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Thread: IRRK Freelance: The Search for the Security Minister

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    IRRK Freelance: The Search for the Security Minister

    IRRK Freelance: The Search for the Security Minister
    June 12th, 29487 - Lucetta Phoenix

    The Newland Minister of Security is still missing. Where is he, and what
    happened to him?

    It was a cool evening in Newland three years ago. The swift breeze flowing
    over the sandy cliff cascaded pleasantly down through the small city.
    Despite slowly bubbling tensions overflowing from Borealis, it was largely

    Agrestus Wright, Newland's Minister of Security, stood at the balcony of
    his apartment at No.11. He packed a small backpack with essentials and left
    the city toward the desert.

    He hasn't been seen since for three years.

    This is a story riddled with grief. Arriving on the planet five years prior
    as a shuttle pilot, it was far from a smooth landing. Sabotage was
    reputably to blame, but the ravaging desert quickly consumed the remains of
    that fateful day. Sixteen people lost their lives, from new arrivals to
    Omni-Tek employees and officials.

    The shuttle had broken in two segments during the fiery descent, tearing
    the bulk of the passengers from the pilot and crew. Only the reinforced
    blast doors separating the passenger bay from the cockpit prevented the
    survivors from perishing.

    It is know known that the bulk of the shuttle, OTSC-21496, was found
    shortly after crashing near Tir. Some of the survivors were quickly
    extracted by a covert Omni-Tek dispatch, leaving those without
    identification to perish in the scorched sand according to a Clan scouting
    party witnessing the shuttle's descent.

    The cockpit section hit the sands a short distance away, but it was
    presumed to have perished during the crash. The lone survivor, an
    unidentified shuttle pilot, attempted to survive and seek shelter with no
    aid arriving. There were reports of a wounded solitus approaching Tir, with
    torn-up pilot overalls barely shielding his injuries from the elements.
    Assumed to be an Omni-Tek employee, they attempted to exterminate the
    'corporate scum' from their lands.

    Luckily for the pilot, he must have slipped away during the ravaging
    sandstorm on file, as he was then seen a few days later by a neutral guard
    post approaching Newland City. Taken in and offered shelter by the neutral
    population, he quickly grew to be a fierce activist for their cause,
    loathing both Omni-Tek's ignorance and Clan arrogance.

    He adopted the call-sign "Agrestus" as he joined the militant neutral
    organisation Third Faction. His strong ideology and willingness to fight
    for his people prevailed despite - or perhaps because of - losing his
    fiancée in the shuttle crash.

    "With all that's been lost, I needed something to fight for."

    This period was perhaps the most colourful on record, earning a string of
    offences from Omni-Pol and snarls from the Sentinels as he defended the
    neutral cause. Everything from freeing prisoners from an Omni-Pol convoy to
    flirting with officials to gain information, it seemed nothing was stopping
    him and his allies from their goals.

    Operating both to try and free Borealis and protect Newland City from the
    ever-increasing tensions, he juggled the roles of a General in Third
    Faction and as a Minister of Security for Newland, frequently blurring the
    lines between the two in a misguided but steadfast attempt to defend both
    places at once.

    It was then that he discovered the unbelievable - his fiancée Mirura still
    lived. What should have been a heartfelt and joyous reuniting quickly grew
    into a web of deceit and despair. According to the council, a criminal
    organisation known as 'Black-Net' had their claws in her, slowly corrupting
    and warping Mirura into a darkness unrecognisable to him.

    At this point, Agrestus began to spiral into sorrow, anger and regret.

    With the loss of his fiancée once more, his actions became increasingly
    brazen and irrational, isolating himself from his allies. The Newland
    Council reportedly called him "unstable" and relinquished his duties
    temporarily pending psychiatric aid.

    It was at this point, three years ago, that he left Newland and the public
    eye seemingly for good.

    Where is he now?

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    Where indeed? If anyone identifies Mr Wright they are to immediately contact Omni-Pol and are advised not to approach him.

    Mr Wright currently has a arrest warrant in his name; those who aid in his sucesfull arrest will be rewarded.
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