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Thread: Monthly Development Update – 31st July, 2013

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    Funcom employee Monthly Development Update – 31st July, 2013

    Hey All!

    After a few requests of more "Genele updates", I have made an agreement with Nusquam to write every other update. This month has been rather quiet. After the birthday patch following by the update of Borealis, it has been summer and we have had some well deserved time off. Or at least so we thought until we got called early morning because the Market had issues. No rest for the wicked.

    New Player Experience
    We have had some time to work on the NPE before the vacation. Most of the work in this area has been put in to making sure the assets look right in the new graphics engine and making sure players cannot get stuck in the geometry.

    The New Graphics Engine
    We are getting closer and closer to a beta now. And this month I have helped Macrosun out with finding more issues since he had run out of bugs to fix. We are also getting help from the render team to fix the issues related to character animation (some of our monsters have too many bones and the new engine needs to accept the same amount of bones as our old one) and getting more shiny water, lava and toxic liquid (water is currently running a bit too fast and in the wrong directions).

    We have also put some focus in to fixing art related issues in the new engine. Some assets have started to flicker/z-fight, some should cast shadow but don't and others simply won't convert because they were made the wrong way. We also had an issue with some armors showing way too much melons because of transparency issues. Hehe. (Sorry guys, I fixed it!)

    The Item Shop
    With 18.7 we will add new items in the Item Shop, and this month we have made some of them:
    • A bodyguard social outfit.
      • This outfit will make you look like a bureaucrat bodyguard.
      • This will probably be added to veteran shop too.
    • A portable vendor nano and nano can.
      • A Buckethead Technodealer vendor will appear for 10 minutes, he will sell ammunition, hacker tools, lock picks, mission key duplicators, screwdrivers, stims and rechargers.
      • His sell and buy modifier will be the same as neutral vending machines.
    • Access to the Trader shop for non trader characters.
      • This is an item that will set a bit on your character. This will let you access the specialist commerce vending machine even though you are not a trader.
      • I know some may have mixed feelings about this, but I feel it is the right move to put this handy item in the Item Shop because it already contains other profession specific items/nanos, such as a portable bank/market and the Fixer grid nano can.
    • A treatment transfer twinking nano can.
      • This buff will last for 4 hours, but will break if you get hit. Convenient for twinking.
    • Gift wrapped bazzit's alien library.
      • Unlike the garden keys, you will still be able to do the quest later if you want to.
    • A premium lottery ticket.
      • This lottery ticket will be more expensive and give nicer prizes than the standard lottery ticket.

    That's it for this month. Hopefully I will have some more interesting news for you at the end of September!

    - Genele

    (German Translation)
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    1. Are we going to get any more information about the engine like a beta release date, wich people can join and somekind of accurate system requirements (not like look at AoC's SQ and figure it out) that the new engine will require?

    2. Will we able to play before Christmas?

    3. Any plans to lower the monthly sub for veterans or atleast to just lower it to like 12,95 eur with VAT included ofcourse or just a bit lower than it is now?
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    oh first page !

    well, can't wait for the "beta"
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    Thanks for the update Genele ...

    For clarification, is the new engine beta the next patch/update on the timeline?

    Or, is 18.7 with the new Item shop items, removal of phasefront points we previously transferred to toons in-game, and the new player experience the next patch/update on the timeline?

    Is there any ETA for when 18.7 will move to Test-Live?

    I assume since it has been mentioned that the new engine will first come out on a closed beta, that it will not move to Test-Live until after the beta is over/complete?

    Thanks again,


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    The portable account wide mail terminal? Pretty please with sugar and cream and other stuff on top?
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    1st page.

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    11teenth or whatever. Nice update, Genele. I guess that beta's a few month away yet then.

    I'll wait by a tree in Omni Forrest.
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    are we there yet ?


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    So, ETA on shutting down AoC & TSW and putting more resources on AO ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wakizaka View Post
    So, ETA on shutting down AoC & TSW and putting more resources on AO ?

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    tradershop access for nontraders

    the tradershop item helps singelplayer oriented ppl, dont do this in a game whith other ppl. u should have to trade ( cumunicate) with others for needed items or buffs

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    Quote Originally Posted by cybshadow View Post
    the tradershop item helps singelplayer oriented ppl, dont do this in a game whith other ppl. u should have to trade ( cumunicate) with others for needed items or buffs
    wat. It just saves people from either logging their trader or rolling a trader alt. I haven't seen people ask for a trader to sell stuff for them in years.

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    First page. Good update
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    Does that free for all trader shop give boost to others too when selling junk?
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    Will one be able to use Treatment transfer as low level and froob or what kind of requirements are there for the can?
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    Really looking forward to the new engine. There's really no news on when beta starts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taranide View Post
    Does that free for all trader shop give boost to others too when selling junk?
    it's not free. youhave to pay a couple (dozen) euros for it

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    "We changed the direction water flows, we put in more pay-to-win stuff."

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