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Thread: 18.6 patch - s10 relays

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michizure View Post
    I just spawned 400 bosses, 100 of each type, on Live. The droprate is what I intended it to be. What is on Testlive is what is on Live; I am sorry you haven't had as much luck on Live vs. Test.
    and the mystery rate would be?
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    This Michi fellow is a keeper. I don't mean a Keeper, I mean a -- you know what I mean.
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    i might be a troll

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    anyoneknow the difference between the bosses that get popped ie Rho, Alpha, Kappa?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicstorm View Post
    anyoneknow the difference between the bosses that get popped ie Rho, Alpha, Kappa?

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page, gives a good description of each boss and their unique traits.

    If your question was in relation to the droprates of each individual general, afaik, they're all the same.

    Edit: Oh god and I just saw how much of a necro this is. Sorry gents.

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