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Thread: Orbital Delivery Service (portable mail terminal)

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    Orbital Delivery Service (portable mail terminal)

    In an animation the player takes out his transceiver and shouts
    "We need some supplies flown in ASAP! coords 4667x9843"
    An awesome looking jet soars trough the sky with an awesome roaring or a sonic boom.
    A packagepod falls out of the jet speeding towards the ground quickly and at the last second some counter thrusters ignite and the pod smashes into the ground, and becomes right clickable.
    See youtube Halo 2 weapon/ammo pods for more information.
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    Garden keys can be bought from the key locked garden vendor in case you have deleted your key.

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    Really, animations ? Can't we just focus on getting up to date graphics on the gameplay first ?

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    Game suggestion spree !
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    With a kite team you generaly pay for your lvls. Imo this makes it ok..
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    Pocket teaming is fine to because (most of the time) players actualy step up and kill the hecklers.
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    OST is actually a good thing. In many Ely heck teams where there is a pocket the rest of the team sits around and chats every once in awhile.

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