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Thread: Meanwhile on Rubi-Ka

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    Logan entered his office in Old Athen, waved his hand and the lights started turning up softly so his eyes get used to them. He sat at the big desk and let out a sigh. He was tired.
    But however tired he was, he had to think. And he had to think fast. His life had changed a lot in the last two months and besides the fact that it was for good, he couldn't cope. It scared him.

    He was never good with drastic changes. He always felt he was loosing control, and he didn't like that one bit. He run through the list of changes in his mind to take some time to think about them.
    First of, was that girl. Cath. It all started as a game but now?
    Now he felt things, like he never did before. It'd be easy to try and forget her, to move on, if things were different. But truth is he couldn't. They spent too much time together. But the thing that made him worry as much was that she felt things as well. They had fun together, a lot of fun, that's true but he worried. He worried about her safety, about her well being, about what would happen in the future if...

    He looked at his desk drawer for a packet of cigarettes. He didn't smoke, almost never. But he always had a couple of packets laying around for times like this. Times he needed to keep himself tense, to think over serious things happening in his life. Times when he simply couldn't afford getting lost in his thoughts tho'. He pulled a cigarette out of the packet and played it a bit between his fingers.

    Connected with Cath's thought was Ms Geers. This...woman?
    Everyone seemed to hate her, everyone. For the Clans he could understand, but he couldn't name one Omni-Tek employee he spoke at, that didn't hate her as well. The only reason he kept thinking about her was because of what she did to Cath, of how she scared her, of how she even manipulated her, through blackmailing.
    He was sure of one thing. He wanted nothing to do with her, but also, if she kept threatening Cath, well, he'd hunt her down like nobody ever did.Whatever that meant.

    Logan lit up his cigarette and he puffed some smoke, towards the ceiling. He always liked the shapes the smoke made.

    He then pulled out a card from his pocket. It was a simple plain white card with a calligraphic Catalyna on it. He met her some months ago, a young and short opifex female with bad temper and good humor. He needed her to find some background information for a work he had accepted. And she did a pretty damn good job at it. He may needed her help again, to prepare him for who that Ms Geers was. He needed to know who he was moving against.

    Next thing was that nanomage girl he met. Kate was her name? Seemed right. He needed to see her. And he needed that soon!
    She seemed pretty nice and friendly, almost too much for it to be real. He had to be sure tho'. He couldn't take chances. Not about Cath at least. He needed Cath safe. He wouldn't care much about Kate's agenda if it was about him. But not now.

    He opened a bottle of a fine Old Whiskey he had and filled a cup with it, smiling a bit sadly, and puffed some more smoke before taking a small sip.

    Then it was Andrew. He kept talking about peace between the Join Clans and Omni-Tek. He seemed sincere enough about it, but Logan was not sure he could simply trust him. Before that could happen tho' the Clans needed a Council. They needed the Council reformed. Alive. That was the reason he came here to think. He had a meeting coming really soon with Cher. And he needed to know what to say, how to propose this. She was a spokesperson of the previous council and someone people liked. If it was someone he could depend on it was her.

    He was tired. He was scared, and most importantly he was unsure of how all this would end. Sure thing, his life was much better and way less boring than before. But that seemed to have a high price on him. He felt old. Unable to control things in his life anymore. He sighed again looked at the time.
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    The soft hiss when the shuttle approached the shuttleport had Jen smiling wide even before they touched ground. Rubi-Ka. Finally back after all these years! Sure, she had traveled back a few times to visit, but this time she brought all her things with her so she could stay longer, maybe even permanently move back.

    It wouldn't be the same. Not without Cord. But there were others she hoped she would see again. Kotts - the witty, cheeky smart ass who could charm his way through any locked door. Cher - who reminded her so much of herself. Ridge and Kya - the bedrock of Assembly. Luci - the enigmatic genius. Mack - who always made her laugh. She got off the shuttle and hurried through the ICC terminal, eager to get the paperwork out of the way and...what? Start living again? Yes.

    Because that is what Rubi-Ka was. Life. A dreadful planet full of dangers, an atmosphere that would kill you without protection, roaming animals, freelancers and outcasts that would snap you in two as soon as they got a chance, and of course the neverending animosity between the clans and Omni-Tek. Yet despite all that, this was where she truly felt that life was worth living. Of was also the only place in the known universe where life could be restored immediately following death. It let you live harder, faster, more on the edge. That helped.

    The air in Tir smelled like sand and old paper. She heard the drill calls of some Sentinels in the distance, probably for a change of guards or something. Nearby, two young women were laughing heartily over bronto burgers and pop. People were entering and exiting the whompah station regularly, the sound of the great machine's rhythmic thumping feeling familiar and comforting. She looked up towards the Council of Truth tower, and its shadow fell long and sleek over the bleached stone walls that made up the only city she felt could ever be her home.

    Jen sniffed and turned on her comms system, logged into the Assembly channel and spoke.

    "Hello, Assembly."

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    Plasma fire.

    The sound of an axe through a man's chest

    The sounds of a Starship's engines rumbling the hull.

    The crash of a shuttle landing in the warm Rubi-Ka seas

    "Gahh!!!" Mr Trox woke up in a start from the nightmare of his life, all the things that happened years ago. Why now? He had lived a decently peaceful life for the past three years on Rubi-Ka he hadn't went on a suicide mission into a OTAF base for years.. nothing to bring up this...nothing to cause the memories of his life to come back like this....he hasn't done anything!

    He lived a life helping others in Old Athen and Borealis now, sure he went to the Battlestation every now and then but that's different, it's all in good sport. He stared at the ceiling then checked the date and got his answer as to why he is remembering all these things now.

    As he got up and started making coffee he grumbled to himself "Happy birthday to me"

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    "This is your captain, James Winston speaking. We will shortly be descending upon Borealis port three, bearing south . Please exercise caution while this is underway. ETA is 15 minutes. We hope you've enjoyed the flight."

    As the message was announced, Glenn Vai could feel the vessel's thrusters adjust downwards. He pressed a button by the window which revealed the night sky of Rubi-Ka. He could see the Omni-Tek mining facility far off. He wondered what was happening, since he'd been out of the planet for over a month. He activated the terminal in front of him, and as usual, the gridnet held all the answers.

    "A lot of things going on about Miss Geers. I thought she'd been reformed in regards to her being loyal to Bahirae. Although I'm probably missing something. There seems to be speculations everywhere."

    As he read the opinions of the citizens, he started to make notes, mostly questions which he thought would guide him.

    "Looks like I'll be investigating much in the coming weeks", he told himself.

    By the time he finished, the vessel had already landed. He shut the terminal off, stood, and took out his duffel bag from the overhead compartment. Glenn often practiced traveling light.

    As he walked towards the exit, an Opifex lady bumped into him.

    "Excuse me", she uttered, hurrying out of the vessel.

    "Pretty one, that", he thought.

    He got off and proceeded through the fairly short lines of security checks and immigration.

    "How's Borealis these days?", he asked one of the personnel.

    "Same old. The Fair Trade crowd keeps fluctuating."

    After going through the lines, Glenn decided he'd get himself a double Bronto. A very early breakfast. The nearest branch was at Newland, so he turned on his com-link and started off for the Whompahs.

    "Network, you there?"

    "Good evening, DC Vai."

    "I'll be returning on the weekend. Same time. I need to get rid of the lag."

    "Noted. The department will be needing a great deal of effort for the weeks to come."

    "Right. Things are still pretty dark at the moment."

    Halfway to the Whompah's, he noticed the Opifex female that ran into him onboard the vessel. She was crouching down near a beggar, next to the old subway's entrance. Glenn could only nod in approval. He contacted next a friend of his who was an engineer.

    "How's your KILLBOT coming along?"

    "Still tricky, pal. I need to readjust its aggression levels two notches before this can be viable for military or police use. What's hard is the quality of chemicals and circuitry used in the process. Not only is it expensive, but it's difficult to work with. I can only come up with one or two working prototypes with the funding I currently have."

    "You've to show me some time. I could put it to use for you."

    "Heh, I'll think about that."

    Glenn stepped out of the Newland Whompah and set off for the Bronto burger stand. He hadn't felt the Newland chill in a long while.

    "Double Bronto, fries, and iced coffee", he told the Atrox at the counter, after taking a seat.

    "That'll be 71 creds".

    He reached into his pocket - and clicked his tongue, as he remembered the Opifex lady.

    "Clever... Hold on, I'll just make a withdrawal". The Atrox gave an apathetic nod.

    Walking towards the nearby bank terminal, he couldn't help but smile. "People can be good", affirming himself.

    At least his wallet was as full as his duffel bag.
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    A chorus of chants echos through the hallways of the darkly lit cathedral. Several figures of various sizes and shapes block out the landscape of laquered wooden pews and marble statuary. The Circle gathered in harmony, sending forth the pattern of notes and highlights that promoted a sense of concerted peace. Smoky wisps spiraled about from charcoal braziers, where dried herbs and sacred woods burned, suspended from the ceiling.

    One by one, each figure moved forward to the front of the room, where an ancient granite table lay. Spread upon its surface was an array of tools and devices, set in a circle about a blazing candelabra. Each figure in turn moved around the table, in clockwise fashion, each putting a hand on the cold granite as they passed by.

    A quartet of middle aged men and women of various breeds come from the side, where several beams of light emerge through a coloured glass sculpture. Their voices join and raise above the others, as the tempo increases and several drums are sounded in unison. The resonate beats tear through the room with the motions of disciplined hands. High pitched clacks combine with deep rustic thumps from the skins. Arms raise up to surround the table where the four come. Chirps and shouts are heard from the singers as spirits elevate, falling in tune with each other and raising energies.

    And then all at once, stop.

    Hairs raise up on the arms; Eyes flash; Deep breaths;

    The quartet take turns as they speak, "Welcome to our circle again, brothers and sisters. May the light of our combined souls shine forth with one another..." The next one continues ".. And bring peace in all places you tread. We are builders of progress!" A third man speaks, "And as builders and progressives, we are sensitive to the ebbs and flows of its balance." And finally, a redheaded solitus woman in a white kimono speaks; "And as we witness the balance that follow, we must be vigilant of its wake - and fear no villain nor devil that hinder it along..."

    The room falls still.

    A clock off in the far corner strikes the hour. The intense look that the woman carried falls to a friendly informal smile. "Before we move to new business, is there any older business that the Circle still feels incomplete?"

    A large atrox man steps forward, and raises a gloved hand. His long red ponytail streams down his back like an ordered lions mane. The woman recognizes him, and gestures him to step forward within the circle closer to the table.

    Ezekiel Graves touches the table again, in front of him lies an ancient mercantile tool that still appears well maintained, if but frozen in position. "I realize its been several months, but I can't help but notice details. Forum seems to have completely lost its way, and as some of you already know this means that powers are moving again. If it was some restructuring, we'd have seen the signs of that already. I think someone is on the move, and that someone is trying to not make the same mistakes they made the first time around. Does this pattern make sense to anyone else?"

    Several eyes turn from Ezekiel to the four officiates in the middle. An opifex man with tattoos on his face speaks, "You would be correct in this, and relates to new business... The Circle has gone over the details of the past year, and we do see a pattern." He then gestures to the woman in the Kimono.

    "As much as I deeply regret how far this has gone, the onus of this is not upon us. Hindsight being what it is, it was not our efforts that drove the citizens of Borealis to be free, they simply rallied for their case. This is what we were hoping for. The same can apply to Omni-tek. They too rallied for their own case. While I am certain each of you might have your own reasons to be involved in current events, The Organization as a whole rests on the case. A concerted effort on our part might be seen as an attractive opportunity to potential enemies. This is something that just doesn't seem affordable at this time. This doesn't imply that you shouldn't be involved, only that we have decided not to levy our full assets."

    Ezekiel exchanges glances with the onlookers, "Then, I'm on my own?"

    A couple of of the assembled folks talk amongst themselves a bit, weighing the possibility of action.

    One of the four officiates speaks when the tone dies down, "Is there anyone else who wishes to bring up old business before we proceed?"
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    Night of Saturday to Sunday...

    The REM movements of her ocular globes would tell any onlooker that she is fast asleep and dreaming, but there is no onlooker. Kotts lays next to her, enshrouded in his own dreams. The shuffling of his wife in the bed doesn't wake him up from his exhausted sleep.

    The two familiar figures are sitting in the garden on the bench facing the wide window, opening on the sky. The red hue of the planet casts its warm tones down on them, giving a warmer color to his grey Opifex skin and making the red hair of the Solitus even more fiery than usual. He is holding her hand, lightly stroking her fingers.

    "You shouldn't be suffering like this, Jen. This can't be good." Andrew's voice is gentle, his face displaying a suitable concern as he speaks. She is holding herself together as much as she can, despite visibly mustering all her willpower to do so.

    "I'll be fine... I think they're beginning to understand. They just need more time..." She is looking down at their hands, watching his fingers play with hers. He frowns his eyebrow just a little more.

    "This is sad..." he says. "You are very tense. This can't be good" he adds, leaning forward. "I have something that might help you. Stay right here..." he finishes with a soft smile.

    He stands up as she nods and holds her hand a little while longer, just long enough to convey a caring feeling but not long enough to become cheesy. She watches him a moment before turning her eyes out the window, to the starry sky. After a few moments, he returns and sits down, holding a globe, the inside of the sphere sparkling with tiny little lightnings and crackling quietly. He is smiling, his hands cupping the globe as a jewel, seeming happy as a child holding his favorite toy.

    Cher weakly moans and fusses, the REM eye movements shifting more sharply.

    "What is it?" asks the woman, looking at the globe then at him.

    "This device brings relief when tension is too great. I use it quite regularly myself. It is very efficient. Isn't it pretty too?" His eyes raises to meet hers, finally seeing a smile appear on her face, hesitant at first, then more frank.
    "Yes... yes it is. How does it work?" He barely shrugs.

    "Oh it is rather simple. We apply it on the back of the neck, just at the base of the skull, right here." He places the device behind his own neck and turns his head to the side to show her. "From there, it will send the appropriate waves to the brain." He smiles and draws a relaxed breath, lowering the globe onto his lap. He can see her hesitant frown but he waits.

    "Is it... painful?" she asks, her eyes examining the sparky globe. He chuckles. "Oh no, no. It is not painful and it is quite safe, I assure you. I use it on a regular basis myself." He sets the globe down on the grass next to the bench, noticing that her gaze follows it, then takes her hand in his again and resumes stroking her fingers quietly, his fingers barely brushing the skin, his touch light as a feather.

    She stays silent a moment, her eyes shifting from his fingers to where the globe was. "What does this globe do exactly?..." His eyebrows raise a bit as his gaze raises to her face. "Hmm? Oh, it takes away tension, stress, fears, more or less depending on the setting. I cannot say how exactly it works, I am not an engineer. It's one of my favorite toys."

    Jen bites her lip a little, then inhales deeply. "Do you think it could work with me?" she asks, unsure. He keeps stroking her fingers very gently, his eyes lowered on her hand, a light smile floating on his lips. "Mhm. I suppose it would... It is compatible with all breeds. Well, with the possible exception of the Kyr'Ozch." He chuckles. Her lips purse as she considers the device crackling faintly on the ground.

    Cher frowns, her eyelids still closed. Her mouth mumbles a "Mm-mm!...". One of Cher's hands rises as if trying to reach out for something or someone, only to be stopped by the bedsheets tangled up around her hand.

    "I think I'll give it a try." Jen even gives a little smile.

    Cher thrashes weakly, her limbs entangled in the bedsheets.

    "Jen... Are you sure?" Andrew slightly leans forward, searching her face a few moment, then leaning back, smiling gently. "Maybe some other time. Meanwhile, maybe I can help relieve your stress some other way?" Andrew says with a grin. Jen's face flushes red. "No, no... It's fine. I'll give it a try." Andrew hesitates a moment. She nods sternly, then looks at him, her chin lifting.

    "Very well then... You will be more comfortable if you lay down on your side." He lets go of her hand and stands up. "I'll do it for you this time. Later, I can show you how to use it, if you'd like?" He smiles, confident, reassuring. Jen lays down on her side, facing the back of the bench. Andrew kneels next to the bench, near Jen's neck, and places the globe at the base of her skull.

    Cher kicks, her foot catching inside a fold of the bedsheets.

    Andrew looks down at Jen cooly, his hands assured, moving with clinical precision. "You may feel a little tingle but it will not be painful. Stay still so I calibrate it adequately." Jen closes her eyes.

    The bench fades to shift into a medical table, a bright light bursting and beaming its crude light down on them. Jen is completely still, Andrew behind her holding the globe in place. "You will be so relieved after", he says. His eyes raise to meet Cher's, smiling grimly, then the globe bursts in crackling sparks. Jen gasps, her eyes opening at once. Cher is frozen in place, as if her who body was rooted, stuck in the garden doorway. Jen stares wide-eyed, her gaze slowly becoming blank, as the globe keeps crackling fiercely...

    The scream wakes Cher up, panting and staring blankly, her throat rash. Before she can form a coherent thought, her reflexes make her body shoot out of the bed, still entangled in the bedsheets. She stumbles and falls on her fours before a burning spasm contracts her chest, rendering the remains of her dinner on the cold bedroom floor tiles.

    "Baby?!..." Kotts quickly bounces off the edge of the bed and drops to his knees next to her, unsure if he should try to touch her. Cher coughs, then pants, catching her breath. Kotts blindly reaches for a tissue and hands it to Cher. "It's over, sssshhht... It was just a dream, baby..." His voice is soft but tense. Cher takes the tissue, shaking, her fixed gaze gaunt. Her voice croaks a little as she forces the words to come out of her burning throat. "Just a dream... for now."

    Her eyes and his lock together, silent exchange once again familiar. He frowns, worried. "Tell me."
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    She sat with a fixed gaze, her neural interlink was displaying several surveilance feeds from Jobe, Wailing Wastes, Avalon, Tir and a few Omni territories. A small icon appeared in the top corner alerting her to a priority message:

    Quote Originally Posted by Darius Zeiler
    Officer Cora Geers,

    I have been made aware of your actions regarding your interpretation of Termin Zawar activities. I believe I should make a few items clear to you.

    1. Termin Zawar does not report to your chain of command. He is not at liberty to discuss his actions, and findings with any member of Omni-Pol with out express permission of either myself, or our CEO.

    2. As he does not fall under your jurisdiction (Note - article 199438s-10-1), any issues you would have had with his actions, should have been brought to the attention of his chain of command, or to him directly, so that he could in turn had it address in proper channels. Bluntly put, that would again be either my office or that of our CEO.

    In reference to the meeting that you are indicating as the source of your actions, I can assure you that Mr Zawar did file appropriate notice within the appropriate chain of command. I had personally reviewed said reports at the time of this occurrence.

    Your request for his review by Omni-reform, has been dismissed.

    Your request to assess a fine, has also been dismissed.

    This matter is closed.

    Darius Zeiler
    Omni-Administration, Rubi-Ka
    Cora purses her lips and draws an extended breath, "So they think they are above the law do they? That they can pick and choose which laws apply to them?...Bahirae thought she was above the law, and look what happened to her! I'll show them!" :: Lildrial, get in here :: - As soon as she thought it, her neural interlink summoned Lildrial, Cora's administrative aide.

    "Send a report to Prime, let them know of the situation here on Rubi-Ka. It appears that we may have a Director going off-course. Let them know Omni-Pol stands by to assume control of Rubi-Ka to ensure law and order is maintained. Make sure this time it isn't intercepted by Townsend or any other of the Board."

    With a quick nod, Lildrial hurried from the office. Cora stood up and walked to the window, looking over Omni-3 with her hands clasped behind her back. "The situation is growing worse, we may have to move to Phase 2 sooner than expected..."
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    Regeneration Program...96% Complete.

    Integration of cyborg components in progress.

    Priority one message incoming.

    "Unit One. This is unit six-one-five-seven-zero-four...Extensive Damage sustained. We are enroute to your position with more supplies."

    Biomare tech integration in progress...

    Reverse Engineering Radiogenic technology... adjusting transmission frequencies to compensate.

    "Unit one responding. Omni-Tek is attempting to locate us, as are the clans. This technology will delay them, but not halt them forever. Prepare the army, we march forth from this land of shadow soon."

    Ares Project Download in progress...

    "Unit One. What of the curious one within Omni-Pol?"

    "They know not for what they seek. By the time they realise, my army of shadow will have descended. My Obsidian Army."
    Battle-Master Bahirae Seruguisu
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    Mrtrox walked slowly out of Newland, his head swirling with the rage he just experienced. "Who does that little Keeper think he is? Telling me to work in a Notum Mine! Oh, if only you knew kid, if only you knew." As he walked he noticed one of his older friends whom he had not seen in a long time.

    "Nate Menoza! Where have you been?" The old Atrox walked up to the young Solitus Engineer with the closest thing to a smile he ever had.

    "Well hey there, Trox! Long time no see! I've been off world for a good long time now, I reckon. Going on about, what? 3, 4 years? I was off on Omni-Prime learning how to build stuff like Implants and armor, they figured out the fancy smancy faction hider I got from an old Fixer friend of mine and I had to high tail it back to old Rubi-Ka. Better to learn it out here though, so I can learn what Notum can be used for them snuffy old professors on Prime weren't too keen on anything but the books, know what I'm saying?"

    Mrtrox nodded and pretended to understand what his old friend was talking about,"Now I dont know much about book learning there Nate, never had the privilege of a big fancy education, can't say a lot of Atroxes have, but I do know that out in Tir, there is a bottle of Hit the Floor Jack with your name on it, if you're willing to come catch up with me!" Trox grabbed Nate by the shoulder and walked towards the grid point just outside Newland City's walls."The Rebel ain't changed a bit since you left, it'll be just like old times!"

    "I hope so, Trox, I hope so!" Nate said, as he was digitized into the grid and headed towards the Tir exit to get drunk with his old friend and enjoy his company once again.

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    Kieran raced along the shore holding a toy spaceship above his head raspberrying his lips to furnish the sound of it's engine. Sai lay on he stomach quietly studying her own clockwork spaceship, smiling feeling the wind gently sweep over her rolling in from the sea. Lakeesha sat in silence watching the twins near by. Her eyes stay partly closed, legs folded under her, and her body relaxed in a state of peace.

    "Pew pew!"

    Kieran shouts skidding in the sand toward his sister on the blanket, jabbing his finger into her ship.

    "Kczh-boom!!!" He shouts
    "I got you!"

    Sai frowned looking at her brother. "I wasn't fighting you." She responds.

    "Well you aren’t now because you are dead!"

    Sai keeps her eyes on him, and then nods after a few moments pass. She returns he ship upright and folds her hand under her chin again studying the gears.

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    New beginnings..

    As she stood there with a smile on her lips waving goodbye, many thoughts and feelings flew through her mind. Good and bad. Happy and sad. Hope and despair. All at the same time. She knew he’d chosen what was right for him. It made her happy to think that he would be fulfilling his dreams like this; she even envied him the chance to make a difference. But that didn’t make his farewell any easier. She’d miss him, a lot. Just like she had up until he showed up out of the blue at her front door on her birthday of all days!

    The weeks that had passed since that day had been strange, almost unreal. In so many ways. It had really been great to see him again. Finally be able to stop worrying about him. To hear his story. To tell him her own. Even the parts that weren’t so easy to talk to him about: the worries about his unanswered letters, her losing her faith in him, failing him. And … Logan.
    He’d been even calmer, than she had expected when she told him about Logan. Maybe he understood? Maybe it made his decision to stay at the Sanctuary easier to justify for him? He’d even met him and talked to him in person, and apparently the two of them had gotten along well. She wasn’t really all that surprised when it came to it, but it had worried her a little nonetheless.

    The trip to the Magistrates office had been amongst the more unreal trips she’d ever made. Signing papers. A lot of papers. Yes, she understood that it was needed. That it would give him less obligations to consider, while pursuing his dreams. That it would even make her life less complicated, give her more freedom, less guilt. But it felt strange to sign away your past together. Your shared hopes and dreams for the future. Adding her signature to the petition changed a lot of things in her life; a new beginning you could almost say. But it wouldn’t change the fact that she loved him.

    He’d always been a fiery soul determined to make a difference in the lives of others, and he had the kind of charm and will to fight that made it possible. Now he sat there on the shuttle, having just kissed her goodbye for what could very well be the last time, on his way to doing what he’d always dreamed of, and she was happy for him. He was starting a new and meaningful chapter in his life, and she wouldn’t be part of it. Instead she was starting a new chapter of her own. Where that chapter would bring her she wasn’t sure, all she knew was that she would not have to face it alone. Even now.

    As the shuttle went out of sight Cathleen took one last glance at the now empty sky, and headed home. Home to her new beginning. Walking into the main room of her small backyard apartment, she couldn’t help but smile at the sight that met her. There on her desk next to the beautiful flowers from Logan sat a big box of Sweet Leet Chocolates with a card propped on top. She walked over and picked up the card.

    Dear Cath,

    To new beginnings!

    Your friend always,

    Opening the box Cathleen stopped mid motion almost dropping it to the ground. She drew a deep breath before very carefully picking the keycard out of the box. Wow. Just. Wow.
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    He was again summoned to the office of the new Omni-Tek prime representative in Rome Blue. Mr Rintaro’s office was designed to punch his visitors with a powerful right hook. Power in the gigantic desk that wouldn’t have fit in the prison cell he recently got out of. Power in the array of tech equipment at his disposal.

    As the meeting progressed, Shadyn was amazed at the new information he received. Could it really be true?

    A few hours later, he was sitting in his favourite bar in Omni Entertainment. He kept thinking about the meeting. Apart from the shocking information he had received, it was also a personal victory for him.

    The charges about his alleged affiliation with Ruth Montezuma had been dismissed by Rintaro and his slate was wiped clean. He was asked to return to Omni-Pol with his old rank. He was especially pleased to be informed that he now outranked the recently demoted ms Geers who had sent him to jail almost 6 months ago.

    He took out his comm pad and logged in to the Omni-Pol gridnet. He noticed his access appeared to have been restored as the system welcomed him as “General Lario”. He quickly tapped in a search command regarding the shocking intelligence he had received. He reviewed the result and clicked a document concerning “TD-divisions”. “access denied”. He snapped his fingers, disappointed. “Just wait Geers… “ he muttered.
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    Omni-Pol TD Command Outpost
    Location: CLASSIFIED

    A priorty message is brought to Cora's attention from the CEO.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eva Pourais
    Dear Ms Geers,

    My authorisation to continue your Shadowlands project is hereby recinded, effective immediately. You are to shut down and discontinue this project.

    Eva Pourais.
    CEO of OTRK.
    Sat in her newly aquired office Cora accesses her Neural Interlink...

    :: Attention all TD Units, this is Geers. It is time; commence phase-4. Now they will learn what Omni-Pol can do. Comfort and peace by our hand, order by our fist. Omni-Pol protects, now and forever. ::

    In unison, her Officers reply...

    :: By your command. ::
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    Cora closes the link between her and DCI Hunt. She accesses her neural interlink...

    :: I want a team ready to breach the Department of Investigations' HQ. They're hiding something. Full offensive and infiltration protocols are authorized. Secure all evidence linked to current Omni-Pol investigations and operations. ::
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    Glenn awoke to the sound of his alarm, a ringing he was not accustomed to. Twisting to his right, he gestured his hand, revealing a trace of an interface, and silenced the blaring. He groaned, remembering that he had to be -there- at the right time.

    He was going to apply for a license to drive a Kodaik....

    Would have been his story if he wasn't an investigator. There had been reports of "fixers" who could get you a legal license. These fixers charge several times the standard licensing rates. Licenses acquired through them are more convenient for the applicant, in that it takes lesser time to be processed, and that actual written and practical examinations needn't be taken.

    Convenient for criminals, I suppose.

    Glenn got out of bed and made himself breakfast. It was the usual fare, canned coffee, Bronto breakfast steak, and scrambled Chirop eggs. He chewed slowly, remembering that food got stuck at his throat often during breakfast. Clearing up the table, he made a gesture, which opened up a screen of the gridnet news. He also checked for updates on the DoI gridsite.

    Hopefully Omni-Ent isn't -that- contaminated.

    He took a lukewarm shower and afterwards dressed himself in a plain blue shirt and slacks, with a black trenchcoat on top. Leaving his apartment, he switched on his visor, which corrected his eyesight due to an accident. He took the elevator down into Omni-Trade and briskly walked into the Omni-Ent whompahs, eyeing the guards he'd seen along the way.

    Upon arriving in Omni-Ent, he recalled the location. The licensing center was in the northern part of the area, past the northern whompahs, and quite near the slums. It was situated in the kind of spot where shady dealings took place.

    He walked slowly, breathing in the morning air, and concluded that it wasn't so humid. He passed by the mayor, whose name always escaped his mind, yet they shared a few drinks together.

    "Good morning, mayor."

    "Ahh, Constable", he said with a pleasant face, "you've got business here today?"

    "Yeah. I'm tracking those license fixers."

    "Those guys. People always run into 'em. No one ever reports them. No one lifts a finger."

    "Not even you?", Glenn jokingly said. But then the mayor eyed him as if he took offense. Maybe his words had been too sharp.

    "I've--", the mayor coughed, "got other things to attend to, more important matters. Matters like fixers are the stuff Pol should take care of." He huffed.

    "Indeed. Good day, mayor."

    Glenn arrived at the licensing center. It was a small, square building, two floors. The Kodaik logo hung along its eastern side. There was a speaker, he noticed, which played a message at regular intervals.

    "Dear citizens of Omni-Tek. Please be wary of the fixers. Avoid them, for your own safety and benefit."

    He walked towards the entrance, noticing an Opifex man of tall height, who wore the company shirt, leaning against the wall a little to the left. There were others with him, chatting among themselves. When Glenn was within twelve feet, the man approached him.

    "Good morning sir! Are you applying for a license?"

    Glenn decided to act like a first-timer.

    "Uhm, yes. Where do I go?"

    "We'll have to get your medical test first. Right this way!"

    The man led him towards the back of the building, past it, and down a staircase which normally wouldn't have been noticed. The steam that rose from the ground, Glenn noticed, helped veil it. He fiddled with his trenchcoat a bit. After walking through a hallway, they entered a small office, a dimly lit room with a brown theme, where a doctor was "examining" two others.

    "Wait here", the Opifex who led him there said, "I'll get you your application form".

    Glenn nodded and proceeded to observe the doctor. He was a big man with a thick beard who bluntly, didn't look like a doctor. All he did was ask the examinees their family background, height, weight, and some idle chatter. He was the kind of man who knew the littlest piece of gossip. He accomplished the eyesight fields based on if the examinee wore correction lens or glasses. The illegal stim test fields, he placed negative, and as for blood pressure he made wild guesses. In fact, there was not a trace of medical equipment in the room. Glenn's turn came, paid a 1000 credit fee, and received a digital receipt, whose address pointed to a medical office in Omni-Trade.

    Most likely non-existent.

    Just as he finished, the Opifex man returned with an application form.

    "Fill out these fields. Oh, don't fill those ones, the office will take care of that."

    Afterwards, the man led him to a woman in another room. The man gestured Glenn to sit down, and he handed the application and medical forms to the woman. The woman started.

    "See here...", the woman glanced at the papers, "Glenn, we can take care of your license. All you have to do is answer the written exam. Show him how to answer it, Robert."

    The Opifex nodded, and held a datapad beside Glenn.

    "When the exam papers are given to you, just look for the answers with a stray dot in it. That's the right answer. The last ten items are about traffic signs, which are posted behind you in the exam area. As for the practical exam, you just need to sign the paper, as if you'd already taken it."

    Glenn pretended to be taken in.

    "Unforunately," the woman continued, "you can't take the exam in the center here. You'll have to walk across to the western center. The security here is tight, you see." The woman, who wasn't well-dressed but looked like she ran the place, showed him a smile.

    "Go along. Robert will lead you."

    Glenn smiled back and nodded.

    "Later, Rina!" Robert waved at her, and she returned it.

    They exited the office and walked west. Since it would be a lengthy stroll, Glenn decided to submit himself to thought.

    The licensing company is aware of these fixers. They warn against them, and probably know their location. Yet they don't take action. Now these fixers, they aren't well-off. They probably do these jobs for the money--

    "By the way," Robert said abruptly, "we're talking about twenty-thousand creds here."

    Glenn gasped, or rather, "gasped". "Is it really that expensive?"

    "Oh, no, no, no. But we'll make sure your papers get processed first, and that you'll pass the exam!"

    For an Opifex man working in a shady business, he seemed jovial.

    "How much of the money goes to you?"

    "Hmm, I'd say five-hundred, considering how many people we help everyday."

    Glenn went back into thought.

    They do this kind of job since they can't get a proper job elsewhere. They are people who share a common goal, and thus have developed a sort of family bond. Coupled with the fact that they are most likely citizens of the slum, being employed as fixers wasn't a bad deal for them. In fact, it's win-win between fixers and clients. The only problem is that the client pays a ridiculous amount of money. And--

    Glenn examined his application paper once more, and noticed that the control number was missing a digit.

    I see. This paper is just for show.

    The western center was within sight, and it was then that Glenn decided that he had to act.

    He had evidence of their location and their dealings, as he hid a recorder in his trenchcoat. If he went further, he could take down two centers-worth of fixers. It was in the law that the acquisition of licenses from sources other than a licensing center was illegal. All he needed was visual identification. He was ready to make an arrest.


    Glenn thought on the bonds between the fixers. He also thought about the jobs they would subsequently have. Would the Corporation offer them a decent place, even though they had a criminal record as fixers? That, he doubted.

    For the first time since joining the DoI, Glenn, who was usually levelheaded, asked himself in disarray.

    What is justice...? The laws of the Corporation...? Or what we feel is right...? What gives me the right to take away someone's livelihood, or let live...?


    And upon reaching the entrance of the western center, he drew his breath, and made his choice.
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    "See.. Down there? Ya can see ICC clearly... D'ya ever miss the old place?"

    Julia glanced over her shoulder at the man on whom's lap she was sitting on, looking down on the planet right below them. The man shaked his head in silence as Julia turned to look out from the window once again.

    "I kinda miss it.. But then again, do we really have anything left down there...?"

    Both of them fell silent as stormy clouds slowly drifted between them and the planet's surface.
    The doubledoors behind the two opened, and a small girl ran to them. Her blonde hair tied up on two ponytails, her bright green eyes shining brightly as the girl jumps on Julia's lap and hugs her before reaching out over her shoulder towards the man, aiming to pull his beard.

    "Heyyy, don't do that, ya know yer father hates it." Julia grabs the girl from under her arms and looks at her. "It's yer birthday tomorrow.. What ya wanna do, hm? Yer father and i have gotten ya a present, but we thought that perhaps ya'd like to... Go somewhere?"

    The girl blinks while a wide smile appears on her lips.

    "We'll go down!? On the planet!?!" The girl jumps up, runs around for a while before she settles back down again.

    "Yes sweetheart, if ya want to go, we can go, but ya need to remember what we've told ya, right? No crowded areas, cause mommy, uhm.. fears big crowds, right?" Julia smiles, trying to be reassuring as she runs her fingers through the girl's hair. The girl nods few times before dashing off again.

    "Let's just hope we don't run into any old 'friends' down there..."

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    This is business.

    Alan frowns as he looks at he desktop system. As his eyes scan over the information on his screen, he pauses briefly as he lights up a cigar.

    Toggling a desktop comm unit he speaks briefly: "Yes, make it an alert to the Vanguard, this Falon is to be reported if he is seen again." He pauses as he listens to the voice on the other end. "No, not at this time, unless he approaches someone with malice, do not approach him. He would only disappear if they do. I want to know what he is watching, or who he may be following. I do not expect him to attack anyone else. His message was delivered."

    Alan takes another puff off his cigar as he picks up and reads again the somewhat plain business card that Wayne had found in his pocket after the attack by Turms Falon.

    "Well James, your displeased. We will see... we will see."
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    Now it's personal.

    The room was filled with smoke.

    Alan sat reading what was on his screen as his assistant walked in the room, almost choking in spite of the fact she was quite used to his habits, and the air quality it caused.

    "Alan...." She paused as he looked up from his monitor with a slight raise of eyebrow, regarding her. "You need to see this". She stepped up and quietly handed him a tablet, on which the Newsflash, just issued by the Daily Suns could be seen.

    He read. His only real response being another draw on his cigar. He sat and stared at the Newsflash for a long moment obviously lost in thought, before he blinked, and realized she was still standing there.

    "Thank you", was all he said as he calmly handed back the tablet to her. Calmly, except for a small tremor in his hand. As she took it from him, and glanced at his face.. she saw for a brief moment the coldest look in his eye she had ever seen. She froze. The look, was quickly replaced by his usual calm and implacable look. That shook her up even more, as she suddenly realized just how really upset her boss actually was. And the control he was using.

    She glanced down to his table top and realized there was a stim unit, carefully enclosed in a plastic bag sitting on it. A color combination she wasn't familiar with. Alan noticing her glance, nodded and looked up at her again. "Yes, they actually got that right. 'For Omni-Reform use only'". The glint in his eye for the briefest moment regaining that cold look. "Thanks to the quick thinking of some of his friends, we know what he has been drugged with."

    She nods briefly as she glances over and realizes the calm exterior she was so familar with, had once again slipped into place.

    "I think I better get back to my desk" Alan nods, as his attention returns to his monitor, and she quietly slips back out the door to the cooler, fresher air outside.
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    General Shadyn Lario was sitting at the end of his long conference table in his office in Omni-1, listening to a briefing on ongoing cases. In front of him, an Omni-Pol corporal was standing in front of a big screen, reading details from the investigations. He was feeling quite bored and was longing for a drink.

    “Alright, lets wrap this up corporal. I got to get going. “

    "Yes sir. There is actually just one more new investigation. However access to it has been restricted." Shadyn Lario appears to be stunned for a second. “Excuse me?”

    “I’m sorry sir. I tried to get the details of it all morning.” The large screen in front of them changed to dark with red letters in bold:
    Case ID #: 15452134-1512-321. Authorization DENIED. This case has been restricted following orders from General Geers.

    Geers, “he muttered”. "And you tried calling the operations department?"

    “Yes general. They just said it was restricted.”

    “Fine, I want you to go over to their office in Rome physically then. And carry with you an official physical order from me, that I want full access to that file! ”

    “Yes sir.”

    An hour later, corporal Drake “Draxxa” Xander was standing at a reception area at an Omni-Pol office in Rome. A clerk was sitting behind a desk, staring coldly at him.

    I am here on behalf of general Lario. He requests full access to the files on case 15452134-1512-321.

    The clerk tapped in a few commands on a terminal. “No can do. That case is classified””

    Draxxa grunts. "Figured you would say that. I was asked to give you this official order from general Lario if you failed to deliver."

    The clerk takes the document from him cautiously, as if it’s drenched with urine, and drops it onto his desk. “I’m sorry, tell the general that I answer only to general Geers, but I will be sure to inform her of this request.”
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    “What? I just forgot it, it’s at home I live just there I can get it now!” The solitus male was pleading with the small squad escorting General Geers through Omni-3.

    “Omni-Tek protocols require all employees and visitors to have their identification on full display at all times citizen. We are operating under high security measures at the moment, how do we not know you’re a spy?” came the gruff reply from one of the Officers. Cora stayed unusually quiet in the middle of her squad; her head was tilted and she was reading a report that had just come through from her Office:

    Quote Originally Posted by Lildrial
    “General Geers,

    Corporal Draxxa has just been, he had an order form from General Lario; they wanted access to Case ID #: 15452134-1512-321.

    Omni-Pol Administrative Aide”
    As the Solitus continued to plead with the squad Cora pursed her lips and snapped in a bitter tone:

    “Citizen, as we are unable to confirm your identity I have no choice but to assume you are a Clan operative.” With that, Cora pulled out her sidearm and fired a single shot through the man’s head, as he dropped to the floor, with a slightly evil smirk on her face Cora finished with “Thank you for your co-operation citizen; Omni-Tek protects.” Cora paused for a moment before looking expectantly at her squad. “Well. Let’s go shall we? I have a schedule to maintain and now I need to speak to Administration about Mr.Lario”
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