should also be there with the date.

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    200s Chrisd, Malema, Delbaeth
    TL5s Youfail, Bugfixx, Riothamus, Johndee

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    Your the first person to do a firsts list like this, in years.
    Posted by Seventh: Has something to do with the fact that RL speaking im 172 sm high and weight 96 kg, all of which come in muscle form (and guessing your reaction about forum pvp, yes i can log into webcam )

    Said the pixels lol..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mastura View Post
    You know ...I also am pretty certain I seem to remember it may have been Kuzne too. Searched for it on forums but all I found was this and it was on Test...
    Doesn't count or should I include that too?
    He already had the Invasion Plans from Live, but you couldn't turn it in for an ACDC until the 17.3 patch. Still think he was the first to loot the Invasion Plans.

    220s "Wakizaka", "Sneakygank", "Wakimango", "Wakisolja", "Tardersauce", "Bushwaki", "Midgetgank", "Bugfixxx", "Ramsbottom", "Paskadoc"
    200s Chrisd, Malema, Delbaeth
    TL5s Youfail, Bugfixx, Riothamus, Johndee

    Proud President of Haven | TL5 PvP

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    Shattered Dreams (neutral rk2) held NLD site iirc for quite a while, over 7 years till Paradise took it out of sheer boredom. Then President Falikos had a screenshot of the CT being planted complete with timestamp.
    Towerblock, 220/30/70 Engineer
    President of Steadfast

    And way too many alts...

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    Still some very core milestones and achievements missing..Who was first to 200 and when? First orgs? Would aou or gsp or arks even know?

    This kind of stuff is more important now than ever since PoRK is gone and server merge nuked history etc.

    We might even discover what makes this the great community that it is ...

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