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Thread: Meanwhile on Rubi-Ka

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    The sun sets on the horizon sending a golden glow along the near endless stretch of tarmac making up The Longest Road. Reets settle to roost in the tree's and the air is soft with the sounds of twilight.

    The suns glow glints off an elegant metal ring rolling along the road as the air fills with the stomps of footsteps.

    "Coooome back riiiing!"

    A short opifex in a white tutu with an angel torch rushes past getting a curious stare from a passing minibull as she runs off towards to horizon.
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    September 27th, 29487

    The computer screen flew across the office and smashed into four pieces against the opposing wall. "No!!" She punched the desk, bending its metal frame down to a V shape, so much so that it's middle section touched the carpeted floor.

    "Alright." She breathed, pulling her hand out of the wreckage of her desk. "My office needs a refresh." She told the riot specialists in the room with her, through gritted teeth. "I've had enough of these usurpers, trying to counter my every move, disappointed with the Omni-Tek I've brought them."

    She paced the room, heading for one of the shipping crates that had been delivered the other afternoon. "All I want to do is bring peace, is that so hard for them to appreciate, want and understand?"

    Bahirae's words were met with silence as the Riot Specialists stood and did nothing. She tapped the side of the box with her hand and the front fell forwards, knocking up dust from the carpet floor. She grinned as she looked inside the box, "Have you acquired what I asked of you?"

    Two of the four riot specialists turned and shifted in shape as they did, one grew slightly taller and the other stayed the same. Their clothes shifted and their bodies altered.

    Bahirae nodded with a grin across her face. "Ruth Montezuma and Eva Pourais, go, rejoin your factions and bring me the information I need." The two began walking away. It was but a moment before the door hissed closed, finalising their departure.

    "In light of last nights...concerning events." Bahirae reached into the shipping crate and dragged out a foul black machination with a large front mounted barrel. "Install these across Omni-HQ. Activate their cloaking devices upon install and link them to me and me only. I want a nasty little surprise for anyone that attempts to enter Omni-HQ."

    "By your command CEO," the two grabbed the black object and lifted it with relative ease, carrying it out, each with one hand on it.

    "And on that note..." She tapped a few buttons on her wrist and digitised. A few minutes passed as the digital Bahirae made her way through the grid, cutting people up and bypassing normal routes within.

    A swirl of blue light left the grid at the other end in Meetmedere and a frail looking old woman, draped in black robes hobbled across the sandy ground towards the town.

    The nervous looking man shuffled as he saw the figure he had expected approach. "There you are, I was beginning to worry the clans had held you up."

    "Oh heavens no, I stopped for a brief bite to eat in Tir, dear boy."

    The two looked around and the man motioned to an alleyway away from prying eyes.

    "You have it?" She asked, raising a singular bony finger.

    "The theory, yes. A jamming signal integrated into a virus could disrupt her network."

    The old lady shook her head slowly. "So you've not made it yet?"

    He in turn, shook his head.

    "Where is this information stored?"

    He simply tapped his skull.

    She smiled.

    "Definitely no where else?" She asked, twitching slightly.

    "No, now may I have my mon-" His voice stopped instantly as a sword drawn from beneath the robe pierced his throat and impaled him to the stone wall behind him. She wrapped her bony fingers around the top of his head and pulled upwards, the cut from the sword made the severance easier.

    She turned the head to face her. "Your knowledge will be useful to me." She smiled at it for a moment, before tapping her wrist with her other hand and disappearing into the grid.
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    “Thank you Geers, you are dismissed. Take the night off, it’s been a long day.”


    “That’s an order Geers, you’ve not come off duty since this began. You need some downtime, just take tonight for some rest.”

    Cora immediately saluted “Yes sir”, turned and walked out of the room.

    She began to head towards the exit, the Officers moving to one side and snapping to attention with a salute as she paced down the once bustling hallways. Omni-Pol had taken heavy losses during the first few days of Martial Law; they were repeatedly being hunted by the Riot Specialists and members of Omni-AF still loyal to Bahirae. Now the HQ was running on skeleton crew, with barely enough manpower to operate efficiently. Stepping outside a group of new recruits was on orientation, being given a tour of the facility by a familiar face. Cora approached and the Officer leading the tour snapped to attention and offered a salute. “Ma’am it’s a pleasure to see you, I’d feared the worst when I heard what happened in the ICC”.

    Cora for the moment ignored the Officer and was busy examining the new recruits, half of which she could tell wouldn’t make it through basic training, and none of them were stood at attention. She tilted her head and quirked a crooked smile at the Officer; “I see you haven’t informed them on appropriate conduct when in the presence of a Senior Officer.” Before giving the Officer the opportunity to reply, Cora had already drawn her baton and smashed one of the new recruits round the face, knocking him to the floor. He tried to scramble to his feet whilst holding his jaw as the others looked on in shock, Cora placed her boot on his body sticking him to the ground and looked down at him before eyeing the rest of the group.

    “My name is Cora Geers; I am the Director of Operations here at Omni-Pol. When in the presence of a Senior Officer you will always snap to attention and salute. You will not speak until spoken to, and the first and last thing out of your mouths will be either Sir or Ma’am. Do I make myself clear!?”

    “Ma’am, yes ma’am!”

    Cora nodded and turned to the Officer in charge. “Next time make sure the rooks are properly briefed before bringing them to HQ.”

    “Yes ma’am, my apologies.”

    Cora nodded and set off for her temporary home; a porta-unit in a field filled with endless rows of them, almost like a shanty town, almost Clan like. All Omni-Pol staff had to live here to escape the CEOs security. She got stepped into the small rusted unit and had already gotten a number of messages, one made her grin. She wouldn’t usually allow such a tone to be used but her and the Doctor had worked together for years and it made her smile, which is something she didn’t do often:

    From: Omni-Pol Medical Unit
    To: Cora Geers

    I see another recruit didn’t salute you fast enough Cora. Go a little easier next time if you could, you almost broke his jaw.

    Dr Jake Frearson
    Chief Medical Officer

    Cora replaced her armour with her leisure uniform and tried to make herself comfy on the hard seating when a OTPC bulletin came on, “OTPC Freelance: Obituary - Sarah Misura”. Cora read the article, and went over the event in her head over and over again. She was there, she saw Sarah die. Another employee she had failed to protect. Cora began to think of how many had died, how many Omni-Pol had failed, how many she had failed. A single tear escaped Cora’s eye and streamed down her face as she said allowed, “To serve and protect.”
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    In prison

    Shadyn Lario awoke in a dark, cold cell on a hard mattress, and for a few seconds wasn’t sure where he was or how he’d managed to get there. His head was hurting and his mouth was dry. Soon, though, the nightmare returned, and he had the urgent desire to get out.

    He banged on the cell door “Hey! Let me out!” he growled.

    He needed a drink. He thought of Rompa, where he could sit and convince himself that his suspension and arrest had not really happened. He would find a way to have the charges dropped… He vaguely recalled a corporal informing him about them last night, before they locked him up. Treason, fraternizing with the enemy and resisting arrest.

    He banged on the door again and took a step back as he heard the lock on the door click. His intention had been to push away any guard and simply walk out of there. A rifle pointing directly at his chest as the door opened changed his mind.

    “What do you want”, the Omni-Tek prison guard said.

    Shadyn stared icily at the guard, “Listen here bud”, he growled. “Lower that rifle and show me the way out of here. This arrest is illegal and if you don’t let me out, right now, I will personally make sure that you’ll end up in a cell like this for a very long time. Get it?”

    The guard blinked, still pointing the rifle at him. “I have my orders sir. I have been told that there will be an interrogation soon though.” Having said that, he took a step back and pressed a button on the wall. The cell door closed and the locks clicked in place.
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    Glenn Vai passed by the Lush Hills Resort after completing a weapons retrieval request, figuring he'd spend some quiet time absorbing the atmosphere. He looked towards the main complex. Its exterior, he thought, was actually quite charming.

    "Shame this place isn't officially open yet. Wonder how the interior looks like."

    He took out his personal terminal, input his password, and opened a digitized version of a detective novel from Earth. It was about a murder that took place in an English villa. Come to think of it, a lot of it happens in secluded areas; villas, country homes, resorts.

    He read for a while until his terminal beeped. Reading the notification, he spoke to himself in a tone of anticipation.

    "DoI training in less than an hour, hm. Well, that's where the fun starts."
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    Elleza giggled abit of herself as she looks at her Halloween costume in the mirror, spinning around abit, the black tutu and her bloody looking face clearly showing shes a zombiefied ballerina, she stuffs her pistol down in her stocking and grabs her bucket before she hears someone knocking on her door, she yells loudly "come in" before she hears the door open and children voices shouts a loud "HEEEY" as they come inside, Ellie walks out of the bathroom and smiles at the lady walking the kids in "thank you Elleza, for taking the kids out" she sais and smiles brightly, "ooohhh no problems, i looove Halloween, i would not miss it for anything in the world!" Elle smiles brightly as she looks at the kids "shall we then?" the kids cheers loudly before they run out to the entrance hall to wait for her, Elleza puts her hand on the lady's shoulder and smiles warmly "ill bring them home filled with sugar and overly hyperactive" Elleza grins widely after she speaks and the woman nods and yells loudly to the group "have fun, and behave"
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    Cora smirked at her screen, Shadyn was annoying the guards again; she found it amusing he thought he could go against her. How wrong he was, sympathizing with a Clan, he disgusted her.

    A message popped up, "From the office of the CEO - Amendment of Security". Cora adjusted her uniform and sat up closing the feed to Shadyns cell and opened the message.

    "WHAT!?...All departments, regardless of level? ... No security clearance needed!?" Cora stared at the screen in a mixture of anger and shock. "Does the CEO not understand the security risks that creates? How am I meant to protect the Board when we’re opening the flood-gates? We’ll be inviting Neutrals next!”

    Cora goes over some plans in her head, “Maybe if I have an Officer for every guest and have a gun pointed at them throughout….No no, she’ll never go for that. Hm perhaps I could charge whoever is in charge of her security with endangering the CEO…no, that won’t work either. Damnit!” Cora taps a button on her wrist-pad, “This is Officer Geers, Omni-Pol. Put me through to the person in charge of the CEOs security. I don’t care! It’s a matter of Corporate security, now put me through before I have you arrested for obstruction of police duties!”
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    Cathleen pulled another shirt out of her closet, held it up in front of herself and looked in the mirror. ‘No.. this will not do either..’ She sighed and tossed it on her bed on top of the other clothes she’d previously looked at. This was going to be horrible! Why did she even consider doing it in the first place?

    She shot another look inside the closet before she sat down on the corner of her bed and picked up the invitation again. Her hands shook slightly as she read it through for what must be the hundredth time. This wasn’t the kind of invitation she was used to, and not one she could simply ignore. But Cathleen was still not sure that accepting it was the right thing to do. In fact she was pretty sure that it was a ruse to help make the Omni-Tek Corporation look good, and she wasn’t sure that was something she wanted to take part in. But.. and this was probably why Cathleen had decided to accept the invitation.. ‘she’ had done a lot to help both her and Ruth in the past months, helped her survive and made sure she was safe. That was not something that was easy to forget. It was a debt, and this could be a way to repay it.

    Okay, you can do this Cathleen!’ She said to herself as she got up from the bed and returned to stare at the content of her closet. She sighed and pulled out her favorite suit, the first thing she had bought when she returned home from her sanctuary at Camelot. ‘This will have to do’.

    A little while later she stepped out of her Old Athen apartment and locked the door behind her. Looking around she drew a deep breath to calm her nerves and set off towards the ICC hub.
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    She showed up to the office earlier then she was supposed to. Simone was motivated now, validated from the past few days. Even though that little rat, Smallhausen, has been following her around waiting for her to mess up, he seemed more of an annoyance now then a threat.

    "Smallhose" She giggled under her breath and rolled her eyes recalling the Nickname Angelena gave him last night.

    She finished brewing coffee for the office bringing the nano-heated cups to each of their desks, Even preparing cups for Director Farndale, and his pet rat. She made sure to put an extra nip into DCI Hunt's too.

    She sat at her desk staring at the drawers soon-to-be-searched by Smallhausen. She again thought about her conversation with Angelena, and an impish grin crossed her face. She quickly went to work carefully wedging her Sparkling Breathing Space against the metal contacts of the desk drawer's handle. She tightly placed some booklets and papers over the trigger of the tazer in a wedge shape against the top of the drawer. She tested her white-collar trap opening and closing the drawer careful not to touch the metal handle, and grinning wickedly seeing her trusty Breathing Space arched electricity connecting on the handle. Simone closed the drawer, and took a sticky note writing:

    "DC Rinne

    Dotting the "i’s" in her name with tiny hearts, and underlined "KEEP OUT". Satisfied with her work, she turned to her desk display and started working on her assigned cases.
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    Termin sat calmly looking around the room as he awaited the time he would be called in to talk to his new boss. On the surface, this would appear to be quite a change. Going from working for a automation, with programmed responses, to the man who gave outward appearance to the rest of Rubi-Ka as being a perfect Corporate Executive. No one is perfect. Not even the automation he had worked for. But those imperfections were merely tools to judge the scope and direction of the next set of orders. And that was something he was very adept at. Especially from another organic. He had no worries in being able to gauge his new supervisor, nor meeting all his expectations in due form. He had many years under his belt and a long track record of doing what he does best. That will not change. In fact, he was actually looking forward to the change. A new challenge.

    The room was as nondescript as most other waiting rooms in the Omni HQ building. Little to distinguish it from other rooms, except for the fact the leather on the couches was perhaps a bit... richer. Softer. The colors on the wall perhaps a bit more deep, in a way that comes of more expensive materials. The plants in the container in the corner, perhaps a little more refined and tended than one would normally see. Subtle differences. But it is those kinds of subtle differences, and his ability to discern them, that are exactly what Termin has always been adept at. It is what has made him good at his job. Be they from the environment, or the people within it.

    Termin looked up with a pleasantly relaxed smile on his face, as the young and pretty executive assistant walked into the room. "Mr Zawar, if you would follow me please, Mr Zeiler is now ready to see you.....". He stood, briefly straightening his Omni uniform as he stood up, and quietly followed the young lady into the next room.
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    The Outcast

    By the time Ruth got home after the ICC meeting the twin suns had set and Last Ditch was covered in darkness. Sounds of music from the other side of the town echoed in the night air.
    She took out the key and was about to unlock the door when she heard a rustle behind her.

    “Hello, Russ.” Joric's voice was raspy and slurring as always.

    Ruth turned around and smiled at the mutant warmly.

    “Come in” she said, opened the door to her little cottage and ushered him inside.

    She dropped her heavy bag with documents on the floor and fell into the couch with a sigh of tiredness. Her guest sat in an armchair opposite her. He looked uncomfortable, almost guilty for having this little bit of luxury.

    “How are you doing? Do you need any meds?” she asked.

    “I'm fine, ssank you” he smiled. “Just wanted to see you.”

    Ruth got up and poured Joric's favourite drink for both of them. He took his with a mixture of gratefulness and guilt. Most of the other Outcast never got this kind of luxury in their life. He smiled at her.

    “Solomonne has been contacted by the ICC” he said. “Someone called... Sonya Brasidas?”

    Ruth looked at Joric surprised.

    “I know her. What did she want?” she asked.

    “I don't know. Solomonne wouldn't say. I ssought you might know...” Ruth shook her head. “I'm worried. Is it bad news?” Joric added.

    She looked at her drink for a moment, deep in thought. “No, I don't think so...” she finally said. “I don't know what this is about, but the Outcast were mentioned during the investigation proceedings. Maybe they wanted to know about your involvement?”

    Joric nodded slowly. “We don't need another group to hunt us like animals” he added.

    “They won't. They have other problems on their heads at the moment” she smiled at him. “I'll see what I can find out tomorrow. Now, would you like to stay for dinner?”

    He looked like he felt he should refuse but she knew he couldn't resist the temptation of having a real, processed meal.

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    All you need to do is ask.’ She signed the letter and sent it off to its recipient.


    The screen on her desk went black as the data-unit turned off with a soft click. Cathleen leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes for a moment. She was tired right now, exhausted – and she didn’t really know why. Maybe it was because there was a sense of closure in the air at the moment. Things were falling into place again, wrongs being righted. Or maybe it was because her body was finally reacting to what she had been through.

    The news about New Dawn being cleared of charges and offered reparations had made her smile earlier. This was indeed good news. But Cathleen also felt how this could mean that yet another person she cared about could possibly leave her. Not that she would blame her if she did, she might have as well had it been her clan. But she would still miss her a lot. Just like she did the rest of the friends who’d left or not been heard from in a while. Eeio. Adam. Even Kate. And Malcom. She didn’t like that she hadn’t heard from him in months now. It hurt. A lot.

    Cathleen shook the tiredness from her body and got up from her chair. She wouldn’t let this affect her right now. There were things that still needed to be done.
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    Cora stood in front of the swirling vortex, throwing a small pebble into its core and watching it dematerialize with some newly founded interest. "Hey, what are you doing!?" - She turned around to see a Jobe portal technician swiftly approaching her. "Stop messing around with that!"

    Cora gazed at the technician from behind her glasses before pulling out her badge, "Omni-Pol. Screw off." The technician laughed, "Yeah? That badge don't work here lady, you're not in Omni-Land anymore." Cora pursed her lips and drew her sidearm levelling it with the technicians head, "How about this?"

    Shocked, the technician stutters, "I-I don't want any trouble here, i'll leave you alone - but be assured JAME will hear about this! You Omnis need reminding who runs this place, first we had those 'Riot Specialists' shooting the place up, now you're waving a gun around!"

    The technician scampers away, and Cora turns back to the portal. A message is brought up in a small display from the insides of her glasses:

    >>>Request recieved
    >>>Authorization pending
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    "Christmas, new year. What do these mean to you?" asked Cora whilst delivering her morning briefing. Some Officers replied,"Family, festiveness, glad tidings!" Cora paused for a moment and then; "WRONG! Intoxication, mass gatherings, lax security, MAYHEM!" she barked. "This is what awaits us if we do not get it right, I want all patrols doubled and zero tolerance, maximum punishment is to be given out for the most minor misdemeanour. I will not have the streets brimmed with 'festive' drunks loitering and singing, causing high amounts of public disturbance!" Continuing her rant she goes on, "I want all uniform protocols to be enforced, none of this merry Christmas tree dress crap! All Omni-Tek personnel to be in correct uniforms with their badges correctly displayed all none conformists are to be redirected to the reclaim system."

    She continues her rant for a good 20minutes before finishing, "Ms.Leeso, i want every employee to be sent a digital Christmas card from Omni-Pol." Ms.Leeso, one of Omni-Pols administrative aides nods with a shocked smile, "Yes ma'am, I wasn't sure you'd want to send one"."

    Cora tilted her head, "Of course I do, it is Christmas after all! Now, I want all the protocols I just went through listing and explained, with information on what happens to those who chose to ignore it. You may finish the card with "Thank you for co-operation, merry Christmas and a happy new year from Omni-Pol"

    Quote Originally Posted by MEMORANDUM

    To: Omni-Tek Employees {ALL}
    From: Omni-Pol


    Greetings Citizens,

    Omni-Pol would like to take this time to remind you of the following protocols that will be enforced with zero tolerance over the winter holidays:
    • PROTOCOL-1A02UNIFORM#A - All Omni-Tek employees are to be in their full and correct uniform, issued by their respective department whilst within Omni-Tek controlled areas. Christmas Tree Dresses and other 'festive' clothes are not appropriate.
    • PROTOCOL-7H025ID#K - All Omni-Tek employees are to have their Omni-Tek issued identification chips on full display whilst within Omni-Tek controlled areas.
    • PROTOCOL-5J16INTOX#L - All Omni-Tek employees are to be at 100% sobriety levels whilst in public areas controlled by Omni-Tek. Intoxication is not tolerated
    • PROTOCOL-8F13LOITG#Y - No Omni-Tek employee shall loiter in any Omni-Tek controlled area. [N.B: Gathering in groups to 'Christmas carol' is considered loitering.]
    • PROTOCOL-1B37SNOW#K - No Omni-Tek employee shall partake in snowball fights. Throwing snowballs is considered throwing missiles and assault; participants shall be shot on sight for acts of aggression towards Omni-Tek.
    • PROTOCOL-5G14LIE#R - No Omni-Tek employee shall further the lie that a magical being named 'Santa Claus' is real. Chose to spread healthy Omni-Tek propaganda instead
    • PROTOCOL-AF49LIGHT#V - All Christmas decorations must pass Omni-Tek health & safety laws and regulations. Lights above wattage of 40 are considered fire hazards.
    • PROTOCOL-1J47XMAS#K All Christmas decorations must be Omni-Tek endorsed and stamped, including constructed Snowmen.
    • Continued for another 193 protocols.

    All none-conformists are to be met with the full might of Omni-Tek law enforcement. We thank you for your cooperation.

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year,

    Omni-Tek Protects!
    ((OOC: On a serious note, Merry Christmas everyone (or what other religious/cultural celebration you're partaking in), and a happy new year! ))
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    Termin starts frowning as he sit reading the information on the terminal in front of him.

    His normally bubbly assistant, falls silent knowing what this man's frowns can portend. She stands quietly awaiting word on what he would want of her.

    Termin looks up from his console, taking a deep breath as he glances over to his assistant. "Please pull the records on who handled Officer Geers last... processing, please."

    She quickly nods as she surreys off to accomplish the requested task.

    His face silhouetted by the light of his console, Termin slowly shakes his head. "It appears someone took their processing protocols just a smite too far. Though, the reactions to this could prove to be amusing, and enlightening". A slow smile spreads across his face as he continues to read other reports.

    "It may prove to be a very interesting New Year after all"
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    ((Co-written with Kotts))

    Among nanosprays and festive lights, two gift socks full of sweets are hanging to the Station fireplace, along which a stone fireplace also warms the ambiance. Between the two fireplaces, the Christmas tree is set, a gingerbread house at its foot. A snowman smiles despite the surrounding warmth. A few snowball lanterns complete the decor where the twins will unwrap their gifts.

    Cher is sitting on the bench in front of the two fireplaces, sipping her morning coffee. She finished the decor the previous evening with Kotts, and now admires the seasonal display, a smile was floating on her lips. A Christmas tree feels so tall to a 5 years old child... On this thought, she feels the familiar pair of hands on her shoulders, gently massaging. She lets her head fall back against her husband's tummy, looking up at him with an impish smile. "Morning, you...", she says. He leans down, his head inverted over hers to land a kiss on her lips, making her chuckle. "You're up early" he adds. Cher just "mmhmm's" with a beaming smile and straightens her head, tilting her chin at the merry scene in front of her. "I want to see their reaction when they wake up and see this..." He nuzzles his forehead on hers. “Yeah... they're gonna love it” he whispers.

    He moves around the bench and sits next to his wife, putting his arm around her shoulders and leaning his head to hers. They sit there for a few moments, watching the two fires play in the fireplaces. Cher speaks first. “The first Christmas we were in jail, do you know what Sai asked to Santa Leet?” She keeps her eyes on the dancing flames. She feels him shake his head slightly. “She asked to have Mommy and Daddy back... and last Christmas, both Sai and Kieran asked for it.” She faintly nods, keeping her head with his. “I don't wanna miss it.” She smiles. “Third time's a charm” he replies quietly. She can hear the smile in his voice.

    Cher tilts her head. “Ooooo... I hear little pats...” Soon, they can both hear the whispers of the twins. “It's funny how they always think we have no idea what they're doing...”, Cher whispers, grinning.

    A few moments later, the tiny footsteps come down the staircase. Cher turns her head to watch her little ones as they rub their sleepy eyes and yawn, looking toward the dining table. Kotts gives Cher a wink then ostensibly speaks out loud, grinning broadly. “Oh wow, look at all these gifts Santa Leet brought!”

    Cher keeps her eyes locked on their faces, burning the image in her memory: how they turn, searching for a moment where their father's voice comes from, then blinking as they see their parents on the bench in front of a shining Christmas corner, full of glitter and colors and pretty lights flashing... She sees their face change, almost in slow motion, hears their gasp as their eyes marvel...

    She swallows tightly, her heart swelling and exploding with joy, eyes watering up. She blindly finds Kotts' hand and squeezes it, letting it go so they can open her arms to the two little incoming missiles who jump on their lap, quite literally. “Mommy! Daddy! Are these for us? Did Santa Leet bring something for me? What is it? Can I open them?” The barrage of questions has both Kotts and Cher burst out laughing. Kotts answers: “Yes, yes, not a pony, yes you can open them!”, chuckling.

    Kieran pumps his fist with a heartfelt “Yesssss!” and jumps off to dart towards the pile of gifts, falling to his knees. Sai also jumps off the bench, then stops to turn around, smiles at them and, for a moment, both Kotts and Cher can feel a warm wave swallow their mind gently... Then Sai suddenly giggles and turns around to join her brother. “This one has my name on it! No cheating!”

    Cher rubs her eyes, like their children did a few moments before, despite being wide awake. “Y'okay, kitten?...” Cher smiles to Kotts in answer. “Oh yes, very much so... Merry Christmas, love...”

    Sai turns to Kieran and whispers. They turn their heads and see their parents kissing each other on the bench. The twins cover their mouths, giggling. This time, they don't say it's gross, the sound of torn gift wrappings mingling with their giggles.

    (( Best Wishes & happy New Year! <3 ))

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    Meanwhile above Rubi-Ka

    "Merry Christmas!" ,the alarm chirped happily.

    Logan, opened his eyes slowly, yawning, and looked outside the window to see the stars.
    "Christmas" he mumbled, "Who has time for that?"

    He turns his gaze around at the minimalistic black-glass desk and looks at the hills of the papers that are waiting to be read, signed, stamped and let's a sigh out.
    "I need... Coffee!" he says and walks to the kitchen.

    Working on orbiting private stations was fun the first couple of times he did that. He really liked the silence, and security they offered. The view was good, most of the time, watching his favorite planet, Rubi-Ka just below his feet and the Suns and moons rising at the horizon.
    It always surprised him, how small, the terraformed portion of the planet was. Over seventy percent of the planet was harsh. With volcanos errupting every now and then, always a beautiful sight to look at, big seas, red clouds that brought thunderstorms and havoc to every place they passed by and most importantly the grand canyons of the outzones.

    But, because there's always a but to screw up everything, he eventually got bored of it all. The coffee did not taste good up there, too much silence made the time seem still and the worst of it all. There was noone to talk with except the... alarm!

    As he finished making the coffee he sat on his chair and started looking at the papers, bored.
    He wanted company, he needed the human touch, the smell of something less... sterilised.
    He opened the first envelope to see someone asking for legal information on pets. Was it possible to adopt a Medusa as a pet?
    Logan shrugged and hit it with the red stamp. Denied! He wouldn't spent his time on that.

    Next paper was about someone asking for advice on creating his own organization.
    He listed the requirements and the licences he'd need in a bulleted form, and then scanned it and sent it back.

    He thought about the fat leet sitting at the Old Athen hill, ordering people to kill the aliens invading his office and a smile formed in his face. He then thought of her. His friend, his dreams, his happiest moments the last several years. He'd love to see her name on the next envelope he was about to open but he knew it was not possible. She did not know where he is. Or even why. She just knew it was about job, and didn't ask more about it.

    He quickly saw at the bottom of the pile of papers, to see the black one. The one with the golden stamp on it. The one and only thing he feared most of openning, in a time like this. He seemed agitated for a moment but then he quickly tilted his head in a failed attempt to empty his thoughts.

    True, the fear of what he'd read was gone. But the silence wan't. The loneliness wasn't either. And not to speak of her. She'd never do. Not at work at least. She made him be something, something else than his work. And he loved it, but he had to live with it in times like that. It's Christmas, people stay with their loved ones, their family, their friends. They eat, drink, party together. They have fun!

    He didn't...

    After a while, he was pretty sure that thoughts like that will not allow him to continue working, ever, so he decided to do something to empty his mind, so he could continue. Time was a pressing matter in his job.

    He pulled out a white piece of paper and started writting:

    "Dear, Cath!

    What a wonderful beginning to a new year! It began late in the previous year, in that party. With a snowball.
    I just want to say "Thank you".
    For your help to become a better me, for your understanding, for the fun we had and (that may seem weird to you) even for the sad times.
    These all made me "live" and I understand this now. Now that I'm forced back to my old way of living, and I feel like I want to get out to space without an EVA suit.

    I hope you have a good time down there, I hope you have fun with friends and I hope you party. This is not the time to be alone. I understand that now.

    Anyways I have work to do and I have to do it fast. I just wanted you to know that I miss you.
    You, the way your bite your lips, your gaze on me. But I'll do my best to come back to Rubi Ka as fast as work allows. I'm expecting in a week or so.

    Your's, as always

    He folds the letter a couple of times and writes the address at the back and then finally sents it through the station's systems to Rubi Ka. He then drinks a small sip of coffee and turns back to his papers with a sigh.
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    Happy New Year, Cathleen.

    The streets of Old Athen were looking festive as usual this time of year. The atmosphere buzzing with end of year activities; people in colorful outfits hurrying through doing their business, whatever it may be. Groups of children running around, playing with their new toys laughing happily. Couples walking hand in hand across the hill, stopping briefly by the beautiful tree, talking quietly about the year that passed, and the new year that is right around the corner. About hopes and dreams.

    Cathleen walked slowly, but with determination towards the mailbox. There was a mail waiting for her there. She couldn’t help it, but she was a little worried about the possible contents of that mail. She’d lost count of how many times she’d been walking to this mailbox in hopes of getting a mail from him; to hear that he was okay, that he was coming home soon. Nothing. Nothing from him since he’d left for the monastery training facility. Not even a little “I miss you” or an “I’m okay”. Nothing. The stack of returned, unopened letters in her desk drawer at home was not helping either.

    She took a deep breath before opening the mailbox, taking out the single letter addressed to her. The address was handwritten, the paper of very high quality. A surprised smile spread on Cathleen’s face when she noticed the sender. That was not what she had expected at all. He was supposed to be away, busy with work for a just few weeks. She cast a glance at the beautiful Christmas tree on the hill, smiling softly, before heading home to her empty apartment, the letter firmly in her hand. This season just got a little less lonely, again. It would be a happy New Year, she was suddenly sure of it.
    Cathleen 'Loriah' Spansgaard
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    Logan walked out of the appartment obviously puzzled. He mechanically walked the familiar isle outside the appartment leading to the slope, which itself led to the ground of backyard 20. All the backyards were exactly the same in Old Athen. He didn't need to think for getting out. He had done it so many times in the past that it was comming natural to him now. Like an instinct of some sort. No, he didn't need to think of it, he had much more serious things, to keep his brain symbiant occupied for a while. Things were getting out of hand.

    Walking out of the door he heard the sounds of the girl cleaning up the table, but it was a distant background sound to him. His attention was at the girl of course, he didn't expect it to be otherwise. He didn't want it to be anywhere else, anyways. He was shocked, and for a good reason. Shocked and sad. And worried. But despite all those negative feelings, the twisted sense of joke, the life was, somehow he felt warm inside. At peace. Happy in his egotistic, dark, and buried parts of his unconscious mind. He walked towards the entrance of the backyard, where someone, a fixer maybe, may or may not have asked him for a nanoprogram. He didn't notice. His surroundings were just... props. Nothing real, nothing he cared about, or afford to distract him now. Not now.

    Outside in Old Athen familiar streets he passed through the statue near the whompah to TIR. What was it depicting? Was it a mother trying to protect her child? Was it a wife kneeling over her dead husbant? He didn't care. Usually he'd stay there contemplating on that but not this time. This time he just passed it over, without even raising his eyes to it.
    Was it true what she said? It should be. She seemed sincere. Genuine. He was thinking about it the last days, right after he got back from his office in orbit. But never expected her to admit it. First to herself, then to him.

    He was walking towards the hill now, and some children were playing Zigball, but he didn't notice. Their happy, cheerful laughter, was just noise. He shook his head. Was it for the young, not even five year old opifex boy, that fell on him while running towards the ball? Was it for his thoughts? He didn't know. The children stopped and looked at him, with a big question carved on their young faces. Someone could even say genuine worry. Why? Why would a man like him, be like that, in days like this? It was the first day of the new year, 29488. People were supposed to be happy, full of hope for the new year. Not a walking wreck like this solitus black haired guy.
    All those questions were visible in children's faces. But he passed, not smiling to them, not wishing them a happy new year, not even looking at them. He just passed as he came. On autopilot. Not even when Ian fell on him, he didn't even blink!

    What do I do now? I know logic dictates me to move on, walk away from her. But I can't do it. It's too late now, for that. I want to stay, protect her, make her happy and make her smile. If I leave she won't be any of that, if I stay, she'll be in pain. She'll feel she's betraying him, which she'll be doing after all, she'll struggle with herself.

    He walked on the hill, bypassing people shopping from the relatevelly new Global market terminals, couples hand-in-hand walking around happilly, people at the Christmas tree giving presents to each other, friends that were talking loudly about their hopes for the comming year.
    A Vanguard passed by wishing him the best, and walked away, without a reply from Logan, in hurry as he was on duty.

    Another child, playing, threw a snowball at him near the shop terminals, north of the hill. He wiped the snow from his face slowly, as this action brought him back to reality, even for a while, and he stroke the boy's hair for a second or two, wishing it to stay forever young and innocent. He then walked past of some of his "friends", in reality they were just in the same alliance. Job made him really hard to be considered a friend to most people.
    She was the exception. The only one, at that. he thought.
    And that... Changed now. Forever... For good or bad? Time will show.

    He entered backyard 16 where his home was at. Where the alliance meeting place was at. A female solitus adventurer, that had helped him in the past, in penumbra, greeted him. But he ignored her and walked towards the slope to his house. He opened the door with his Ownership Access Card, and entered the empty hall. The inside door opened with a screeching noise, a reminder that he needed to oil the joints, a door's complaint that it was old, rusty and neglected.

    He entered the empty room, he really had not found the time to put furniture into it yet. Ms. Chan promised she'd help him. He had to remember to contact her in the morning. He removed his clothes ignoring the cold, and sat on his bed, the only furniture in the room, thinking.

    As promised. I leave it up to her this time. I'll just, follow on whatever she thinks is best for herself. I want her to be happy. I want her to be in good terms with herself.
    One thing's for sure. This'll be an interesting year

    With a gesture the lights dimmed slowly, he leaned back, wraped up in blankets and closed his eyes for a much needed good night's sleep, with Cath's smiling face on his mind.
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    Released from prison

    Shadyn was sitting in total darkness in his cell at an Omni-Pol prison facility when the light was suddenly switched on. Two Omni-Pol officers opened the door. "The prison administrator, mr Stroker, wants to have a word with you," one of them said, and there was no elaboration. He was handcuffed and shackled at the ankles, then escorted down a hallway and inside a small office. The warden, Willie Stroker, was sitting behind his desk. Above him, hanging on the wall was a photo of Eva Pourais.

    "Freedom awaits you, mr Lario. You have been granted bail", he said.

    Shadyn was suddenly seized with a severe cough, brought on in part by the freezing temperature in his cell but also by the shock of the word "bail."

    The warden handed him a bottle of water, which he gulped and splashed down his face and finally managed to stifle the cough.

    “Bail?" he mumbled. “Does Geers know this?”

    “Of course.” Stroker replied.

    "When will I get out?" he asked slowly. His voice was slowly regaining strength.

    "Immediately," said the warden. He nodded to one of the officers who unlocked the handcuffs.

    Half an hour later, Shadyn was standing outside the prison entrance. He refused to look back for a last shot of the facility. He had enough images to last for months. He watched the countryside of Pleasant Meadows in front of him and could not suppress a smile. The first few moments of freedom were almost overwhelming. For months he had dreamed of getting out, and it was exhilarating. He had so many thoughts competing for attention.
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