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Thread: Meanwhile on Rubi-Ka

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    Ilinar slowly wiped the blade distractedly, staring at the man’s eyes but not seeing him, rather, pondering what was happening with Omni-pol, no news, no reports, nothing from Captain Ashford.
    Flicking a glance at the display she nodded approvingly. She dropped the soiled cloth in the ‘medicmouth’, a silly nickname but quite apt as it hungrily sucked the cloth into it’s sterilisation process.
    “nnggg” “nnngg” noises made her blink, bringing her back to focus. The man trembled. His eyes bulged above the restrictive nano band covering his mouth and nose. A simple casting, it would allow him to breathe but not allow speech.
    Ilinar looked down at the display. “I see Lieutenant … Cadver, …. you seem to have an anomaly in your enhancement template. You requested a bio enhancement of your combat muscles using a precision-engineered matrix bio Implant.” Cadver stared at Ilinar, “Perhaps what you don’t realise is that this is considered dangerous if you don’t have access to realistic combat situations.” Ilinar smiled, “Because apparently you have yet to experience true combat, your heart rate has not increased above level 115. This means two things. One, the enhancement will trigger a reversal process if HR is less than 115, your eyes will begin to bulge, oh yes, we have that already.” She looked at a small bead of sweat as it formed on his brow and rolled down the centre of his nose. Fascinated, she stared at it, wondering if it would roll to the side. “You’ll also find your heart rate will lessen, to the point of stopping”
    Ilinar looked at the monitor, “Two, you have lied to me, clearly you have found me, even though I have been hidden, and concocted this ‘story’ of needing an enhancement because Captain Ashford requested it.” Ilinar grinned. “Do you really think me so foolish?” She glanced down at the cut she had made. The Bio Enhancement module catheter nestled just inside, gently pumping it’s nanobot mixture directly into Cadver’s blood system.
    “I can reverse this, I just need to know, who sent you and why”.
    Ilinar licked her lips, “Tell me Cadver, you can also tell me why Borealis is swarming with Peacekeepers.” She cancelled the buff and waited.
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    Aneta was carefully arranging food on her fork. First potato, then a piece of meat, then one pea... another... then another... Maybe a leaf of salad? Her knife hovered a moment over a lettuce leaf, then went for another one.

    She looked completely occupied and didn't seem to notice the noise of a fork hitting the surface of a different plate with force.

    Aneta looked up.

    “I'm sorry, were you saying something?” she asked the man who was sitting on the other side of the table from her.

    “No.” The noise of the fork hitting the plate got louder.

    “Oh” she said and started slowly arranging bits of lettuce on her plate according to their size.

    She heard the noise of the fork being slammed onto the table and looked up to see the man glaring at her.

    “If you'll excuse me, I have some things I need to attend to” he said, got up and left without another word.

    She smiled to herself. This was the only way she could get back at Simon Silverstone so she appreciated this rare moment of triumph. She adjusted the prison bracelet on her wrist and quickly finished eating.

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    Kira "Mutteri" Shaw

    "Yes father. There were two beside me, and we all passed."
    "Yes, I will send you the copy of the approval letter.... Yes father."
    Ofcourse I take this seriously. I did apply for this on my own will, I am truly interested in this!"
    "Father, listen, I do- "
    "Yes father, I will not bring shame on our family, I know the consequences."
    "Yes Father, good night. "

    Kira disconnects and with only a few slight moves with her fingers, she closes all the open holoscreens and the video-call screen. Resting her back against the wall of her apartment, she slowly slips down, falling to sit on the floor. She stares at the ceiling for a moment, with a wide and bright smile appearing on her lips.

    "I made it. I can not believe this, I MADE IT!" She laughs and grabs her mechanical doberman-companion by the neck, giving it a hug.

    "Can you believe this, 'We' are part of the Department of Investigations now!"

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    She was lying in bed, pretending to be asleep, taking slow deep breaths, her eyes showing symtoms of her being in REM phase of sleep. It was all an act, a trick learned long ago to fool potential captors or assassins. She was fully conscious.

    She had gambled this evening. She assumed the watchmen won't come to check the window tonight, just as they didn't the day before, or before then. Normally, she would have waited longer, but with everything going on she had no other choice.

    Now she continued the act, waiting for left arm implant to report that the hacking program has finished disabling the alarm and the small pin she had left on the window sill has finished eating through the metal of the lock.

    She felt pain throb twice in her arm... it was ready.

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    She knew she only had a few moments because the room was being monitored. The watchmen will know immediately when she makes her move.

    In one fluid motion she jumped out of bed and leaped towards the window. The frame lock gave easily under her punch and she jumped onto the street below.

    She tried to land safely, but the height was too great and she felt a sharp pain in one leg. She ignored it and started sprinting towards the wompahs, once in ICC she would be safe...

    There were shouts behind her, noise of the watchmen in pursuit... but there it was, the wompah. She could almost touch it, just one second and she's free...

    A man materialised from the wompah in front of her. He looked disoriented for a moment at the sight of a half naked woman running towards him, then grabbed her arm. She should have hit him in the face and broken his jaw... She should have. Instead, she hesitated for just one split of a second... And the watchmen caught up with her.

    They dragged her back to the tower, kicking and screaming.

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    Shifting her weight Cora sinks into her sofa and gets comfortable taking small steady sips from her coffee. She takes a moment to concentrate, and just a few nanoseconds later, through use of her neural implant a holographic display begins to illuminate in front of her. “Display all current job postings suited to my profile, prioritize by salary”.

    The display comes to life, beginning to display an assortment of job postings rearranging itself to display higher earning jobs first.

    “Omni-Tek Armed Forces security override confirmed”

    Before the computer is able to finish the door to Cora’s apartment is blasted open, and five Riot Specialists pour through. 1 runs and tackles Cora onto the ground securing her in handcuffs whilst the other four scan the apartment. In unison the four announce “All clear” and turn to face Cora. The one holding Cora pulls her up with the cuffs and props her against the sofa, “Good evening Miss. Geers”.

    “What is going on, what is the meaning of this!?”

    “We need to ensure all of our employees remain loyal Miss. Geers. Your previous involvement and activities give us cause for concern. I’m sure you understand.”

    “I –“
    . The Riot Specialist cuts Cora short and releases the handcuffs, “Everything checks out Miss.Geers. Thank you for your cooperation. Omni-Tek protects”
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    Jonothan reached for the tea cup and took a sip absent-mindedly while looking at the latest report in Omni-AF database. He was trying to piece things together from those reports, fragments of information and official bulletins and it didn't look good.

    He opened the file with the AF command structure from Rosuma's times. Almost all of the highest ranking officers' names were shown in red, which means: deceased. He checked the reports again. Executed for treason, permakilled in action, died in her sleep, missing in action with warrant on his head for desertion...

    Those people were being systematically replaced with the CEO's trusted people, mostly coming from the riot specialist units.

    He looked at his name in the file... awfully close to the “red zone”. He was next.

    The door opened, without a knock. Two riot specialists entered.

    “CEO Serugiusu wishes to see you. Now” said one of them.

    “Of course” he said and pressed the button that deleted everything on his workstation.

    He got up, put his shades on and left the room accompanied by the riot specialists. His charm and the fact he wasn't originally a part of Rosuma's command structure were the only things that gave him hope to survive.

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    The loud bleeping reverberating in his office, draws Alan to the console in his office. "Damn it, this is the third day in a row!" Alan feels the heat raising in his veins as he quickly scans the reports coming in from his Vanguard and other sources within the city. Again, they report the Omni forces searching within Athen for people. Between the outright attacks the city had seen in the last few weeks, to these repeated "searches", his patience both with the Omni forces, and the Sentinels and their horn-headed commander was getting close to an end. Shaking his head at this own thoughts he had to remind himself, loosing his temper doesn’t help anyone.

    Temper be damned, he needs some answers. As he sits down and enters the codes to the prviate link between his office and those of the Sentinel command, he couldn’t help but smile at the gruff "Yeah, What is it this time Alan!?" he got from the other end. He took the moment, while the man in the horned helmet only seem got get more agitated, to calmly light his cigar, the brief flicker of flame, serving to bring out the glint in his eye as he looked back to the comm screen. "Simon, we need to talk"


    In a much shorter time than he had hoped, the connection was gruffy cut off from the other end. "well, that didn’t help much. Damn stubborn Horn Head." He shakes his head slightly as he notes that he has also reached the end of his cigar.
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    Layers upon layers of dream...
    “Happy birthday, Ruth!” a shower of flowers and laughter...
    “I'm doing all I can to get you help.” In her dreams she heard them both in unison.

    Why was she dreaming? That wasn't right... A sudden jolt from her implants' programming brought her out of the dream state. She wasn't supposed to be asleep, it was too dangerous to be asleep...

    Then she heard it... Someone was in her room. Very, very close to her.

    She opened her eyes only to see a blade coming down at her throat. She grabbed the hand holding the weapon with her right hand and immediately felt a grip on her throat, choking her.

    That's not fair... she thought. Her left arm implant had been tampered with by the Sentinels and completely useless so now she couldn't use that arm at all.

    With a kick from her legs she threw the blankets at the assailant. The grip on her throat loosened for a moment and she kicked as hard as she could.

    ...she missed.

    She didn't get a chance at another kick. The door opened with a sudden thud, she heard gunshots and a limp body of her would be assassin fell on her. She pushed it off, gasping for breath.

    She managed to take a glance at the body. It was a woman wearing Sentinel uniform. She didn't have time for anything else, because one of the Sentinel watchmen picked her up unceremoniously and took her outside and to another room, where a medic checked her injuries.

    A few minutes later one of the Sentinel watchmen entered the room.

    “We're moving you” he said. “Your insurance patterns have been compromised.”

    “What?! Where do I save then?” she asked.

    “We're moving you immediately. You'll be able to get insurance once we get there. We're willing to take the risk.”

    “You're willing? What about me?!” she protested, but in vain. They left half an hour later.

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    On the run

    He was less than a few hundred meters from his new hideout, an apartment building in an neutral town, when it hit, the sudden awareness that someone was after him, and very close.

    The cultivation of paranoia was something Shadyn took for granted these days. The trick was in not letting it get out of control. He tried to fight the surge of adrenaline and composed his facial features to a neutral, bored look. When he saw a dark shop window display he paused by it. He studied the reflection of the passing crowd without moving his head.


    Behind an atrox in a pink mini-skirt. Blond hair, mirrored glasses and a suit.

    Possibly an Omni-Tek agent.

    And gone.

    Then Shadyn was running, dodging between people.

    Back in his temporary apartment at a worn down apartment hotel, he took out his comm. 25 new messages from his officers, all bad news.

    The remnants of the large Omni-Pol division currently resembled a terror organization, with a cell like structure. The undercover operation that would be the first step to restore Omni-Pol to its “former status”, as he had recently articulated it in a video message to the personnel, had not gone as expected. Morale among the few remaining officers was at an all time low.

    He went to the minibar and took a bottle of whiskey and drank from it, feeling nothing. Shadyn studied his reflection in the mirror hanging above the bed for a long time, carefully. Bloodshot eyes with dark circles under them. He looked older than his age.

    He remembered who he used to be. A person with a great career in Omni-Tek. A career that had gone perfect despite his criticism against the reform department and their interrogation techniques. Now he was a refugee.
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    Julia dances through her apartment, ruffling her hair, trying on different shoes and dresses as the music is playing.

    "Perhaps the girl was right.." She thinks, as she turns around looking into the mirror.

    "Yeah, this is good!"

    Julia turns, shuts off the stereo and leaves the room while humming the song that was playing.

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    Kate sees that her favorite rust colored quilt is nearly a ball at the foot of the bed, and one lonely pillow is squashed against the headboard as she stalks into the bedroom. A smile finds her lips and surprises her, as it often does, almost bringing a soft laugh. It is always when she didn't expect to have the energy for it.

    Removing her boots is the first order of business, and she sits on the edge of the bed while working on the laces. Lifting her foot to pull one loose she feels the weight of the bed shift behind her and turns... The low light from the kitchen casts deep shadows across the three leets curled in a knot in her place. One rolls on its side and cracks a sleepy eye to look up at her.

    "Shoo.. that's my spot."

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    Marreldo climbs over the edge of Tir's Fair Trade roof and looks up at Simon Silverstone.

    "Hi goaty!"

    Giggling as Simon glares at her she skips around him a few times before running up to the women guarding him.

    "Ruthy? Are you Ruthy! Hello RUTHY?!"

    She smiles and skips off giggling as the Scouts point their guns at her.

    Skipping along the streets of Tir she stops and pokes her head into a trash can.


    A bit further a long she stops and pokes her head into a smoking vent.


    Looking back up with soot all over her face she spots a ramp to the moat and spies a fish swimming, she runs quickly giggling and pokes her head under the water.


    She flips over all the way into the moat and surfaces giggling before crawling out and skipping away popping her head into doors and yelling and any other nook or cranny she can find before giggling and skipping on.

    As she passes yells can be heard from people in the apartments about all the noise.
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    August 17th, 29487

    She stood with fixed gaze, out of the window of her office in Omni-HQ. Hands clasped behind her back, she gazed out towards Omni-Ent. The computer in her office spanned the majority of her desk, regailing her with details of Omni-Tek and CCTV of Borealis, Omni-Ent, Tir and Old Athen. She turned her head slightly to the side.

    ::let him in:: She thought, knowing full well the Riot Specialists in the hallway would hear her.

    Townsend walked into the room and saluted. "You wanted to see me Ma'am?"

    CEO Bahirae Serugiusu turned and saluted in return. "I did. That. I did. Tell me, Jonothan. How is the rank of Captain treating you?"

    Jonothan smiled. "Pretty good Ma'am. It's part of serving the corporation" he answered.

    She nodded respectfully "An apt answer, are you aware that as I am a product of the corporation you essentially serve me?" She leant forwards, resting clenched fists on the desk. "After all, I'd hate to find your allegiances misaligned."

    His smile dissapeared immediately. "My allegiance is, as always, with Omni-Tek Ma'am. It never wavered, it never will" he answered solemly.

    She took hand to keyboard and without watchful eye it seemed to work in a mind of it's own. "I'm afraid I don't see that answering the question I posed. Are you with me, Captain?" She shot him a glare.

    "I apologise if I wasn't clear" he looked calmly in Bahirae's eyes. "You are my CEO and my commanding officer, I serve you" he added.

    "Excellent." She stopped typing, stood up straight and clasped her hands behind her back once more. "Intelligence has come our way in regards to an item...that must not surface. I need you to assault Tir with the Specialists, Mechs and standard offensive protocols. That item must not surface."

    She smiled a deep smile, almost evil grin. "To ensure your absolute unyielding corporate loyalty. R&D have developed a Bio-Weapon that will be outfitted to you. In the event of your demise, trust that Omni-Tek will see about the removal of all life, ahem. Resistance. from Tir."

    Jonothan looked at Bahirae in surprise for a moment, then answered calmly "Understood, Ma'am. I will begin preparations immediately."

    He hasitated for a second. "What is the item that needs to be destroyed, Ma'am?" he asked.

    CEO Serugiusu shook her head slowly. "A broken transmission. The remnants are damaging to the corporation. Even hearing the words on it are enough to warrant permadeath."

    "Understood. If it is in Tir it will be destroyed, Ma'am."

    "Dismissed, Captain"
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    Javan sat tapping his wrist datapad checking for message updates. He knew that he would instantly be alerted by his implant the second he got one but impatience was getting the best of him. So many gears moving, turning, twisting the hands of time and events. He wrinkled his brow as he opened a comm link to a shadowy figure on the other end:

    The words come garbled through encryption translated by the implant Javan has installed in his brain.


    Yes I am trying to contact her.


    I know it's not as easy as that.


    Well if she was that easy to find I'm pretty sure everyone on Rubi-Ka would have seen her by now!


    No, that will not be necessary, a startled look sweeps across his face, I will simply redouble my efforts sir, there is no need to take such drastic steps. He begins to wipe sweat from his brow. As he starts tapping into his uplink frantically feigning an attempt to show work.


    Thank you for the opportunity to advance our cause.

    The connection ends and Javan once again begins manually refreshing his inbox faster and more frantically then before. Just contact me already will you...

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    Marreldo sits on a rock with a number of datapads spread around her each filled with com channel details.

    "Hmmm.... maybe this one?"

    Contacting: Melayne Ryan


    "Awww no response!.... Next this one!"

    Contacting: Conner Rhees


    "Awwww leetsicles! Nothing! NEXT!"

    Contacting: Gerulf Riechstain


    "AWwwww not ruthy! hmmm maybe this one?!"

    Contacting: Aneta Riahan


    The small shade flicks through some of the datapads

    " .... ok wheres the next R name!"

    [Riahan]: Umm, hello?

    [Marreldo]: OOOOOHHH! someone responded!
    [Marreldo]: Are you ruthy!?

    [Riahan]: My name is Ruth, yes.

    Marreldo smiles brightly and starts hopping around
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    Stood on the edge of the platform an evil grin creeps over her face. She stands watching from behind her sunglasses, right in the middle - sticking out like a sore thumb, a deliberate move to make her target see her.

    Her comm informs her that Loriah has recieved her message, now she just needs to wait... It will all be over soon, very soon.
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    “Thank you for your report, Commander” said a female voice on the comm. “What's Eva going to do now, do you know?” it added.
    “I believe she's already started the information war, using the OTPC resources she has, Ma'am” Jonothan answered. “It's very risky.”
    “Yes... It seems she's willing to sacrifice the whole structure” the female voice turned into a young boy's in mid sentence, but the Commander was used to it by now. “It's too late now, OTPC doesn't stand a chance against Serugiusu's riot specialists.”
    “I'm afraid so, Sir” Jonothan answered.
    “There are some even darker times coming, Commander” it was an old man's voice speaking now. “You have your orders.”
    “Yes, Sir.” Townsend nodded and closed the encrypted connection.
    Even darker times...

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    Bahirae smiled as she listened to the colleague, "it is good that you think as such, these are testing times, and I am glad that there are citizens like yourself for us to rely on."

    She downed the black remnants of her coffee and placed the cup calmly on the table. "Good coffee you serve here, how long you been open?"

    The man nodded nervously with a smile, "thank you CEO Serugiusu. Just a few months."

    Looking at him she nodded politely, but she wasn't really focussing on him as her eyes began streaming with data, "I have transferred credits to you for the coffee, thank you kindly Mr Jacobs." She stood up from the table and slid her chair back in, heading down the street in a brisk walk.

    He looked at his wristpad, nodding at her statement and duly pinging her back a receipt, collected her cup and headed back inside the coffee shop.

    She rounded a corner and looked up as riot specialists began climbing down the walls like spiders diagonally towards her. "When did the news break?"

    "One minute ago."

    "We've jammed their communication lines."

    "Why didn't we pick this up?"

    "Monitoring OTPC broadcasts was not a direct focus, it came up on a database keyword sweep."

    The conversation was in quick rapid succession. Entirely pointless as every question she had she already knew the answer to thanks to the neural net with all the riot specialists, however she hadn't quite gotten used to not talking.

    "There is a 78% chance that Eva is behind this." One of the riot specialists suggested.

    "Enough." Bahirae pressed a few buttons on her wrist and her skin rippled, returning back to her normal biomech armour, "lets go shut down OTPC."

    Within seconds the riot specialists targeted the space infront of them, cast a stream of grid energy forwards and ran into it.

    Five Minutes Earlier
    OTPC HQ.

    "Are we sure they will go out?" Technician Mahoney watched as the reports compiled.

    "They don't need to stay out, they only need to be out for a second to be relayed, cached, copied to every data terminal across Rubi-Ka." Loyalty Officer Davey read the articles again on the screen. "We're really doing this, aren't we?"

    The Duty Editor and a few other reporters came over to the screen. "You not broadcast that yet?" Duty Editor Armstrong looked around the office. "We ready to go the moment that goes out?"

    What small team was there nodded, they knew that if this went badly, OTPC would suffer the consequences. The technician looked round at the group. "I need to stay to see the transmission out, but, just one question, what if this is wrong?"

    Armstrong stopped and slowly turned back to look at the Technician, "Then we are already dead, but we need to have faith in Director Pourais, she knows what she's doing."

    There was a quick bleep from the screen and the articles were gone. "Transmission in progress,"

    "Alright people now is our cue, gather round, you know your designated safe houses." Duty Editor Armstrong collected a grid can from her desk and slowly began undoing it. "Drop into the grid and head our separate ways, use your locator beacons only to avoid each other. CEO Serugiusu can track people much easier in groups, get to a neutral insurance terminal or hell even a clan one and register your patterns there. Stay alive. Stay Safe." With that the can was open and lines of nanoprogram code began swirling out of it and encapsulating the group, within seconds they weren't able to see each other.

    A shattering of glass was heard and an approaching roar like a storm, as they began to disintegrate and digitise a hand reached into the group and snatched Loyalty Officer Davey from his sweet escape, there was a brief scream and the rest of the group left him behind as they hit the grid.

    The codeswirl cleared and four riot specialists had hold of the technician and the loyalty officer by their arms, having forced them to their knees.

    "Oh, gentlemen, so nice of you to kneel before your CEO. But honestly, it really isn't necessary." She motioned for them to be raised to their feet. "tell me, why?" Bahirae Serugiusu walked forwards into the office and smiled at the Riot Specialists, each of them making the exact same smile back.

    "Go to hell traitor!" The technician shouted at her. She smiled at him, "I am not a traitor, my dear boy. Tell me, who sent the article your way?"

    "I won't tell you."

    She shook her head, "that's unfortunately not the answer I'm looking for, how old are you?" She clasped her hand round his chin.

    He gulped. "21."

    "Interesting, do you know you could be a Director of a department by the time you're twenty five if you do what I say?"

    "Don't do it!" Davey shouted, "it's a trap!"

    She smiled at the Loyalty Officer, "Interesting, Loyalty Officer, correct me if I'm wrong, but you're outfitted with Omni-Tek's latest interlinking technology?"

    "I am, it allows me to work on articles with a neural interf-" His sentence was brought to an abrupt stop as Bahirae put her hand on his head. "You feel that? I thought so."

    The facial expression changed on the Loyalty Officer, "who am I, Mister Davey?"

    "Bahirae Serugiusu, CEO of Omni-Tek."

    She smiled, "excellent, I am so glad that you're on board." Bahirae clasped her hands together. "I need you to shutdown the OTPC network and transfer your broadcasting controls to my office."

    "By your command CEO." He headed off towards a console, blissfully ignorant of his surroundings.

    "Riot specialist Ciana, locate and cancel all OTPC personnel insurance patterns."

    The technician glared at Bahirae, "you can't do this! Eva Pourais will hear of this. Max will hear of this, Omni-Prime will hear of this."

    "CEO Serugiusu, all patterns confirmed cancelled." Ciana interjected.

    She cackled a nigh on maniacal laugh, looking at the technician.

    "The sad thing for you and your attempt-..." She raised a finger as if to hold the conversation to a standstill, "excellent, shoot them down!" Bahirae took a moment to compose herself and resumed her point. "...your attempt was brief, and only planet wide. Any transmission that goes through Omni-Tek channels comes through my office first, your article was intercepted and deleted before it even left the planet. When my Riot Specialists arrive, and they will, we will tear this planet asunder to ensure a peaceful society under my rule."

    "OTPC is officially offline, I have transmitted a reasonable article detailing that our contract has come to and end, all transmission protocols have been transferred to you CEO." The Loyalty Officer replied, clasping his hands behind himself. "Is there anything else I can do to assist you ma'am?"

    "Yes, two more things." She locked eyes on the man and said nothing, he nodded and turned back to the console.

    "I have classified significant parts of the article. I recommend a response from yourself to ease tensions." Davey smiled a false smile. "Do you wish me to enact your second request now?" He headed over towards the technician.

    The CEO simply nodded, a split second past and the Loyalty Officer grabbed the Technician by the neck and held him tightly. It took just under a minute of wriggling and writhing from the technician before he went limp and the Riot Specialists let his lifeless body hit the floor.

    Loyalty Officer Davey turned back towards the CEO, completely unphased. "Is there anything else I can do to assist you ma'am?"

    She walked over and shook his hand, "It has been a pleasure to have witnessed your service. I have one final request for you."

    "By your command," his gaze met hers. She handed him a gun and she and the Riot Specialists exited the room. The door had barely closed before a gunshot rang out and she felt the disconnection of the Loyalty Officer from the Bahirae network.

    CEO Serugiusu's eyes looked down at the lower right of her vision, reading something from the corner of her eye. "Interesting, some corporations within Omni Territory are activating Alpha Protocol. All ears to the Bahirae Network, this is Bahirae. Locate and hijack all heavily cybernetic individuals, integrate them into us and restore order through mental clarity. Locate all OTPC individuals and execute."

    "By your command CEO," The Riot Specialists around her responded and walked off towards the stairs.

    She headed forwards for the lift. "Unit two, come in."

    "Unit two reading loud and clear." Came the reply, the exact same voice on the other end like an echo.

    "Head to Omni-Reform. You know what to do."

    To be continued...
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    The Opifex was hunched over the sink hands planted on either side of the bowl with the water running, his breathing was shallow trying to get a grip on his thoughts-- himself. He splashed a handful of cold water on his face, feeling the sudden shock rip through is body. He blinks looking in the mirror. He'd defiantly seen better days. His brain was throbbing in pain, eyes were dry and bloodshot with dark circles around them easily telling of his lack of sleep. His throat was beyond sore and well within the realm of 'raw'. His stomach was in a knot, and he couldn't even fathom eating anything. If only it was 'just a hangover'.

    "Keep it together..." His eyes locked on his own in the mirror.

    "Not just Cher counting on you today. Just push it. You know your limits, just push it."

    He sighed, and nods to himself.

    "I'm not going to play nice..." He lunges forward slamming his hands on the wall, Shouting at the top of his lungs. As ready as he was ever going to be.
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